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Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

One of my top money-saving strategies that I use (if I can’t earn enough points to pay my way) is that I search for ways that I can save on hotels / AirBnBs and any form of travel products (if you can’t find it on my site of course) is to sign up for Rakuten or TopCashBack.  Both sites are simple to use, and you will earn money back as you shop. Here you’ll know about the Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

Planning Phase

Planning phase

Flexible Dates: Use Fare Calendars

So, you’re in search of some sweet flight deals, huh? Well, my fearless friend, I’ve got just the trick for you – fare calendars! These babies are available on popular booking platforms like Google Flights, Skyscanner, or Kayak, and they can be your secret weapon in finding the best bang for your buck. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Select Flexible Dates Option

First things first, start your flight search on one of these platforms. Look for that magical “Flexible Dates” option and give it a nice, hearty click. This is where the adventure begins!

Step 2: View Calendar

Next up, keep your eyes peeled for an option that lets you view fares across an entire month. On Google Flights, for example, you’ll find a cute little calendar icon that you can click after entering your departure and destination cities. Cha-ching!

Step 3: Identify Cheapest Days

Now comes the fun part – observing the wonderful world of price fluctuations. Take a good look at that calendar and watch the fares dance around like a bunch of crazy monkeys. Usually, those sneaky mid-week days, like Tuesdays and Wednesdays, tend to be oh-so-tempting with their lower prices.

Mid-Week Travel

Ah, the sweet liberation of flying on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. These glorious days can often gift you with flights that won’t break the bank, unlike those dreaded weekends. Here’s why:

Business Travel Impact: Turns out, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are not the darlings of business travel. Nope, not at all. So, while those business suits are busy clocking in some overtime from Monday to Friday, you can swoop in and snatch those cheaper tickets.

Demand and Supply: Weekends and Mondays/Fridays – oh, how everyone loves them. They’re prime time for weekend getaways and business trips, meaning demand is high and prices are inflated. But fear not, my friend! By embracing the mid-week madness, you’re less likely to face those pesky high prices and can spend those savings on something way more exciting.

Flexibility: Remember, flexibility is your best friend when it comes to travel plans. Especially for you adventurous leisure travelers out there, being open to flying mid-week can lead to some serious savings. 

Off-Peak Seasons

Research Destination Seasons
When it comes to budget travel, understanding the peak and off-peak seasons of your destination is essential. Here’s how you can do some research on this:

Destination-Specific Tools

There are some fantastic tools and websites available that cater to specific destinations. For instance, you can check out Time and Date’s Best Time to Visit tool or These platforms allow you to input your desired destination and obtain insights into the best times to visit in terms of weather and pricing. Also, make sure to check out how to manage your own finances with this personal finance blog

Local Events Calendar

Sometimes, peak seasons coincide with exciting local events or festivals. I recommend checking out destination-specific event calendars to gain insights into any happenings that might affect prices. By aligning your visit with these events, you can have a vibrant and immersive travel experience.

Weather Considerations

Weather plays a significant role in both pricing and the overall travel experience. Here’s how you should consider weather conditions:

Shoulder Seasons

Have you heard of shoulder seasons? These are the periods between the peak and off-peak times. They offer a sweet spot of decent weather and lower prices, providing a perfect balance for budget-conscious travelers. Keep an eye out for these shoulder seasons when planning your trip.

Extreme Weather Impact

Extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes or monsoons, can dramatically reduce travel costs. However, it’s essential to consider the risks and discomfort that may come along with these conditions. If you’re willing to take on the adventure and potential inconveniences, you might be in for some significant cost savings.

Temperature Affects Demand

Believe it or not, temperature can influence travel demand, which in turn affects prices. Warmer or cooler temperatures can impact the popularity of a destination and its pricing. By opting for slightly less favorable weather conditions, you might find yourself enjoying substantial cost savings.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

Online Reviews

Alright, ladies, listen up! We all know that choosing the right accommodation is absolutely crucial for a kickass trip. So, let me guide you on how to use those online reviews effectively:
Aggregated Reviews: Don’t just settle for one review, darling. Make sure to check out reviews from multiple platforms to get the full picture of the accommodation. It’s like watching all seasons of your favorite show, not just one episode.
Recent Reviews: We want the freshest gossip, don’t we? Prioritize the recent reviews, because let’s be real, who cares about outdated opinions? The current state of the accommodation is what matters.
Consider Responses: Oh, this is when things get interesting. Take a peek at how the property management responds to negative reviews. Are they putting out fires or just ignoring the flames? Their responses will give you a glimpse into their commitment to keeping their guests happy.

