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18 Best Girls Trip Goodie Bag Ideas on Amazon

Reusable Straws

Grab your tiaras, ladies! No, we’re not joining a beauty pageant—though we could easily win if we wanted to—but we’re diving into the world of goodie bags. Not just any goodie bags; these are stuffed with things that elevate your girls’ trip from “Oh, that was fun” to “Why is there a llama in our room?!”

But hang on, what’s the use of telling you about these fantastic items if you need help knowing where to get them? Fret not, I’ve scavenged Amazon so you don’t have to. Because, let’s face it, that’s time you could spend choosing the perfect vacation bikini or practicing your best duck face for selfies.

1. Personalized Flask – “Sip Happens” on Amazon

Why It’s Awesome: Because adult juice boxes are so last year.

Find It on Amazon: Personalized Flask

“The last time I used this flask, I swear the vodka started whispering life advice to me.” —Totally Made-Up Karen.

Personalized Flask - "Sip Happens"

2. The Good Patch!

Why It’s Awesome: OMG because it just is! It will save your life

Find It on Amazon: The Good Patch

Do NOT, I repeat, Do NOT forget your patches (prior to the hangover cure). I live and die by these patches.  I wish these existed back in my 20s, as they are absolute lifesavers.  Throw them on a few hours before you go out, and you won’t have to pray to the Porcelain God later.

The Good Patch

3. Hangover Survival Kit – “Morning After Lifesaver”

Why It’s Awesome: People need more time for hangovers when there’s still so much trouble left to cause, and if you didn’t follow my tip #2, well, you’re going to need it!  So pick it up just in case the party starts without your patch attached. 

Find It On Amazon: Hangover Survival Kit

“After using this kit, I felt more revived than a soap opera character back from the dead!” —Imaginary Brenda.

Hangover Survival Kit

4. Travel-Sized Booze – “Pocket Party”

Why It’s Awesome: Size only sometimes matters, especially when it can fit in your purse.

Find It On Amazon: Travel-Sized Liquor Bottles

“If I had a mini vodka for every time someone told me not to bring alcohol, I’d have—actually, I do have a bag full of them!” —Fictional Lisa

Travel-Sized Booze

5. Glitter Bomb – “Sparkle On, You Crazy Diamond”

Why It’s Awesome: A little glitter never hurt anyone. Unless you count trying to remove it all, you’ll sparkle for weeks!

Find It On Amazon: Glitter Spray

“I’m not saying the glitter bomb spray my life, but it certainly didn’t not improve it.” —Not Real Nancy

Glitter Bomb

6. Portable Phone Charger – “Juice Up!”

Why It’s Awesome: Because capturing moments (or blackmail material) is essential, and dead phones record nothing.

Find It On Amazon: Portable Phone Charger

“I don’t trust people who never let their phones die. It’s like, what are you hiding, Susan? Your vitality?!” —Fake Fanny

Portable Phone Charger

7. Customized Temporary Tattoos – “Bad Decisions, No Regrets”

Why It’s Awesome: For all the fun of a tattoo without the lifelong commitment or morning-after regret.

Find It On Amazon: Custom Temporary Tattoos

“Who needs a forever soulmate when you can have a temporary tattoo?” —Nonexistent Nina

Customized Temporary Tattoos

8. Mini Scented Candles – “Burn Baby, Burn!”

Why It’s Awesome: If the hotel room doesn’t smell like your go-to Yankee Candle.

Find It On Amazon: Mini Scented Candles

“Ah yes, Eau de Mimosas and Bad Decisions.” —Mythical Meghan

Mini Scented Candles

9. Reusable Straws – “Sip Sustainably, Darling”

Why It’s Awesome: Even when we’re wrecked, we’re still eco-conscious.

Find It On Amazon: Reusable Straws

“I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure. However, I am sure that I’m saving the turtles one sip at a time!” —Imaginary Ivy

Reusable Straws

10. Snack Attack Pack – “Midnight Munchies”

Why It’s Awesome: For satisfying late-night cravings or emotional munching, it happens!

