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Best 15 Nude Beaches in Florida To Visit 2024

Navarre Beach, Navarre

Nude beaches in Florida

Hey there, sun-seekers! Have you ever fancied a tan without those pesky lines? As self-proclaimed nude beach connoisseurs with over five years in the game, we’re here to spill the beans on the top 15 Nude beaches in Florida for bearing it all. Ready to undress for success? Let’s dive in!

1. Haulover Beach, Miami

The crown jewel of Nude beaches in Florida, Haulover Beach, is famous for its pristine sands and welcoming atmosphere. It’s like the United Nations, but everyone’s in their birthday suits.

Unique Point: The beach offers volleyball games in the buff. Talk about spiking your interest!

Haulover Beach, Miami

2. Blind Creek Beach, Fort Pierce

Ah, Blind Creek Beach – where the wild things roam (and we don’t mean the wildlife). This hidden gem offers a tranquil escape for those looking to ditch the threads in peace.

Unique Point: It’s an undeveloped beach, perfect for the minimalist nudist who likes their nature unspoiled and their bodies unclothed.

3. Playalinda Beach, Titusville

Nestled in the Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda is for the space-loving skinny dipper. Why? Because it’s right next to the Kennedy Space Center!

Unique Point: Rocket launches with a side of naked sunbathing. Only in Florida, folks!

4. Apollo Beach, New Smyrna

Apollo Beach is Playalinda’s shy cousin. Less crowded, equally scenic, and perfect for those who prefer their nude sunbathing with a little more solitude.

Unique Point: The northern part is where the clothing-optional crowd gathers. It’s like a secret club but without a secret handshake.

Apollo Beach, New Smyrna

5. Hobe Sound, Jupiter Island

This secluded spot on Jupiter Island is a hidden haven for those in the know. It’s quiet, serene, and just the right amount of cheeky.

Unique Point: Its seclusion makes it a favorite among local nudists. Shh, don’t tell the tourists!

6. Gulf Islands National Seashore, Pensacola

For those on the Panhandle, this is your go-to spot. The Gulf Islands offer miles of unspoiled beaches, and yes, parts of it are nude-friendly.

Unique Point: Crystal clear waters and sugar-white sands. It’s like the Bahamas but with more freedom (if you catch our drift).

Gulf Islands National Seashore, Pensacola

7. Miami Beach, Miami

Okay, it’s not officially a Nude beach , but parts of Miami Beach are as close as you can get. It’s a melting pot of cultures, bodies, and tiny swimsuits (or lack thereof).

Unique Point: The people watching here are at the next level. It’s like a live runway show, but the models needed to remember most of their clothes.

8. Caspersen Beach, Venice

Caspersen Beach, down in Venice, is known for its privacy and natural state. The further you walk, the less clothing you’ll see.

Unique Point: It’s also known for shark tooth hunting. Just imagine finding shark teeth in your birthday suit – talk about a story for the grandkids!

9. Caliente Resort, Land O’ Lakes

Okay, this one’s a resort, but it’s too good not to mention. Caliente is all about the luxe life, minus the clothes.

Unique Point: It’s a full-blown nudist resort. Think five-star dining, but with a dress code that’s, well, undressed.

10. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, Kissimmee

Another resort, because why not? Cypress Cove is the epitome of nudist culture – friendly, fun, and free-spirited.

Unique Point: It’s a whole nudist community. You can shop, dine, and even go to the bank without ever putting on a stitch of clothing.

11. Navarre Beach, Navarre

Navarre Beach is a serene, lesser-known gem tucked away in the Florida Panhandle. It’s not officially nude, but the secluded areas offer a discreet place for those looking to tan au naturel.

Unique Point: The beach is known for its stunning emerald waters and fine, white sands – perfect for a nude stroll at sunset.

Navarre Beach, Navarre

12. St. George Island State Park, Eastpoint

This barrier island near Apalachicola offers miles of undeveloped beaches. While not officially clothing-optional, its remote stretches allow discreet skinny dipping.

Unique Point: It’s a paradise for nature lovers. The island is teeming with wildlife, offering a backdrop as natural as your attire (or lack thereof).

13. Key West Beaches, Key West

Key West is as free-spirited as Florida gets. While public nudity is not officially sanctioned, there are private resorts and boat charters that offer clothing-optional experiences.

Unique Point: The vibrant and inclusive atmosphere of Key West makes it a haven for everyone, regardless of their beachwear preferences.

Key West Beaches, Key West - Best Nude beaches in florida

14. Sunny Sands Resort, DeLand

It’s another nudist resort, but Sunny Sands deserves a shout-out for its friendly, welcoming vibe. It’s a place where you can let it all hang out, literally and figuratively.

Unique Point: They host various events, from chili cook-offs to golf tournaments. Who knew you could do so much while wearing so little?

15. Hidden River Resort, Sanderson

Nestled in the deep woods near the Georgia-Florida line, this resort offers a rustic, back-to-nature experience for nudists.

Unique Point: The resort is on the banks of the St. Mary’s River, making it ideal for those who love skinny dipping with a scenic view.

Expert Quote: “In our five-plus years exploring the world of Nude beaches, we’ve learned one thing – it’s not about how you look; it’s about how you feel. These Florida beaches offer a sense of freedom and body positivity that’s hard to find anywhere else.” – Jill C, Nude Beach Aficionado


Q: Do I need to be fully nude at these beaches?

A: Not necessarily to be fully nude at Nude Beaches in Florida, but when in Rome… or, in this case, in Florida.

Q: What about sunburns in sensitive areas?

A: Slather on that sunscreen! Trust us, a sunburn there is no joke.

Q: Can I take pictures?

A: Always ask first! Nudists value privacy, even when they’re, you know, not hiding much.

Q: What should I bring to a nude beach?

A: A towel (to sit on), sunscreen (lots of it), water, snacks, and an open mind.

Q: How do I deal with awkward moments?

A: Just smile and wave, folks. Smile and wave.

Q: Are there any rules I should know about?

A: Yes! No lewd behavior, always ask before photographing, and respect others’ space. It’s about relaxation, not recreation.


So, there you have it – your unofficial, slightly sarcastic guide to the top Nude beaches in florida. Whether you’re a seasoned skinny dipper or a curious newbie, these spots offer something for everyone. Remember, the best accessory at a nude beach is confidence (and a lot of sunscreens).

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