Long-Term Stays

For all you independent ladies planning those extended trips, forget about stuffy hotel rooms. It’s time to go for some apartment or house rentals. Here’s your guide to rockin’ this option:
Vacation Rental Platforms: Get in on the vacation rental game, girl! Platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, or’s apartment/house listings are where the magic happens. Say goodbye to boring old hotels!
Filter Options: Let’s get down to business, sifting through all those options. Use those handy-dandy filters on the rental platforms to find long-term stay options that fit your style. Want monthly rates? Amenities that scream luxury? You can have it all, darling!
Negotiation Tips: Oh, no one messes with you, babe. If it’s an off-peak period, don’t be afraid to put your negotiation skills to work. Get those hosts to give you sweet discounts for your extended stay. Show them who’s boss!

Booking Flights phase

Booking flights

Flight Comparison Sites

Use Filters
Alright, ladies, let me spill the tea on flight comparison sites. Filters are the secret weapons for scoring the best damn deals out there. Here’s your kickass guide:
Budget Filter: Time to put a cap on your flight expenses, honey. Find that budget filter and set a maximum amount you’re willing to drop on your flight. This way, you’ll only see options that fit within your desired price range. No breaking the bank here!
Airlines Filter: Got a soft spot for a specific airline or can’t stand the thought of flying with another? No worries, babe. Take advantage of the airlines filter to include or exclude certain carriers from your search results. You deserve to fly with the airline that makes your heart flutter (or not).
Layover Filter: Let’s talk stopovers, shall we? If you’re all about non-stop flights or can’t handle long layovers, this filter is your saving grace. Customize your search based on the duration of layovers to ensure you’re spending more time sipping cocktails on the beach and less time waiting at airports.
Set Price Alerts
We’re not here to miss out on those jaw-dropping deals, right? Setting up price alerts is the game-changer you need. Here’s the playbook:
Choose the Right Platform: Time to choose your weapon, my fearless friend. Pick a flight comparison site or app that lets you set up price alerts. Skyscanner, Google Flights, or Hopper are your go-to options – they’ve got your back.
Select Specific Routes: Let’s get specific, darling. Specify the routes and dates that have caught your wanderlust. Enable that price alert feature so you can keep a close eye on those prices and be ready to pounce when they drop. Cha-ching!
Notification Preferences: You’re in control, babe. Customize those alert settings to fit your travel style. Decide how often you want to be notified (daily, hourly, maybe even every minute if you’re feeling extra impatient) and set the threshold for the price drop that will make that alert pop up on your screen. It’s all about you!

Budget Airlines

Check Extra Fees
Alright, ladies, let’s talk about those sneaky extra fees that budget airlines love to hit us with. We’re all about getting those enticing base fares, but we’ve gotta watch out for these potential additional costs. Here’s the lowdown:
Baggage Fees: Don’t let those baggage fees catch you off guard, darling. Make sure to check the policies for both checked and carry-on luggage. Some budget airlines have crazy strict rules that can jack up the overall cost of your flight. 
Seat Selection: Ah, the joys of picking the perfect seat. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, some budget airlines come along and charge you extra for seat selection – and I’m not just talking about the fancy ones with extra legroom. They’ll make you pay even if you just want a halfway decent seat. 
Additional Services: Brace yourselves, ladies, because there’s more. Those air-slinging budget airlines might try to nickel and dime you with additional fees for stuff like priority boarding, in-flight meals (if you can even call them that), or mediocre entertainment options. These charges can really add up, so keep a close eye on the extras they’re trying to tempt you with.

Booking Directly

Now, let’s dive into the world of booking directly with the airline. It might just be the secret ingredient to getting better deals and some added benefits. Here’s why and how:
Exclusive Promotions: You know those juicy promotions and discounts you hear about? Well, many airlines keep those babies exclusively on their own websites, especially during sales events. It’s like being part of a secret club where only the smartest travelers get access to the best deals. And guess what? You’re about to join that club, my friend.
Avoid Third-Party Fees: Third-party booking platforms might seem convenient, but let me spill the tea, babe – they come with extra fees. When you book directly with the airline, you can say goodbye to those pesky third-party fees and keep your hard-earned cash where it belongs – in your pocket.
Loyalty Points: We can’t forget about those sweet, sweet loyalty points. Booking directly with the airline often means you’ll earn more points, which can lead to future discounts or perks. It’s like getting a little reward for being a kickass traveler.

