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The 31 Best Places for Your Next Girls’ Trip – Both Inside & Outside The US

faroe island

Introduction: Grab Your Squad; It’s Adventure Time!

Ladies, listen up! You’ve been talking about that girls’ trip for ages. And if not now, when? (Spoiler alert: The answer is never.) Are you ready to swap those yoga pants for an actual pair of pants? Perhaps even a dress? We get it; being an adult is hard. But guess what? It’s time to temporarily say goodbye to board meetings, diapers, and those endless chores to say hello to some much-needed girl time. After all, the best therapy is a girls’ trip

Let’s be honest: we could all use a getaway, preferably one that doesn’t involve the usual culprits—work, stress, and did I mention work? So, grab your bags, besties, and that novelty wine opener because it’s time for an adventure!

The Golden Rules of Girls’ Trips

Before diving back into the stellar getaway list, let’s establish some ground rules for the ultimate girls’ trip. These are as crucial as packing your passport or hair straightener.

  1. No Judging: Whether someone wants to lounge by the pool with a mimosa at 10 a.m. or do a yoga session before breakfast—let them live their best life.
  2. The Shared Wardrobe Law: What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is up for negotiation.
  3. Snack Duty: Always have snacks. Always. Because “hangry” isn’t a good look on anyone.
  4. Itinerary? I Hardly Know Her!: Plans are good, but some of the best memories are made when you wander off the beaten path, preferably without a map.
  5. Photo Approval: Every picture taken needs the approval of all parties involved before making it to social media. Please don’t make me spell it out for you.

U.S. Hotspots: Home is Where the Party Is


1. Las Vegas, Nevada – The Classic Never Dies

Oh, Vegas! Where else can you lose your dignity, money, and maybe even a friend or two, all while having the time of your life?  Cheers to the morning after- Oh, it hurt! lol

girls trip places

2. Nashville, Tennessee – Yeehaw, Ladies!

Please wear your cowboy boots, and let’s take on Music City! Trust me, you’ve only lived once you’ve tried to line dance to hip-hop.

Best Thing to Do: Immerse yourselves in the live music scene, visit the Grand Ole Opry, take a honky-tonk bar crawl on Lower Broadway, and explore the Country Music Hall of Fame.

trip in nashville

3. Miami, Florida – Sun, Sand, and Shenanigans

Bikinis? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Questionable decisions? Oh, absolutely.

Best Thing to Do: Enjoy the beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife in South Beach, shop at the designer boutiques in the Design District, and take a day trip to the Everglades.

4. Napa Valley, California – Wine Not?

Where the wine flows like water, and your life choices seem better with every sip.

Best Thing to Do: Embark on a wine tour, visit world-renowned wineries, savor wine tastings, and dine at Michelin-starred restaurants.

5. New Orleans, Louisiana – The Big Easy Ain’t Just a Nickname

Beignets and besties—it’s a combination only trumped by your grandma’s meatloaf and her passive-aggressive comments at Thanksgiving.

A Euro Trip Minus the Bros


6. Paris, France – More than Just Baguettes

Love, laughter, and a whole lot of croissants. Hey, carbs don’t count in Europe.

Best Thing to Do: Visit iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, stroll along the Seine River, enjoy café culture, and savor pastries in Montmartre.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Keep it “High-brow.”

Bicycles, art museums, and yes, “coffee shops.” What happens in Amsterdam stays in your group chat.

Best Thing to Do: Explore the picturesque canals, visit world-class museums like the Van Gogh Museum, take a canal cruise, and experience the nightlife in the Red Light District.

girls trip place in amsterdam

8. Barcelona, Spain – Tapas, Tantrums, and a Whole Lot of Sangria

By the time you leave, you’ll either be fluent in Spanish or have hangovers.

Best Thing to Do: Discover the architectural wonders of Antoni Gaudí, explore the Gothic Quarter, relax on the city’s beaches, and indulge in tapas and sangria.


9. Rome, Italy – When in Rome, Do as the Ladies Do

Eat pasta, make wishes at the Trevi Fountain, and argue over who’s the Carrie in this Sex and the City reboot.

Best Thing to Do: Tour ancient ruins like the Colosseum and Roman Forum, make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, and savor Italian gelato and pasta dishes.

Exotic Escapes: For the Instagram Overachievers


10. Bali, Indonesia – The Instagram Mecca

Were you even there if you didn’t take a swing photo in Bali?

Best Thing to Do: Take Instagram-worthy photos at Bali’s iconic temples, enjoy the beaches in Uluwatu, visit lush rice terraces, and explore traditional markets.

