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5 Best Sleep Tourism Destination: The Ultimate Guide to Snooze-Cations

sleep tourism in ice hotel

Welcome to a dreamy journey through the world’s “Top 5 Sleep Tourism Destinations.” In this blog post, we’ll whisk you away to enchanting locales that promise not only breathtaking sights but also the restful slumber you’ve been craving. Let’s explore the best destination for sleep tourism for your ultimate dream vacation.

What Makes A Good Destination For Sleep Tourism?

Location and Environment

Quiet Surroundings: The hotel should be situated in a peaceful and noise-free environment, away from heavy traffic and noisy areas. This is crucial for patients seeking restorative sleep.

  • Room Features:
    • Soundproofing: The rooms should be well soundproofed to minimize outside disturbances and provide a peaceful environment for sleep.
    • Quality Bedding: Comfortable mattresses and high-quality bedding, including pillows and linens, are essential for a good night’s sleep.
    • Blackout Curtains: The ability to block out natural light is important for managing circadian rhythms and ensuring restful sleep.
  • Sleep Amenities:
    • Sleep-Friendly Lighting: Adjustable, dimmable, and warm-colored lighting that supports relaxation and the production of melatonin.
    • White Noise Machines: Some hotels provide white noise machines or apps to help mask any disruptive sounds.
    • Aromatherapy: Some hotels offer essential oil diffusers with calming scents like lavender to promote relaxation.
  • Temperature Control: The hotel should have efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to maintain a comfortable room temperature, as sleep quality can be affected by extreme temperatures.
  • Room Service and Dining: Offer room service with a menu that includes sleep-friendly options such as herbal teas, decaffeinated beverages, and light, easily digestible evening meals.
  • Comfortable Furnishings: The hotel rooms should have comfortable seating and workspace for relaxation and reading.
  • Wellness and Fitness Facilities: Many sleep tourists may benefit from wellness facilities, including gyms and spas, that offer services such as massages and yoga classes to promote relaxation.
  • Allergen Control: The hotel should provide hypoallergenic bedding and housekeeping measures to reduce allergens in the room, promoting a healthy sleeping environment.
  • Privacy and Security: Ensure guest privacy and security in the room and throughout the hotel premises, as feeling safe is conducive to relaxation and sleep.
  • Professional Staff: Knowledgeable and supportive staff who understand the unique needs of sleep tourists and can provide assistance when required.
  • Treatment-Related Services: Offer services that cater to guests with sleep disorders, such as wake-up calls, sleep education materials, and access to medical services or sleep clinics.
  • Transportation and Accessibility: Provide easy access to transportation and local healthcare facilities, as sleep tourists may require transportation to and from medical appointments.
  • Special Packages and Discounts: Consider offering special packages or discounts for guests seeking sleep treatments, to make the experience more affordable.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: Positive feedback and recommendations from previous sleep tourists who have benefited from the hotel’s sleep-friendly amenities and services can be a strong indicator of quality.

1. The Sun Island Boutique Villas and Spa – Bali, Indonesia

If you’re looking for a tranquil getaway, then Bali should be on your list. One of the best places to stay in Bali is the Sun Island Boutique Villas and Spa in Seminyak. This boutique hotel is designed to provide a luxurious and peaceful haven that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. The villas are surrounded by lush gardens and offer a private pool, allowing you to relax and unwind in peace. The hotel also offers yoga classes and a spa to help you reach maximum relaxation. But, let’s be honest, the epicenter of sleep tourism at this hotel is the uber-comfy bed!

2. The Library – Koh Samui, Thailand

The Library in Koh Samui takes sleep tourism to the next level by offering guests a unique sleeping experience. The rooms are designed with a minimalist concept so that you can focus on one important thing – the bed. The bed is fitted with soft linen sheets and a down duvet to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. The hotel also offers a pillow menu, where guests can choose their desired type of pillow, including hypoallergenic and anti-snore pillows.

The resort offers uniquely designed accommodations, featuring minimalist and modern aesthetics with a touch of red accents. The signature accommodation is the “secret pool villas” that come with a private pool surrounded by lush tropical greenery.

One of the standout features of The Library is its striking red swimming pool, which creates a visually stunning contrast against the white beach sand. The pool is a central element of the resort’s design and is a popular spot for guests to relax.

The Library provides direct access to the beautiful Chaweng Beach, allowing guests to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand. The resort features The Page, a restaurant that offers a variety of culinary delights, including Thai and international cuisine. Guests can enjoy dining with ocean views.