Accommodation phase

Booking a room

Unlock the Perks of Loyalty Programs: Elevate Your Travel Game!

Are you tired of just being a regular traveler? Ready to level up your travel experience? Well, my fearless friends, it’s time to join some kick-ass accommodation loyalty programs and enjoy all the exclusive benefits they have to offer. Get ready to unlock the wonders of loyalty programs because the perks are about to blow your mind:

Exclusive Discounts: Stick It to Overpriced Rooms

As a member of these loyalty programs, you’ll gain access to some seriously sweet discounts. We’re talking discounted room rates during promotional periods. Say goodbye to overpriced rooms and hello to saving some serious cash.

Room Upgrades: Treat Yo’ Self Like a Queen

Who doesn’t love a little luxury? With these loyalty programs, you can experience a sweet life without the extra cost. That’s right, my bold beauties, they often offer room upgrades to their most valued members because they know you deserve all the pampering in the world.

Early Access to Promotions: Be a Travel Trailblazer

Forget being fashionably late, it’s all about being travelable early. Get a leg up on the general public by scoring access to promotions and sales before the rest of the world even knows they exist. Be the envy of your friends as you snag the best deals like a true travel trailblazer.

Maximize Points Redemption: Your Ticket to Redemption Paradise

Now, let’s talk about making the most of those loyalty points you’ve been racking up. It’s time to become a strategic points redemption genius with these effective strategies:

Strategic Bookings: Timing is Everything

Timing is everything, my adventurous amigos. Make your bookings during promotion or bonus point periods to maximize your point accumulation. It’s like playing a game and winning every single time. Cha-ching!

Flexible Redemption: Points, Points, and More Points

Who doesn’t love flexibility, am I right? With these loyalty programs, you can use your hard-earned points for oh-so-many things. Free nights? Check. Room upgrades? Check. Other travel expenses? Check, check, and double-check. The sky’s the limit, my darlings.

Pooling Points: Friends Who Travel Together, Slay Together

Traveling with friends or family? Well, my fearless females, you can accelerate your redemption process by pooling your points. That’s right, share the travel love and combine your points with your loved ones. 

Alternative Accommodations

Discover Off-the-Beaten-Path Treasures with Local Platforms

Ready to wander off the tourist trail and uncover hidden gems? Explore these lesser-known local platforms to find unique and budget-friendly accommodations:

Airbnb Adventures: Beyond Ordinary Experiences

Get ready for an adventure like no other with Airbnb Adventures. Step into a world of diverse accommodation options, from cozy homes to one-of-a-kind stays like treehouses or boats. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary and create memories that will last a lifetime.’s Homestays: Live Like a Local

Experience the true essence of local living by delving into’s Homestays section. Discover a variety of budget-friendly accommodations hosted by locals, adding an authentic touch to your travels. From charming guesthouses to cozy apartments, embrace a home away from home.

Regional Bed and Breakfasts: Personalized and Intimate Stay Experiences

Unearth the charm of the local landscape by considering bed and breakfast options on regional booking platforms. These hidden gems offer a personalized and intimate stay experience, allowing you to connect with local culture and traditions. Wake up to homemade breakfast and embrace the warm hospitality of the hosts.

Prioritize Safety and Security: Essential Measures to Consider

Ensure your peace of mind and prioritize safety and security when choosing alternative accommodations. Here are some essential safety measures to keep in mind:

Verified Listings: Trustworthy and Vetting Process

Opt for accommodations with verified listings to ensure reliability. These listings have undergone a thorough vetting process by the platform, giving you an extra layer of confidence in your choice. Rest easy knowing that your accommodation has met stringent quality and safety standards.

Read Reviews: Insights from Fellow Travelers

Gain valuable insights into the safety and reliability of accommodations by delving into reviews from previous guests. Learn from firsthand experiences and tap into the wisdom of fellow travelers. Reviews provide a wealth of information to make informed decisions and choose accommodations that suit your needs.

Secure Payment Methods: Hassle-Free and Risk-Free Transactions

Safeguard your financial information and protect yourself from potential risks by using secure payment methods provided by the platform. Look for platforms that offer secure payment options to ensure a worry-free transaction process throughout your booking. With secure payment methods, you can focus on enjoying your trip without any financial concerns.

During Travel Phase

on holiday


a. Free Activities:

Hello, Fabulous Freebies!

Museums with Free Admission Days: Who says you can’t soak up culture on a shoestring budget? Darling, mark your calendar for those free admission days – it’s like the museum’s throwing a party and you’re the guest of honor. Who needs a VIP ticket when you’ve got savvy smarts to get you through those doors at the cost of nada?

