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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find an ever updating changing and updated list of frequently asked questions. Some of my traveling life, some of my personal life, and well, who knows what else will end up here. I like odd things and as I grow, my blog grows, and you get to learn the next level of what makes this long-term solo traveler tick.



Travel Questions

I’m going to have to go with, a big yes!   While some, ok, most any law enforcement or parental unit would say, you can’t go to certain places, especially out of the country or where they don’t speak the same language.  I call BS on both of those.  If I followed the guidelines put out by the US Embassy, I probably wouldn’t travel anywhere but my own back yard.  It’s so intimidating when they list it out there about other countries, but what you haven’t compared it to is a majority of the major cities in the US.  It’s crazy how much crime and how many people are shot or hurt in major cities around the US, but talk about going to Morocco, and it’s like you’re going to lose your head.  You have to be smart and pay attention but traveling around the world by yourself is safe. 

I have a number of articles on my blog I’ll reference you to where you can get free or really cheap flights.  Click here to find those free flight strategies! 

That’s always a concern!  If you have an accident and you’re out bouncing around, then what?  Thankfully I’ve never had that issue, but I can tell you I’ve seen others that have.  In a beautiful expat area in Costa Rica, one American kid was learning to surf and ended up breaking his arm and his board in half.  In that same area, an older gentleman had a heart attack and hours of CPR was provided.  Let’s just say, in both of these circumstances, health care was at least an hour away.  Finding an Uber/Taxi to the nearest hospital would be my first step. Talk to the locals and do your research to find out what’s around you when you arrive.  Also, travel Insurance is always a good idea, especially when you are traveling to areas where getting hurt is a possibility. 

One of the most vital aspects of traveling solo is the ability to stay in touch, not only with family and friends, but just to stay connected while abroad period.  I find ensuring I have a cell and wi-fi connection significantly decreases my stress levels.  I have my primary cell phone from home with an international plan, and an e-sim. Definitely check out my article on e-sims to learn a bit more about what they are and how to use them.  You can certainly get by with having a local sim card/phone plan, but I find that I find security and safety in knowing I have a variety of options to stay connected. 


LOL. I get this question ALL the time.  The big answer to this question is NO, not even close.  I would love to be, but hey, another year, a different lifetime.  Instead, I sold almost everything I own, and I am fortunate enough to have a military pension to use as my daily living.  I figured I could either have the “American Dream” with a house payment, car payment, and have a stable life, OR, I could travel the world not necessarily knowing when I will make it back home.  I travel as cost efficiently as I can, walk a lot, and try to do one or two major things at each location. This allows me to at least test out each country to determine how well I like an area and its people. 

Cause I can. ;-).  I have every desire in the world to travel the globe over. I have had the travel bug since I was very young, and I can’t shake it.  I’ve traveled to every state in the US and a significant number of countries around the world; some for work and some for play.  My desire is driven by wanting to see what’s out there, meet the people, and learn other cultures.  I realized that while we in the US have most of what the world can offer, we also have a lot to learn.  Experiencing life in the eyes of others, helps to not only open mine further, but is just plain ole fun.  I’ve seen animals up close that you would only see on National Geographic, bugs that I couldn’t identify if I wanted to, and eaten cuisines from the originators.  I’m so very fortunate to have seen so many places in my lifetime, but it’s truly only the beginning.

Well, it’s rapidly changing, but I’m over 50 now, and I expect by the end of the year I’ll hit 70.

I semi-joke with a lot of people that first meet me that I am on my 10 ½ life, and there’s not much I haven’t seen or experienced (and if IT happens IT happens).  Most of the time I would say this is true, but there have been a few occasions where I gained an appreciation from a new “learning experience”.   I’ve spent a lot of time in war zones, so you tend to get a little numb to things blowing up from a distance or nearby for that matter, but what you’re not necessarily ready for is being lost in a big new city with no cell phone, or a man that decides you’re too pretty to not attempt to have his way.  I’ve been dropped off in the middle of nowhere when it’s pitch black out and a half a mile from my AirBnB and cornered by several men who did not speak English on various occasions that made me think very hard about future travels.  I’ve also landed in a few countries that didn’t appear to appreciate “my kind” (whether that was female, American, or just being white).  I’d say in most circumstances, I’ve now experienced a lot of the travel woes and found ways to solve those issues.  It’s really about experience and growing a little bit more with every step and determining how to problem solve.

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