The Library offers spa and wellness facilities, providing guests with opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation.

sleep tourism destination

3. The Ice Hotel – Jukkasjärvi, Sweden – Best Sleep Tourism Destination

For those looking for a more adventurous experience, the Ice Hotel in Sweden is the ideal sleep tourism destination. The hotel is made entirely of ice and snow, providing guests with a unique sleeping experience. The rooms are equipped with thermal sleeping bags, and reindeer hides to keep you warm during the night. The hotel also offers a sauna and hot tub to warm up after a night spent in the ice hotel.

The Ice Hotel is located in the small village of Jukkasjärvi, approximately 17 kilometers from Kiruna in northern Sweden. The Ice Hotel is known for its seasonal construction, typically built from December to April each year. The hotel is then open to guests during the winter season.

The hotel’s architecture and design are a major attraction. The structure is crafted entirely from ice blocks harvested from the nearby Torne River. The hotel features ice sculptures, intricate carvings, and unique artistic designs throughout.

The Ice Hotel offers a variety of rooms and suites, each individually designed and sculpted by artists from around the world. While the rooms are made of ice, guests are provided with thermal sleeping bags and insulated sleeping surfaces to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

In addition to the ice rooms, the Ice Hotel usually provides warm accommodations for guests who prefer a more conventional hotel experience during their stay.

The hotel typically includes an Ice Bar where guests can enjoy drinks served in ice glasses, and a restaurant that serves meals in a distinctive icy setting. The culinary experience often includes local and seasonal ingredients.

The Ice Hotel is known for hosting various art and cultural events, including art exhibitions and performances.

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sleep tourism in ice hotel
Credit: Ice Hotel

4. Sense Hotel Sofia – Sofia, Bulgaria

For those looking to visit Europe, the Sense Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria, is the perfect sleep tourism destination. The rooms are designed to block out external noise and provide a cozy and private haven for guests. The beds are queen-sized with high-quality linen and hypoallergenic pillows. But, the highlight of the hotel is the state-of-the-art mattresses that adjust to your body temperature and molds to your body for a more comfortable sleep.

The hotel is known for its contemporary design and architecture. It often features sleek and sophisticated interiors, providing a modern and luxurious atmosphere for guests.

Sense Hotel Sofia typically offers a range of well-appointed rooms and suites with modern amenities. The rooms may feature stylish decor, comfortable furnishings, and views of the city.

One of the highlights of the Sense Hotel is its rooftop bar and restaurant, offering panoramic views of Sofia. Guests can enjoy drinks, meals, and a vibrant atmosphere while taking in the cityscape.

The hotel includes wellness facilities such as a spa, fitness center, or other amenities designed for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Being centrally located, guests at Sense Hotel Sofia often have easy access to Sofia’s major attractions, shopping districts, and cultural sites.

5. Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

Portugal is another perfect sleep tourism destination. With the absolute beauty of the Six Senses Douro Valley, you will find that this snooze-cation experience is pushed to new heights.  It provides guests with a tranquil environment that feels miles away from the chaos of any major city.  The hotel’s rooms offer a beautiful environment with views of mountains and a crystal-clear pool to relax your body before a good night’s rest.   The wellness classes and yoga sessions are a perfect way to start your day, and there’s always an option for a tasty, relaxing wine before bedtime for the ultimate sleeping experience.

Six Senses Douro Valley is situated in the heart of the Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its picturesque landscapes, terraced vineyards, and the Douro River.

The resort offers a range of luxurious accommodations, including rooms, suites, and villas. The design is typically in line with the Six Senses brand, emphasizing a harmonious blend of nature, sustainability, and modern comfort.

Six Senses is renowned for its focus on wellness, and the Douro Valley property is no exception. The resort often features a world-class spa offering a range of holistic treatments, wellness programs, and activities.

Given its location in the Douro Valley, a region known for its wine production, Six Senses Douro Valley may offer wine-related experiences, including vineyard tours, wine tastings, and opportunities to learn about the local winemaking traditions.

Guests at Six Senses Douro Valley may have the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of the region, including visits to historic sites, local markets, and charming villages.

Douro Valley Management
Credit: Douro Valley Management


So, there you have it – the top 5 destinations for sleep tourism. Whether you’re looking for a soothing island getaway or an adventurous stay at an ice hotel, there is something for everyone. So, the next time you’re planning your solo trip, make sure to add snooze-cations to your list and set foot on a journey like no other. Happy Sleeping, and as always, Travel Till You Drop! 

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