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9 Best Places To Visit in Singapore

Best Place To Visit in Singapore

Singapore’s Enthralling Tapestry of Attractions

Singapore, a melting pot of history, culture, and modernity, stands proudly as one of the world’s most captivating tourist destinations. Drawing millions of visitors each year, whether for business, work, or education, it’s a place where history meets the future. As a US citizen, you can explore this wonderland visa-free for up to 90 days, making it a must-visit on your travel checklist. Check here for your Singapore tourist Visa requirements.

Transportation here is a breeze with an exceptional public system. Beyond that, Singapore boasts impeccable amenities, thrilling attractions, and breathtaking sights that start the moment you land, with vibrant flowers lining the roads leading to the bustling downtown.

So, fasten your seatbelts and embark on a journey to discover the Best Places To Visit in Singapore:

1. Gardens by the Bay: Where Nature Meets Futuristic Design

Gardens by the Bay is a horticultural marvel that transports you to a futuristic wonderland. The meticulous design of this green space merges cutting-edge architecture with the serenity of nature. As you explore, you’ll encounter a diverse array of plant species, each more captivating than the last. The real showstopper here is the Supertree Grove, a collection of towering, otherworldly structures designed to perform eco-friendly functions. 

Supertree Grove: Towering Trees That Do More Than Look Pretty

These supertree structures are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I’m talking about towering tree-like giants that not only serve as eye candy but also serve some serious practical purposes. We’re talking rainwater collection, solar power generation, and even acting as venting ducts for the conservatories. Who knew trees could be such multi-talented green machines?

Flower Dome: A Heavenly Haven from Singapore’s Scorching Heat

Picture yourself stepping into the world’s largest glass greenhouse, where an oasis of plants awaits you. The Flower Dome is like a botanical dream come true, showcasing a mind-boggling variety of plants from different regions and climates. But the best part? It’s a cool and dry environment, making it your personal escape from Singapore’s suffocating tropical heat.

Cloud Forest: Take a Walk on the Misty, Mountain Side

Get ready to immerse yourself in a magical world of mist, mountains, and all things lush. The Cloud Forest is the domed conservatory that replicates the cool-moist conditions found in tropical mountain regions. And boy, does it deliver! Prepare to be awe-struck by a 35-meter tall mountain covered in a thick blanket of green, shrouded in mist. It’s like stepping into a mystical rainforest straight out of a fairytale.

OCBC Skyway: Walking on Air With a View

For all you daredevils out there, here’s a thrilling way to get a bird’s-eye view of the Gardens and the city skyline. Strap on your adventure boots and walk along the suspended walkway that connects the supertrees in the Supertree Grove. Trust me, the view from up there is absolutely breathtaking. Just try not to drop your phone while attempting that perfect selfie.

Heritage Gardens: Plant Life That Tells a Cultural Story

Gardens by the Bay isn’t just about towering trees and dazzling domes. Oh no, my fierce travelers, there’s so much more to explore. Enter the Heritage Gardens, where themed outdoor gardens showcase the rich cultural and historical influences that have shaped Singapore’s plant life. It’s like taking a journey through time and discovering the vibrant tapestry of this incredible country. Soak up the fascinating stories behind each garden and walk away with a deeper understanding of Singapore’s cultural roots.

Events and Performances: Party Like a Fearless Traveler

As if Gardens by the Bay couldn’t get any cooler, they also host a ton of events and performances throughout the year. Get your social calendar ready, because there’s always something happening here. From special exhibitions to concerts to festivals, you never know what exciting adventure awaits you during your visit. So make sure to check the schedule and jump on the chance to join the party.

Light and Sound Show: A Mesmerizing Symphony of Color

When the sun goes down, the Supertree Grove comes alive in a spectacle that will leave you speechless. Prepare to be dazzled by the spectacular light and sound show that turns these supertrees into a mesmerizing symphony of vibrant colors, all perfectly synchronized to music. It’s like a magical dance party in the sky, and you’re invited to witness it firsthand. Trust me, it’s a show you won’t want to miss. So grab your seat (or just stand there in complete awe) and let the Supertrees light up your night. 