11. Marrakech, Morocco – Instagram, but Make It Culture

Nothing says “cultured” like attempting to barter in a Moroccan market, right?

Best Thing to Do: Wander through the vibrant medina, haggle at souks, relax in traditional hammams, and stay in a luxurious riad.

girls trip place in morocco

12. Tokyo, Japan – More Than Just Sushi

Karaoke, neon lights, and a fresher fish market than your group’s gossip.

Best Thing to Do: Experience high-tech gadgets in Akihabara, explore historic temples, indulge in sushi and ramen, and dress up in traditional kimono for photos.

13. Cape Town, South Africa – Hiking, But Make it Fashion

Table Mountain has views. You bring the drama.

Best Thing to Do: Hike Table Mountain for stunning views, visit the penguins at Boulders Beach, explore the Cape Winelands, and take a historic Robben Island tour.

14. Sydney, Australia – G’day, Gorgeous!

Sun, surf, and the occasional kangaroo photobomb.

Underrated Gems: Let’s Skip the Tourist Traps

15. Asheville, North Carolina – The Hipster Haven

Come for the scenery, stay for the craft beer.

Best Thing to Do in Asheville, North Carolina: Craft Beer Adventure

  • Embark on a craft beer tour and explore Asheville’s renowned breweries.


16. Quebec City, Canada – Ooh La La, but Closer

It’s France without the jet lag and customs line.

Best Thing to Do in Quebec City, Canada: Old Quebec Charm

  • Wander through Old Quebec and experience the charming European ambiance.

17. Reykjavik, Iceland – It’s Lit (Literally)

Northern lights and Icelandic hotties? What’s not to love?

Best Thing to Do in Reykjavik, Iceland: Northern Lights Spectacle

  • Chase the Northern Lights for a magical experience.

18. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador – Because Turtles Need Love Too

You might come for the wildlife but stay for the cocktails.

Best Thing to Do in Galápagos Islands, Ecuador: Wildlife Exploration

  • Snorkel with sea lions and marine iguanas, and explore the unique wildlife.

best place for girl trip

19. Savannah, Georgia – Where the Tea is Sweet and the Gossip is Sweeter

Pour yourself a tall glass of Southern charm.

Off the Beaten Path: For the Bold and Brave

20. Antarctica – Chill, It’s Just a Little Cold

You can endure sub-zero temperatures if you can handle your group’s drama.


Italy is a country of romance and beauty, making it an ideal destination for those looking for an overseas adventure.  From the breathtaking landscapes in the north to the ancient ruins in the south, you have your choice.  Whether you’re interested in exploring small mountain villages or spending your days touring iconic historical sites, there’s no shortage of incredible experiences on offer. Adventure travelers will find that Italy has plenty of thrilling activities to offer as well.

Here are five must-visit attractions:

  • Colosseum in Rome: Step back in time as you explore this ancient amphitheatre, marveling at its grandeur and imagining the gladiator contests that once took place.
  • Venice Canals: Glide through the enchanting waterways of Venice on a gondola, taking in the unique charm of this city built on water.
  • Amalfi Coast: Revel in the stunning coastal scenery, picturesque towns, and vibrant colors that make the Amalfi Coast a captivating destination.
  • Florence’s Uffizi Gallery: Immerse yourself in Renaissance art, including masterpieces by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Botticelli.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City: Marvel at the grandeur of St. Peter’s Basilica with the convenience of pre-booked tickets, allowing you to skip the lines. Secure your St. Peter’s Basilica tickets for an uninterrupted experience of this iconic masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. Ascend to the dome for breathtaking views of Rome. Don’t miss the chance to experience the splendor of this historical landmark without the hassle.

To break down Italy a little further, these two locations are in need of being highlighted:

  • Florence, Italy – Embrace the Renaissance Spirit
    Immerse yourself in the artistic legacy of Florence, marvel at iconic landmarks, and engage in spirited debates over which Renaissance figure you’d be.
    Best Thing to Do: Secure your Accademia Gallery tickets to encounter Michelangelo’s David up close. Explore world-renowned art at the Uffizi Gallery. Admire the stunning architecture of Florence Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, and Palazzo Vecchio. Indulge in authentic Tuscan cuisine to capture the essence of Florence through its art, history, and delectable flavors.
  • Venice, Italy – Navigate the Canals of Romance
    Immerse yourself in the enchanting canals of Venice, marvel at its unique charm, and engage in lively discussions about your favorite gondola ride.
    Best Thing to Do: Secure your Doge’s Palace tickets for a glimpse into Venetian history. Glide through the iconic Grand Canal on a gondola and appreciate the architectural wonders of St. Mark’s Basilica, Rialto Bridge, and the Campanile. Indulge in delectable Venetian cuisine and capture the city’s essence through its waterways, history, and culinary delights.

