6 Yacht Charter in Italy: Hidden Gems of The Mediterranean

yacht charter adventures in Italy

Sailing past the coastlines on a yacht charter in Italy is the perfect way to enjoy their magnificence. Italy is home to many breathtaking coastlines that guarantee an unforgettable thrill, which makes it a favorite playground adored by yacht enthusiasts. From the stunning islands of Sardinia, the picturesque Amalfi Coast, and the colorful landscapes of Sicily, there are so many hidden gems to explore.

If you’ve never been to this area of the world or viewed it by way of a yacht, you are in for a treat.  The Mediterranean Sea creates excellent sailing opportunities for everyone. The Med is considered the cradle of Western European culture, and people from all over the world travel here to immerse themselves in its rich blend of culture, history, and natural beauty.

So, if you’re ready to get started and dive into what this yacht charter in Italy adventure offers, throw on your life jacket and get ready.  This guide will show you a few of the best spots to explore in Italy and why they are perfect for your next yachting adventure.  Additionally, we will also set up to help you determine how to pick the right charter company for your tour.  So, let’s get started!

How to Pick the Right Charter Company

Now that we have your wheels spinning and your sails up, let’s start this trip off right!  When planning to embark on a yacht charter adventure in Italy, you need to ensure you choose the right charter company from hundreds of options.

But, finding the ideal yacht charter in Italy for a luxury sail and access to quality services from a professional crew to take care of your needs may take a little research. A reliable company will go to lengths to make your holiday dream come true, including creating an itinerary that matches individual or group preferences.  So, get ready, as My Italian Charter is designed to help point you in the right direction.

How to Pick the Right Charter Company

Now that you know where to find the best yacht to meet your desires, let’s explore the hidden gems of the Mediterranean.

Top Hidden Gems: Mediterranean Yacht Charter in Italy

If you’ve ever wanted to get away to a beautiful location in style, Italy is the right place to enjoy many unique Mediterranean yacht charter spots. Here are just a few to jumpstart your imagination:

1. Sicily

Found in the southern end of Italy, Sicily is undoubtedly the best destination for yacht charter. Being the country’s largest island surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the Lonian Sea, you can’t go wrong here.

While sailing around Sicily, you will find breathtaking natural wonders like marinas, hills, and landmarks. For your holiday, there’s more than 1,000 km of coastline and crystal-clear waters over diverse sailing to explore, and no matter where you look, this true haven guarantees a memorable experience perfect for solo travelers or groups alike.

2. Sardinia

Credit: Marcin Ciszewski

Sardinia is a paradise that sailing enthusiasts adore, which promises an incomparable yacht charter experience. The island is ranked as the #2 largest in the Mediterranean after Sicily, providing an 1,800 km coastline to cruise as you explore, even as a beginner, thanks to its smooth sailing conditions. Being home to a diverse landscape, crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, rich history, and vibrant cultural heritage, there’s no running out of activities here to suit every fancy.

3. Ischia

Next up is Ischia.  Ischia is a volcanic island and the largest Phlegrean island comprising Nisida, Vivara, Procida, and Ischia.  The island is known for wellness because of the healing effect of its thermal springs, which makes it an ideal place for every traveler to relax.

To get to Ischia, you can take a luxury yacht charter to explore the Mediterranean as you re-energize and discover the hidden beauty in its beautiful hills and beaches. As the day closes, you can spend time in a relaxing spa or treat yourself to a favorite wine, relax on your yacht, and enjoy the stunning sunsets.

4. Venice


Venice is the 4th spot on our list of amazing places to visit via a yacht charter. For a perfect romantic getaway, Venice passes the vibe. Its romantic setting has made it famous, attracting people worldwide. You can start by exploring its charming coastline on a yacht charter, then explore its iconic web of over 150 canals and admirable historic architecture.

On your breaks, step out of your yacht charter and walk around Venice’s elegant side streets, immersing yourself in the city’s culture and history. You will be able to walk around and discover unique boutique shops, in addition to trying tasty dishes on your Italian Food Tour, which will make your experience here all the more memorable.

5. Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast - yacht charter in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is one of the must-visit hidden gems of the Mediterranean. Stretching between the Gulf of Salerno and the Gulf of Naples and overlooking the beautiful emerald sea, this romantic destination is home to a stunning coastline and dramatic landscape featuring enchanting bays and stiff cliffs that deliver an awe-experience. After my month of visiting this region, I can tell you that it is worth every minute and every penny.

The thrill doesn’t stop after you anchor, as there is so much to do and see. You must take your time to wander the colorful villages and take in the charm of this area.  You will certainly want to experiment with delectable cuisine to understand why this place attracts some of the wealthiest travelers.  The wine, the food, the sights (sigh), I wish I could go back right now!

6. Capri

Taking a yacht charter in Italy around the Island of Capri is a perfect way to end our top 6 gems of Italy, and it’s easy to see why. This glamorous blue island in the Gulf of Naples, South of Italy, is a perfect spot packed with exquisite restaurants and famous upscale resorts like Grand Hotel Quisisana and Capri Palace. Beautiful pebbly and rocky beaches, scenic spots, and various activities await here, and the views are nothing short of amazing. There’s no doubt that exploring Capri by yacht is a nice way to have a fascinating experience full of excitement and build long-lasting memories.


Well, there you have it.  Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced sailor, embarking on a yacht charter in Italy’s Mediterranean gems presents a perfect opportunity to unwind as you experience its glory. From Sicily to Capri, there are many premier destinations to explore and unique things to do in Italy.

Get ready and kick off your journey today to enjoy these coastal treasuries and make memorable experiences. From vibrant culture, distinctive landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history to breathtaking scenery, a yacht charter in Italy is the ultimate way to immerse yourself. If you’d like to see an exciting but darker side of Italy, I highly recommend taking in the mysteries and Dark Tourist locations in Italy while you’re touring.  But no matter which yacht trip, adventure, or food tour you wish to try next, always remember to Travel Till You Drop!

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