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Hi I'm Jill! I created Travel Till You Drop to not only to share my own experiences, but to demonstrate that Solo Female Travel is not as scary as it is believed to be. My goal is to help others understand how I do what I do and help other women to feel empowered to do the same!

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Are You Ready?

If you’re waiting on everyone else to travel, all you’ll ever end up doing is waiting!

If you’re waiting on everyone else to travel, all you’ll ever end up doing is waiting!


Think It


How itchy are your feet? Ready to get going? Tired of the old Netflix & Chill? Then it’s time to start thinking about getting away. Close to home or in a land far, far away, you’ve come to the right place. 

Thinking of a weekend getaway, a girls' trip, or solo traveling around the world? Well, you've come to the right place. I've done them all and believe that my itchy feet can help you take that trip you've always wanted to take. I've bounced around over 50 countries and every state in the US, and it hasn't just been because I'm lucky. It's taken a ton of research, patience, and time to plan and yet my bucket list keeps growing. I've been to a lot of amazing places that I'd highly recommend, and my goal is to share them with you! To learn all about those experiences and help you find the inspiration you are seeking, I've created a list of articles to help you along your way. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter, where I’ll share more of my travel tips, experiences, and send my most recent blog posts right to your inbox. And whatever you do, make sure you always remember to Travel Till You Drop!

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Plan it

Think about where you want to go. I’d recommend focusing on “type of vacation” over a specific location. Instead of saying I want to go to Florida, focus in on the things you like about Florida (unless there’s a very specific reason. If you like the beach, great, we’ll identify all the other options for beaches that could meet that need. Mountains, do they have to be the Rockies in Colorado or could they be in NC, TN, or even Mt. Everest. Then ask yourself, “What’s the goal of the trip?” Keep your mind open to all options. A specific place, location may be better spent by looking at a particular experience you want to have. People have been doing this for years, otherwise, why would Vegas have replicas of Italy and France? Just sayin’. So, why don’t you Think It, Dream It, Plan It, Do It, and Repeat it over and over again? Now, let’s start your journey, and always remember to Travel Till You Drop!

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