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Solo Female Travelers: Best Dating Abroad 2024

solo female travelers


When traveling, dating might be intimidating, but it can also be a joyful and exciting experience with correct planning and techniques. The greatest ways to meet other solo female travelers, what to do if you get trapped on a date, and travel safety advice are all covered in this article. Are you prepared to start dating? If you are, let’s get going, and let’s keep you safe at the same time!

Traveling alone vs traveling with friends

There are a few considerations I need to make as a solitary solo female traveler when it comes to dating overseas. Traveling and dating can be challenging, but with the correct attitude, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here is some dating advice for solo female travelers:

  1. Be patient: Don’t get into anything hastily. It might be frightening to date when traveling, but it’s crucial to take your time and get to know someone. Without feeling pressured, give yourself enough time to understand who you are meeting and discover the city you’re in.
  2. Start by making friends: It’s crucial to meet new people while traveling. Meeting individuals from different cultures is a fantastic way to expand your network and experience new cultures. Dating may not be your best option if you are uncomfortable meeting new people, so you can always meet new friends and go from there. Meeting other ladies on Bumble BFF or other applications for meetups could be very useful as they can be your wing girls when you go out and about to meet the man/lady of your dreams.
  3. Maintain an open mind: Don’t assume that everyone you date abroad will be similar to you back home, because it’s not! Be accepting of others, understand the stereotypes, keep an open mind, understand their origins or culture, and allow a little leeway when working to understand their differences. On your travels, you’ll be astonished by how many intriguing individuals you meet. The ways of dating, the ideals, the basics of learning about culture and how women are perceived, and the beliefs of those from other cultures.
  4. Have fun: Dating should be fun!

The benefits of staying focused on your travels

There are many benefits to solo female travelers, and foreign dating is one of them. Traveling and dating together may be an exciting and enlightening experience that opens up new possibilities and viewpoints. Four advantages of dating while solo female travelers are as follows:


  1. You’ll learn more about yourself. You can better understand your hobbies and personality by dating when you’re a solo female traveler. You’ll discover your preferences, what makes you happy, and the challenges that intrigue you the most. You’ll be able to make better choices thanks to this self-awareness when you’re on the road, making hotel reservations, and meeting new people.
  2. Your vacation arrangements will be more adaptable. If you are dating abroad, you may be able to find more flexible options when traveling. You may simply switch topics without feeling guilty or under pressure if you decide you don’t want to learn more about a certain nation or place or if anything comes up that day. Additionally, you’ll enhance your chances of meeting someone who compliments your style and interests rather than conflicts with them through patience.

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Dating, Romance, and Relationships While Travelling


Finding good dates and relationships can be challenging for solo female travelers. Thank goodness there are several mobile-friendly dating websites and applications available. Here are five pieces of advice for solo female travelers about dating abroad:

  1. Join a travel-focused online dating site. Sites like allow you to do this. Use applications like Hinge and Bumble to locate individuals nearby who share your interests. You may swipe left or right on photographs in these applications to determine compatibility. But unlike your stateside dating techniques, pay attention, get more info, and have an understanding, not just a like for the person on the other end. Video call the person beforehand, acquire their home address and provide that to your friends or a family member before a meeting. Remember, you are alone here, so protect yourself, but also have fun!
  2. Before you depart, make some local acquaintances. Experts who live in the area would be delighted to show you around and introduce you to other solo female travelers who could be interested in a romantic relationship.
  3. When it comes to meeting possible dates, be proactive. When traveling, the best way to meet new people is to be ready by packing a few interesting questions and doing things on the spot.
  4. Keep in mind that having fun and staying alive should be more important than finding the perfect match.
  5. Know your boundaries. Do not go without the necessary papers or overstay your visa. You shouldn’t go outside your comfort zone just because you’re a solo female traveler. If you feel the little spidey senses tingle, or the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck, think first and trust your instinct. Don’t do anything to go against your instincts as you just may regret that.
  6. Be safe. When visiting another country, be smart and aware of your surroundings, and take safety precautions. For instance, avoid going for a stroll alone at night or in a remote place, and always be aware of your possessions, let someone know where you are… aka a friend that has your location at all times.
  7. Meet on multiple occasions. Do not go back to his room on the first night, no matter how much convincing he tries to do. Be smart, this could be a setup in a variety of ways.  Remember, you are in a foreign country-alone-don’t be stupid.