Walking Tours: Strap on those sneakers, set your own pace, and be the boss of your own tour. Forget those pricey, peppy tour guides who sometimes can’t tell Picasso from a pizza. Wandering aimlessly is the new “it” way to absorb the essence of your destination – call it “flaneur-ing” with purpose.

Hiking Trails: Honey, let me tell you, Mother Nature doesn’t charge an entrance fee. Discover majestic trails where the only green you’ll need is endurance in your muscles. Leave your wallet behind and get high on natural beauty – literally, if you’re climbing mountains.

b. Discount Passes:

Slay, Pay Less!

City Passes: Own the city like a queen without the royal expenses. Snap up a city pass and parade around town like you own every brick in the sidewalk. Discounts, freebies, and you in the urban jungle – it’s a match made in budget-savvy heaven.

Attraction Bundles: Bundle up, babe – attractions style. Like a tapas platter but for sights, these attraction bundles let you taste the city’s best offerings without the full-course price. Mix and match; it’s like speed dating with monuments!

Online Deals: Prowl the web like a bargain huntress before you pounce on that discount pass. The internet’s crawling with deals so energizing, it’s your shopping cart on a caffeine buzz. Snag ’em, bag ’em, and brag about ’em!

c. Local Markets:

Marketplace Conqueror – Wallet Intact!

Fresh and Affordable Food: Sashay into local markets where the price tags won’t make you gasp for air. Load up on snacks that will have your wallet singing joyful hymns. Fruit, veggies, bread? Check. Taste explosion without the cost implosion.

Cultural Experience: Mingle with the real MVPs – the local vendors. Dive into the chaos and charm like a culinary Indiana Jones. Grab a chunk of cheese, a slice of culture, and savor the vibrant mayhem. It’s chaos on a budget, and you’re living for it.

Picnic Option: Who needs a five-star restaurant when the starlit sky is your canopy? Get your goodies from the market, sprawl out in a lush garden, and dine al fresco without dropping a fortune. It’s like Mother Nature invited you to a private dining experience, minus the snooty maître d’.

Now, go forth, you thrifty trailblazer, and conquer the globe with the kind of swagger that says, “I’ve got this,” because, let’s face it, you absolutely do. Your adventure account is overflowing with rich experiences, and cash – well, that’s just a side note.

Post-Travel Phase

a. Review Expenses:

Alright, Money Magicians, Time to Conjure Some Cash!

Track Spending: Whip out those receipts—it’s time to Sherlock Holmes your way through your money mysteries. It’s like a post-travel autopsy but for your wallet. Find out exactly what bled your funds dry, whether it was those sneaky transport costs or your luxury gelato habit.

Identify Saving Opportunities: Now, let’s play a round of ‘Should I Spend That?’—it’s like ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ but with less guitar and more budgeting. Look back and see where you could’ve traded that fancy cocktail for a supermarket spritzer and saved yourself a pretty penny (or a hundred).

Budgeting for Next Time: It’s spreadsheet time, and no, it’s not as boring as watching paint dry while listening to elevator music. Plan that next escapade with a budget conquistador’s hat on. Be bold, set those limits, then laugh in the face of overpriced tourist traps!

b. Feedback:

Where Compliments and Critiques Collide!

Provide Constructive Feedback: Unleash your inner critic—constructively, of course. Let those airlines and hotels know the good, the bad, and the ‘I slept on one lumpy pillow too many.’ Your feedback might just be the butterfly that starts the hurricane of hospitality improvement.

Check for Feedback Incentives: Scavenge for those feedback incentives like a squirrel prepping for winter. Some companies toss out discounts like confetti at a parade for your golden opinions. Rack up those savings and smirk knowingly every time you click ‘submit’.

Build Relationships: Sow the seeds of travel karma by buttering up your favorite service providers (not literally, save your butter for croissants). A few well-placed compliments and voilà, you might just snag some VIP treatment on your next globe-trotting spree.

c. Unused Credits:

Goldmine or Landmine? It’s Rewards Time!

Review Loyalty Programs: Channel your inner detective and sniff out those soon-to-expire points like they’re clues in a noir thriller. Loyalty programs can be a stingy beast, ready to snatch your hard-earned points. Stay vigilant!

Redeem Rewards: Raid your points vault and treat yo’self! Got a pile of airline miles? Cash ’em in like a high roller at the penny slots. Unused points are the forbidden fruit of the travel world—deliciously tempting but utterly wasteful if left untouched.