22. Easter Island, Chile – No Bunnies, Just Statues

An island full of mysterious statues? It’s like a game of ‘Among Us,’ but in real life.

Best Thing to Do in Easter Island, Chile: Statue Scavenger Hunt

  • Explore the mysterious statues on Easter Island, akin to a real-life game of ‘Among Us.’

23. Petra, Jordan – Indiana Jones, but Fashionable

Archaeology, but make it a runway.

Best Thing to Do in Petra, Jordan: Fashionable Archaeological Adventure

  • Channel your inner Indiana Jones with a fashionable twist while exploring the archaeological wonders of Petra.

24. Faroe Islands – Iceland’s Less Popular Sister

But remember, less popular often means cooler.

Best Thing to Do in Faroe Islands: Hidden Gem Discovery

  • Venture off the beaten path in the Faroe Islands, discovering hidden gems and experiencing the unique charm of this less-explored destination.

faroe island

Beach Getaways: Life’s a Beach, and Then You Fry


25. Maldives – Where Your Bank Account Goes to Die

But oh, those overwater bungalows are worth it!

Best Thing to Do in Maldives: Overwater Paradise Retreat

  • Pamper yourselves with a luxurious overwater bungalow retreat, reveling in the crystal-clear waters and idyllic surroundings of the Maldives.

26. Bora Bora, Tahiti – The More You Say It, The More Fun It Gets

Bora Bora! Repeat it! Bora Bora!

Best Thing to Do in Bora Bora, Tahiti: Tropical Adventure Escapade

  • Dive into the tropical paradise of Bora Bora with water activities, beach relaxation, and embracing the laid-back island vibe.
bora bora
Credit: Nathana Reboucas

27. Phuket, Thailand – Not What You Think

It’s pronounced ‘poo-ket,’ Get your minds out of the gutter, ladies!

Best Thing to Do in Phuket, Thailand: Island Indulgence Escape

  • Escape to the beautiful beaches of Phuket for relaxation, spa treatments, and exploring the vibrant local culture, emphasizing the correct pronunciation with a smile.

phuket- girl trip place

28. Santorini, Greece – It’s All Greek To Me

Those sunsets will have you saying “Opa!” in no time.

Best Thing to Do in Santorini, Greece: Sunset Sailing Soiree

  • Experience the enchanting sunsets of Santorini aboard a private sailing excursion, savoring the moment with delightful Greek cuisine and music.


City Escapes: Concrete Jungles Where Friendships Are Made of


29. London, England – Mind the Gap, But Not the Fun

Tea, crumpets, and photo ops in red phone booths? Yes, please!

Best Thing to Do in London, England: Royal Tea Party Extravaganza

  • Have a royal tea party experience in London, complete with elegant teas, delicious crumpets, and a whimsical photoshoot in iconic red phone booths.

london is the best place for girls trip

30. New York City, USA – Sleep is Overrated Anyway

If you can make it here, you’re over-caffeinated.

Best Thing to Do in New York City, USA: Broadway Show Marathon

  • Immerse yourselves in the dazzling world of Broadway with a marathon of shows, embracing the vibrant energy of the city that never sleeps.

31. Hong Kong – A Skyline to Die For

Dim sum-body say shopping spree?

Best Thing to Do in Hong Kong: Skyline Spa and Shopping Retreat

  • Enjoy a pampering spa day with a view of Hong Kong’s stunning skyline, followed by a shopping spree to indulge in the latest fashion trends and dim sum delicacies.

Conclusion: Choose Your Adventure, Pack Your Bags

 So, now that you’re well-versed in the 31 best places to let your hair down, feel the wind in your face, and dance on a tabletop or two (no judgment!), it’s time to make some decisions. Will it be the sandy beaches of Bora Bora or the energetic pulse of Tokyo? Will you go for Marrakech’s exotic allure or Asheville’s homey comforts?

Remember, the key to an unforgettable girls’ trip isn’t just the destination—it’s the laughter, the inside jokes, and the embarrassing stories you’ll reminisce about for years to come. Whether you’re going on your first-ever girls’ trip or a seasoned pro, these places offer more than escape; they provide a backdrop for creating lasting memories with your closest friends.

So, what’s stopping you? Rally the troops, book those tickets, and, for goodness’ sake, remember your phone charger! After all, someone has to document the trip for posterity. Wink.  But no matter where you choose, always remember to Travel Till You Drop

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