Enjoy The Journey

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Dating is like exploring a new destination – full of excitement, unpredictability, and the occasional “what the hell am I doing?” moment. But hey, every encounter has the potential to be a unique and enriching experience.

Opportunity for Learning: Swipe Right for Cultural Enrichment!

Dating while traveling is like getting a crash course in personal growth and cultural enlightenment. It’s not just about the person you’re dating – it’s about immersing yourself in diverse cultures and perspectives along the way. So, pack your curiosity and an open mind, because each date becomes a chance to learn, understand, and expand your horizons. Who knows? You might come out of this experience with both a new love interest and a newfound appreciation for global diversity.

Holistic Experience: Enjoy the Journey, Sugar!

Forget about fixating on the destination or the end result. Dating is about the whole damn process, baby! So, kick back, relax, and savor the moments, the interactions, and the delightful discoveries that come with meeting new people in different places. Dating is like a buffet of experiences, and you get to sample it all. Let go of your expectations and immerse yourself in the adventure. And hey, even if it doesn’t lead to everlasting love, you’ll have some hilarious dating stories to tell over cocktails with your besties.

Avoiding Pressure: Let Love Flow, No Rules Apply!

Seriously, love doesn’t thrive under strict rules and expectations. Instead of setting rigid goals or obsessing over the perfect outcome, just go with the flow. Let connections develop naturally, because you never know where they might lead (or not lead). Be your fabulous, unapologetic self and embrace the spontaneity of the dating adventure.

Embracing the Present: Girl, Live in the Damn Moment!

Dating is all about being present in the moment, girl. Stop overthinking, stop overanalyzing, and start embracing the now. Forget about trying to predict the future or dissect every little text message. Just be in the moment, savor the experiences as they unfold, and embrace that positive and open mindset. Love is a mysterious creature, and you can’t control it or force it. So, dive in headfirst, with a spirit of adventure and a kick-ass sense of humor. Who knows? The present might just surprise you with a love story that’s even better than anything you could have planned.

Understand cultural differences

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It’s like trying to navigate through a minefield of customs, expectations, and potential faux pas. But fear not, because understanding and respecting these cultural differences is the key to avoiding those cringe-worthy moments.

Diverse Dating Etiquettes: It’s Like a Mixtape of Romance!

First things first, dating practices can be as diverse as the array of destinations in your travel bucket list. Different cultures have their own set of rules, values, and rituals when it comes to wooing potential partners. Some may be all about traditional values, formal courtship, and a sprinkle of rituals, while others might be more laid-back and casual. The point is, what might work in New York City might make you look like an alien in Tokyo.

Preference for Traditional or Casual Approaches: To Formal or Not to Formal, That is the Question!

Cultural preferences play a huge role in dating norms. Some societies are all about traditional, formal courtship rituals that could make Jane Austen proud. Expect adherence to specific etiquette and a fairytale-like atmosphere. On the other hand, some cultures embrace a more informal and less structured approach to dating. It’s like going on a spontaneous adventure without a set plan – cupid’s version of winging it. So, if you match with someone in a culture known for its traditional ways, channel your inner prince or princess.

Understanding for Effective Navigation: Avoiding Dating Disasters 101!

Here’s the deal, my fearless friends: if you understand the cultural differences in dating, you’ll have a smoother ride in this crazy dating scene. By being aware of the expectations and norms in a particular culture, you can adjust your approach and behavior accordingly. So, before you embark on a date in a new culture, do your research, learn the customs, and show off your cultural knowledge like the queen of dating espionage that you are!

Respect for Local Practices: Love Knows No Borders, but Boundaries Matter!

When dating in a different culture, it’s crucial to show respect for the local practices. Every culture has its own unique values, traditions, and approaches to relationships. And hey, just because it’s different from what you’re used to doesn’t mean it’s wrong or less valid. Being sensitive to and respecting these variations will not only prevent you from sticking out like a sore thumb but also foster better communication and more positive experiences.