Gardens by the Bay - Best Place To Visit in Singapore

2. Singapore Zoo: Where Wildlife Roams Free

The Singapore Zoo, is the Best Place To Visit in Singapore. fondly known as Mandai Zoo, is a testament to Singapore’s commitment to wildlife conservation. Unlike conventional zoos, animals here roam freely in environments mirroring their natural habitats. From charismatic orangutans to curious meerkats, the zoo offers an up-close encounter with the world’s most fascinating creatures. Immerse yourself further by exploring the Night Safari, where nocturnal animals come alive in the moonlit darkness. For an unforgettable experience, indulge in the Singapore Zoo Breakfast with Orangutans, where you’ll share a meal with these magnificent primates. It’s a paradise for animal lovers and a testament to Singapore’s dedication to preserving the natural world.

Open Concept

Who needs boring old enclosures with bars when you can have an open-concept design like the Singapore Zoo? Sounds fancy, right? Well, it is! Instead of confining animals behind bars, this zoo takes a more natural approach. Many exhibits are designed to resemble the animals’ natural habitats, giving them a more comfortable and less restrictive environment.

Rainforest Kidzworld

Attention all parents and tiny humans! The Singapore Zoo has got you covered with their Rainforest Kidzworld. This place is a paradise for children, complete with water play areas, a playground, and interactive exhibits. It’s where families can relax and where kids can have a blast while learning about wildlife. Talk about killing two birds with one stone – your kids will be entertained, and you’ll get a moment to catch your breath.

Animal Shows

Get ready for some serious entertainment and education at the Singapore Zoo, because they know how to put on an animal show like no other. Throughout the day, you can catch various animal shows and performances that showcase the natural behaviors and abilities of different animals. It’s like sitting front row at the wildest talent show on Earth.

Night Safari

The Singapore Zoo has something extra special for you – the Night Safari. Imagine stepping into a simulated natural environment and experiencing the nocturnal habits of animals. This is the world’s first nocturnal zoo, people. It’s like a wild, after-hours party with our furry and feathery friends. Get ready to have your senses heightened and your adrenaline pumping as you explore the mysterious world of nighttime animal antics.

Up-Close Animal Encounters

Are you ready to get up close and personal with some wild creatures? The Singapore Zoo has got you covered! They offer several opportunities for visitors to interact with the animals. And I’m not just talking about a quick wave from behind a glass barrier. You can participate in feeding sessions, go on behind-the-scenes tours, and even have the chance to interact with certain animals under the supervision of zookeepers.

River Safari

If you think the Singapore Zoo is all about land animals, think again! Connected to the zoo is the River Safari, an attraction that focuses on aquatic and riverine habitats. Brace yourselves for exhibits like the Giant Panda Forest, Amazon Flooded Forest, and the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. That’s right, ladies. You’ll come face-to-face with incredible creatures from the water world. It’s like being on a watery adventure without getting your hair wet. 

Singapore Zoo

3. Singapore Flyer: A Sky-High Adventure

The Singapore Flyer is your ticket to a bird’s-eye view of the Lion City. As one of the world’s largest observation wheels, it offers an unparalleled perspective of Singapore’s skyline. Step into one of the 28 air-conditioned capsules, each promising breathtaking vistas from a height equivalent to a 45-story building. The Flyer beckons you to choose from an array of packages, some of which include access to the multimedia Journey of Dreams exhibit. 

Giant Observation Wheel: Get High and Mighty!

Move over, everything else in Singapore because the Singapore Flyer is here to claim its place as the giant observation wheel of your dreams. Standing tall at a mind-boggling height of 165 meters (541 feet), this bad boy was so huge that it held the title of the world’s tallest observation wheel when it first opened its doors. Seriously, it’s like the Eiffel Tower on wheels, but better because you actually get to enjoy the view from the top.

