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Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

One of my top money-saving strategies that I use (if I can’t earn enough points to pay my way) is that I search for ways that I can save on hotels / AirBnBs and any form of travel products (if you can’t find it on my site of course) is to sign up for Rakuten or TopCashBack.  Both sites are simple to use, and you will earn money back as you shop. Here you’ll know about the Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

How much can you earn?

The percentages vary from one site to another.  Companies list their site on these sites and give you a percentage back when you click on their site in the app and subsequently make the purchase.  It could be anywhere from 3% to 20% cashback, ESPECIALLY as we enter the big Christmas shopping season.  The rates change often, so sign up for their newsletters and you’ll see what the largest percentages are on an ongoing basis. 

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So, let’s say you are booking a trip on Expedia,, or  It may be a package, a hotel, a flight, or things to do.  If your hotel is $100 and you receive 20% back, you now only end up spending $80. If your stay ends up being $1,000, you’ll earn $200 of it back.  You now have beer money!  Is it worth it?  You tell me, but I sure think so. know more about the Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel.

How do I earn?

While you have to complete your stay, the funds will be deposited to your account for payout later, but hey, why not take a few minutes to see which application provides the best rate, click on it, and book as you normally would.  The larger the package, the better the discount, and all you have to do is to click on their site first and do as you normally would.  Easy as pie. Save Money on Travel: I’ve earned hundreds back in the last year because I do a majority of my shopping online, and I’m willing to add a few extra minutes to my shopping experience to earn a significant amount back. 

So go sign up for Rakuten by CLICKING HERE or get the healthy tips and tricks on Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel



Go sign up forTopCashBack by CLICKING HERE

Top Cashback

You can even add the tool to your browser to automatically tell you whenever you enter your cart on a given site the percentage of cashback.  Try it!  I can assure you it’s worth your time!  

If you want to learn of some amazing places to visit to solo travel or take the family, definitely pop on over to the Destinations Section of my blog!!!

No matter where you head off to, always Remember to Travel Till You Drop and get the tips for Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel.

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