Enhanced Communication: Avoiding Lost in Translation Mumbo Jumbo!

Ah, communication – the secret sauce in any successful relationship. And when it comes to dating across cultures, it becomes even more important to avoid misunderstandings and potential cultural faux pas. Understanding the cultural nuances in dating enables you to communicate effectively with your potential love interest. You’ll avoid those cringe-worthy moments where you accidentally offend someone or misinterpret their intentions. So, embrace the art of communication, ask questions, and make sure you’re on the same page. Because clearing up miscommunications is way better than spending your date googling “what does that hand gesture mean in this culture?

So, if you are lucky, what do you do if you fall in love with someone in your host country?


There are a few things to consider if you find yourself falling in love with someone while visiting another country. First, keep in mind that your connection will probably differ from what you are accustomed to back home. Although it could be tempting, it might not be a good idea to take your new love for granted. Take the time to learn more about your companion and the culture of the area.  Watch 90 Day Fiancé in its entirety!  Additionally, keep in mind that traveling can be isolating, so it’s crucial to have close friends or family members you can count on while you’re away. If everything is going well and you two are content, think about getting married abroad!

Be Friendly While Traveling


The number of solo female travelers traveling alone is increasing, and for a good reason—traveling alone can be an empowering experience for women. When traveling, it’s important to maintain cordial relationships with both natives and other tourists.

Connect with locals

connect with locals

Because let’s be real, there’s so much more to life than just dating. So strap on your adventure boots, get ready to mingle, and let’s dive into the world of connecting with locals in various contexts.

Participation in Local Events: Get Ready for a Cultural Extravaganza!

Attending local events is like stepping right into the heart of a culture. Whether it’s festivals, gatherings, or other activities that bring people together, these events provide the perfect opportunity to interact with locals in a more natural and casual setting.

Joining Social Groups

If you really want to immerse yourself in a local community, it’s time to join some social groups, my fierce adventurers. This could mean anything from joining clubs, organizations, or interest-based groups where individuals come together based on common hobbies or passions. So, whether it’s a knitting club, a hiking group, or a wine tasting society, find your people and let the socializing begin!

Participating in Activities of Interest: Follow Your Passion

Now, my fabulous travel divas, engaging in activities aligned with your personal interests not only brings joy to your soul but also opens up doors for connections with like-minded locals. Whether it’s sports, arts, or any other hobbies that make your heart skip a beat, pursuing your passions is a powerful way to build friendships with people who get you. Bond over a shared love for surfing, unleash your inner Picasso at an art class, or geek out with fellow bookworms at a local book club.

Broadening Social Circles: It’s Time to Expand Your Crew!

The advice here is crystal clear: broaden your social circle, my adventurous queens. By connecting with a diverse range of locals, you not only gain a more comprehensive understanding of the community, but you also establish a network of friends that goes beyond the realm of dating. Surround yourself with people from all walks of life – the dreamers, the doers, the wanderers, and the adventurers.

Increased Opportunities to Meet People: Your Social Calendar is About to Explode!

By actively participating in local events and social groups, you’re opening doors to meet new people organically, without any forced awkwardness that can come with dating. It’s like fate stepping in and saying, “Hey, I’ve got some awesome people I want you to meet.” So, embrace the chances to strike up conversations, make connections, and build friendships that will bring a new level of richness to your solo travel adventures. Who knows, you might just meet that adventurous soul who will become your partner-in-crime, or you’ll find an amazing group of friends who will inspire and support you every step of the way.

Solo Female Travelers Pointers

-Develop a plan. Consider your travel objectives when you design your itinerary. By doing this, you’ll be able to find popular areas in your community and meet others who share your interests.

-Meet in well-lit areas.  Meet in locations that are well-lit and populated.  If you drink, be cautious and only have a few, as staying in control is vital to ensuring your safety.

-Show decency and respect. It’s easy to get caught up in the adventure of traveling, but remember to be courteous to residents and other tourists.

No matter where you choose to go, always remember to Travel Till You Drop!

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