Find It On Amazon: Snack Pack Assortment

“The key to my heart? Snacks. But, like, a variety of snacks.” —Not Real Tanya

Snack Attack Pack

11. Emergency Beauty Kit – “Look Good, Feel Good”

Why It’s Awesome: When you need to go from zero to hero—or at least from “disheveled” to “presentable”—in under five minutes.

Find It On Amazon: Emergency Beauty Kit

This kit makes me look like I got a full 8 hours of sleep when really I got a full 8 minutes of rest in the Uber.” —Invented Isabella

Emergency Beauty Kit

12. Shot Glass Necklace – “Shots! Shots! Shots!”

Why It’s Awesome: The adult version of a candy necklace has a lot higher stake.

Find It On Amazon: Shot Glass Necklace

“I like to think of this as an adult pacifier. But instead of sucking, we’re shooting. Shots, that is!” —Make-Believe Michelle

Shot Glass Necklace

13. Mini Cocktail Mixer Sets – “Be Your Own Bartender”

Why It’s Awesome: If bartenders can do it, so can you. Probably. Maybe. Okay, at least you can try.

Find It On Amazon: Mini Cocktail Mixer Set

“Who needs a mixologist when you’ve got six different kinds of sugar in liquid form?” —Fantasy Fiona

Mini Cocktail Mixer Sets - "Be Your Own Bartender"

14. Fuzzy Socks – “Feet Treats”

Why It’s Awesome: Sometimes you must pamper those tired feet after dancing like nobody’s watching—even though everyone is.

Find It On Amazon: Fuzzy Socks

“My feet are like my children; I don’t have favorites, but I do like some more than others. These socks, though, they’re like the prodigal son.” —Concocted Caroline

Fuzzy Socks

15. Personalized Luggage Tags – “Mine, All Mine!”

Why It’s Awesome: Because everyone’s black suitcase looks the same coming off that airport conveyor belt.

Find It On Amazon: Personalized Luggage Tags

“Last time I grabbed someone else’s luggage, I ended up with a bag full of adult diapers and a taxidermized squirrel. Never again.” —Imaginary Irene

Personalized Luggage Tags

16. Custom Playlist – “Beats by Besties”

Why It’s Awesome: Every epic night starts with an epic playlist.

Find It On Amazon: Head over to Spotify for this one. Amazon hasn’t conquered the world of music. Yet.

Our playlist has more hits than my dating life. And that’s saying something!” —Fictive Felicia

17. Pocket-Sized Games – “Play Time”

Why It’s Awesome: For keeping the party going when you’re in line, waiting for the party.

Find It On Amazon: Pocket-Sized Jenga

“This game’s more tension-filled than the time I accidentally texted my boss instead of my boyfriend.” —Unreal Ursula

Custom Playlist

18. An Actual Goodie Bag – “The Grand Finale”

Why It’s Awesome: Don’t just throw all these treasures into any old bag. Make the bag part of the gift!

Find It On Amazon: Reusable Goodie Bags

This bag has seen more adventures than Dora the Explorer!” —Made-Up Monica.

An Actual Goodie Bag

Conclusion: Swag Bags That Steal the Show

Added Bonus Item:

One I’ve come to depend on for every girls’ trip!  As an added bonus item you need for every wild and crazy girls’ trip is Diet Water, a zero-calorie, hydrating water full of vitamins to replace all those you lost during your trip while sipping on your whiskey 😉  

vitamin water


Final Thoughts 

Whew! If you’ve read this far, give yourself a pat on the back or, better yet, pour yourself a shot. 

You’ve just been entrusted with planning the Holy Grail of girl’s trips. And with these Amazon links, you don’t even have to brave the chaos of the local store. What a world we live in!

Just remember: a goodie bag can make or break a girl’s trip, but the friends you share it with? That’s the real treasure.

So, get shopping, divas! Your future legendary girls’ trip awaits. And as always, ladies, Travel Till You Drop! 

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