Panoramic Views: Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown

Step into the capsules of the Singapore Flyer and prepare to have your breath taken away. From up there, you’ll be treated to a jaw-dropping, panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline and iconic landmarks. And let’s not forget, on a clear day or night, you can even peep at our neighbors in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Day and Night Experiences: Double the Fun, Double the Views

The Singapore Flyer knows how to keep things interesting with different experiences during the day and night. Want to soak up some sunshine and take in stunning vistas of the cityscape? Daytime rides are for you, you sun-loving adventurer. But if you want to feel like you’re in a fairytale and witness the city come alive with dazzling lights, then the night ride is your ticket to magic. Honestly, it’s like having two unforgettable experiences in one.

Capsule Experience: Get Cozy and Conquer the View

The Singapore Flyer isn’t just about the views, ladies. This place knows how to treat its visitors right. First things first, the capsules are air-conditioned because let’s face it, sweaty armpits aren’t cute in vacation photos. Not only that, but these capsules are spacious enough for a 360-degree view.

Interactive Journey: Get Smarter While Sipping in the Views

The adventure doesn’t stop at the view, my adventurous pals. The Singapore Flyer offers something extra special – an interactive journey. Strap in and prepare to have your mind blown with multimedia presentations that spill the beans on Singapore’s history and landmarks. It’s like getting a fun lesson in Singaporean culture while feeling like a badass at the top of the world. 

Singapore Flyer -Best Place To Visit in Singapore

4. Chinatown: A Glimpse of Vibrant China

Singapore’s Chinatown is a vibrant tapestry of lights, colors, and flavors. Step into this bustling enclave, and you’ll find yourself transported to the heart of China. It’s a sensory adventure where narrow streets pulse with energy, inviting you to explore every corner. Beyond the street stalls and aromatic food vendors, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple stands as a cultural gem. This five-story marvel houses the left canine tooth of Lord Buddha and is a spiritual sanctuary. As you meander through Chinatown’s historic streets, you’ll unravel tales of the past and gain a profound appreciation for its significance in Singapore’s rich tapestry. 


5. Botanic Gardens: A UNESCO World Heritage Gem

Singapore’s Botanic Gardens is a living testament to the island’s commitment to preserving its natural heritage. Honored as a UNESCO World Heritage site, it’s a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Within this lush haven, you’ll discover the National Orchid Garden, a sprawling three-hectare oasis boasting over 2,000 orchid hybrids representing more than 1,000 species. Each step in the garden is a journey through botanical wonder, where colors and fragrances collide to create a symphony of beauty. The Botanic Gardens is a haven for those seeking solace in nature’s embrace. This is one of the best places to visit while in Singapore.

6. S.E.A. Aquarium: Dive into the Deep Blue

The S.E.A. Aquarium is an underwater paradise that immerses you in the mesmerizing world of marine life. With over 1,000 species of marine creatures, it’s a top-rated attraction that showcases Singapore’s commitment to marine conservation. Here, you’ll come face to face with the graceful ballet of hammerhead sharks, the elegance of stingrays, and the playful antics of bottlenose dolphins. With 48 meticulously curated habitats and over 100,000 marine animals, it’s a mesmerizing journey into the depths of the ocean. For a truly immersive experience, interact with starfish under professional supervision, or take the plunge with diving and sea walking adventures. S.E.A. Aquarium is not just an aquarium; it’s a portal to a world beneath the waves.

Extensive Marine Life Collection: More Marine Animals Than a Disney Movie

Hold onto your fins, ladies, because the S.E.A. Aquarium is about to blow your mind with its extensive collection of marine life. We’re talking over 100,000 marine animals from over 1,000 species. That’s like having your very own cast of characters from an underwater Disney movie. From cute little Nemos to majestic sea turtles, this place has it all.

Open Ocean Habitat: Get Your Aquatic Thrills

Prepare for some next-level excitement, ladies, because the S.E.A. Aquarium has a highlight that will make you weak in the knees (or fins). Welcome to the Open Ocean habitat, where you can gaze upon a massive viewing panel and witness a grand spectacle of marine life in a simulated open ocean environment. Picture this: rays gracefully gliding, sharks doing their shark thing, and other gigantic fish swimming with style.

Interactive Exhibits: Get Your Education On

The S.E.A. Aquarium isn’t just for ogling at the pretty fish, my fellow adventurers. They’ve got interactive exhibits that will make your brain swim with knowledge. Dive in headfirst and learn about marine life and conservation efforts. Discover the importance of protecting our oceans and the various threats faced by these vibrant ecosystems.