Maximize Value: Play your points like a game of high-stakes poker. Some days those points can get you the jackpot—a flight upgrade or swanky hotel suite. Strike at the prime time and relish in rewards richer than your favorite triple chocolate cake.

d. Plan Ahead:

Fortune-telling for the Frugal Traveler

Early Booking Discounts: Pounce on those early bird specials with the zest of a cat chasing a laser pointer. By jumping on deals ahead of time, you can save more cash than if you played it cool and booked last minute.

Flexibility: Jiggle those travel dates around like you’re solving a Rubik’s cube. Twisting and turning your itinerary can reveal a kaleidoscope of savings that will make your bank account do the happy dance.

Research and Compare: Sherlock’s got nothing on you when it comes to research. Dive deep, compare like your lifetime of happiness depends on it, and emerge triumphant with a travel deal that’ll have you grinning wider than the Cheshire Cat.


How much can you earn?

The percentages vary from one site to another.  Companies list their site on these sites and give you a percentage back when you click on their site in the app and subsequently make the purchase.  It could be anywhere from 3% to 20% cashback, ESPECIALLY as we enter the big Christmas shopping season.  The rates change often, so sign up for their newsletters and you’ll see what the largest percentages are on an ongoing basis. 

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So, let’s say you are booking a trip on Expedia,, or  It may be a package, a hotel, a flight, or things to do.  If your hotel is $100 and you receive 20% back, you now only end up spending $80. If your stay ends up being $1,000, you’ll earn $200 of it back.  You now have beer money!  Is it worth it?  You tell me, but I sure think so. 

How do I earn?

While you have to complete your stay, the funds will be deposited to your account for payout later, but hey, why not take a few minutes to see which application provides the best rate, click on it, and book as you normally would.  The larger the package, the better the discount, and all you have to do is to click on their site first and do as you normally would.  Easy as pie. Save Money on Travel: I’ve earned hundreds back in the last year because I do a majority of my shopping online, and I’m willing to add a few extra minutes to my shopping experience to earn a significant amount back. 

So go sign up for Rakuten by CLICKING HERE or get the healthy tips and tricks on Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel



Go sign up forTopCashBack by CLICKING HERE

Top Cashback

You can even add the tool to your browser to automatically tell you whenever you enter your cart on a given site the percentage of cashback.  Try it!  I can assure you it’s worth your time!  

If you want to learn of some amazing places to visit to solo travel or take the family, definitely pop on over to the Destinations Section of my blog!!!

No matter where you head off to, always Remember to Travel Till You Drop and get the tips for Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel.

FAQ: Quick and Easy Ways to Save Money on Travel

Q1: How can I find free or low-cost activities at my travel destination? A1: Look for museums with free admission days, explore walking tours, or discover hiking trails. These options often provide budget-friendly ways to experience your destination.

Q2: Are there any passes available for discounted or free entry to multiple attractions? A2: Many destinations offer tourist passes that provide discounted or free entry to multiple attractions. Research if your destination offers any such passes to save money on sightseeing.

Q3: How can I save money on food while traveling? A3: Consider buying food from local markets or grocery stores instead of eating at restaurants. This not only saves money but also gives you a taste of the local cuisine. Additionally, carry a reusable water bottle and snacks to avoid overpriced drinks and snacks at tourist spots.

Q4: What should I do with unused credits or rewards points from my trip? A4: Make sure to use them before they expire! Check the expiration dates of any rewards points or credits you earned during your trip, and redeem them for future travel expenses such as flights, hotel stays, or activities.

Q5: How can I provide feedback to service providers about my travel experience? A5: You can provide feedback directly to airlines, hotels, restaurants, and other service providers through their websites or customer service channels. Constructive feedback can help them improve their services and may even lead to discounts or incentives for your next trip.

Q6: When should I start planning my next trip to maximize savings? A6: It’s a good idea to start planning your next trip early to take advantage of early booking discounts. Researching and comparing different travel options well in advance can help you find the best deals and maximize your savings.

Q7: What should I do if I overspent during my trip? A7: Review your expenses from the trip to identify areas where you could have saved money. Use this information to create a budget for your next trip and make more informed spending decisions. Additionally, consider providing feedback to service providers about your experience to help them improve and potentially offer discounts or incentives for your next trip.

Q8: How can I make the most of my travel rewards points or credits? A8: Look for opportunities to redeem your rewards points or credits for maximum value. This could include using them during promotional periods or for special offers that provide more bang for your buck. Don’t let them go to waste—be sure to check their expiration dates and use them before they expire.

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