Ocean Journey: Dive Deep into Awesomeness

Hold onto your snorkels, ladies, because the S.E.A. Aquarium is about to take you on a mind-blowing journey through the oceans. Get ready for the Ocean Journey, a captivating experience that showcases the sheer beauty and mind-boggling diversity of marine life. Explore different thematic zones and immerse yourself in the wonders of the deep blue. It’s like going on a magical underwater adventure without getting your hair wet.

Touch Pool: Get Up Close and Personal with the Sea Stars

Calling all my hands-on adventurers! The S.E.A. Aquarium has a treat for you – the Touch Pool. This supervised experience allows you to interact with certain marine animals in a safe and controlled environment. Get your hands in the water and feel the texture of starfish and sea cucumbers. It’s like a tactile trip through the ocean, perfect for unleashing your inner mermaid. 

S.E.A. Aquarium - Best Place To Visit in Singapore

7. MacRitchie Reservoir: Best Place To Visit in Singapore

MacRitchie Reservoir is a nature lover’s haven tucked away in the heart of Singapore. Beyond its picturesque beauty, this reservoir serves a crucial purpose in the island’s water catchment system, harvesting rainwater to sustain the city. It’s a dual-purpose oasis that beckons both nature enthusiasts and water sports seekers. While the peaceful walks along its shores offer a chance to reconnect with nature, the real highlight is the tree-top walk. This towering bridge invites you to traverse the thriving forest reserve from a vantage point like no other. MacRitchie Reservoir is where you can truly immerse yourself in the splendor of nature.

MacRitchie Reservoir - Best Place To Visit in Singapore

8. Sentosa Island: A Wonderland of Entertainment

Sentosa Island is a treasure trove of entertainment that promises a multitude of experiences under one azure sky. Whether you crave water adventures like kayaking and skimboarding or desire thrilling encounters with dolphins at the Underwater World aquarium, Sentosa has it all. The iconic Merlion statue, a mythical fusion of a lion’s head and a fish’s body towers at a staggering height of 8.6 meters and weighs a colossal 70 tonnes. Ascend to the top via the escalator, and you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding island. Sentosa Island is a realm where adventure, relaxation, and wonder converge.

Sentosa Island - Best Place To Visit in Singapore

9. Siloso Beach: Fun in the Sun

Nestled on Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach is the Best Place To Visit in Singapore, and it offers the quintessential beach experience. Here, the sun, sand, and crystalline waters create the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation and adventure. The sun-kissed shores beckon beach sports enthusiasts and sunbathers alike. Groovy bars and delicious restaurants line the beach, offering a delectable range of cuisines and cocktails. As the sun sets, Siloso Beach comes alive with vibrant parties hosted at the nearby resorts. It’s a haven where you can soak in the tropical vibes

Siloso Beach - Best Place To Visit in Singapore

Singapore E-VISA

Now that you have been introduced to the Top 9 places in Singapore to visit, make sure you meet the visa requirements to determine if you need one before you plan your trip.


To visit Singapore, first, find out if you need a visa. You can check your visa eligibility and requirements easily at:

The Singapore eVisa process is quick and straightforward. Simply complete the online form, upload your documents, and let them handle everything else. Your journey to Singapore starts here!


Singapore, where history, culture, and innovation converge, unveils a world of unforgettable experiences. From the futuristic marvels of Gardens by the Bay to the Singapore Zoo’s wildlife encounters, each destination paints a unique facet of this vibrant city-state. The Singapore Flyer offers a breathtaking perspective of the skyline, while Chinatown immerses you in rich culture and flavors. The UNESCO-listed Botanic Gardens houses botanical treasures, and the S.E.A. Aquarium unveils the mesmerizing world beneath the waves. MacRitchie Reservoir and Sentosa Island cater to nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike, and Siloso Beach is a sun-soaked haven. Singapore’s seamless blend of modernity and nature promises a diverse tapestry of experiences that will leave an indelible mark on your travel memories and Travel Till You Drop!

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