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7 Best Exclusive Adults Only Resorts in The World – TTYD

Desire Riviera Maya Resort - Puerto Morelos, Mexico

As I create articles on the topic of travel, I find myself leaning toward subjects that are a bit more dark, obscure, or risqué in nature.  There are so many travel blogs out there that provide a ton of informational posts that tell you where you can find the beaches and margaritas, but how many point out the places of death, creepy stuff (dark tourism), and where you can find the best adults-only resorts in the world?  I know of one (that’s mine).  If you find another, hit me up!  

I digressed – but only for a minute. 

Best Adults-Only Resorts

So, where would you go if you’re looking for a good, swinging kind of time?  Let’s just say that there are plenty of fun-loving places that will keep you fully entertained if you choose to engage in this type of vacation, and I’ll throw out a few of those adults-only resorts here!

1. Hedonism – Negril, Jamaica

Hedonism, located in Negril, Jamaica, is arguably the most famous all-inclusive adults-only resort in the world. This unique resort offers a truly immersive experience divided into two distinct sides: the “Prude” side and the “Nude” side. Guests have the freedom to choose the environment that suits their comfort level. The resort is known for its liberating and open-minded atmosphere, where individuals and couples can explore their desires without judgment.

On the “Nude” side, guests can embrace naturism, enjoying the sun and sea breeze au naturel. The “Prude” side provides a slightly more conservative atmosphere for those who prefer to keep their clothing on. However, both sides maintain a respectful and non-judgmental environment.

Hedonism adults-only resorts offer a range of exciting entertainment, including global showgirls, captivating stage acts, and various other outrageous performances. The adults-only resort playground features intimate VIP experiences, hot tubs, and showers, adding to the overall excitement.

adults only resorts - Hedonism - Negril, Jamaica

2. Royalton Negril Sex Resort – Negril, Jamaica

The Royalton Negril Adults Only Resorts, located in Negril, Jamaica, is part of the renowned Couples Resorts collection. This adults-only resort is designed for couples seeking a romantic and intimate getaway. Whether celebrating a special anniversary or enjoying a honeymoon, this resort offers a serene and romantic atmosphere.

Guests can indulge in the tastes of Asian cuisine and Jamaican gourmet dishes at the resort’s six gourmet restaurants. Additionally, there are six bars on-site, ready to craft unlimited drinks to satisfy every desire. The resort provides the perfect backdrop for a nightcap under the stars or a sensual sunset cruise, which allows couples to unwind and connect in a relaxed environment.

Royalton Negril Sex Resort - Negril, Jamaica

3. Sun Palace Sex Resort – Cancun, Mexico

Next up, the Sun Palace.   Situated on the semi-secluded white sands of Cancun’s iconic Hotel Zone, the all-inclusive Sun Palace provides an enticing playground for couples and swingers alike. It’s the first of two Palace adults-only resorts featured on our list of Caribbean resorts for extraordinary experiences.

The resort offers a relaxed ambiance with a range of dining options that cater to discerning tastes. Guests can savor everything from minibars stocked with top-shelf spirits to balconies boasting mesmerizing ocean views and whirlpool tubs designed for two but – fit more. This setting is ideal for couples looking to kindle their romance while enjoying the luxury and exclusivity that Sun Palace offers.

Sun Palace Sex Resort - Cancun, Mexico

4. Temptation Cancun Resort – Cancun, Mexico

Temptation Cancun Resort is a vibrant and exhilarating adults-only all-inclusive resort Cancun, Mexico. The resort is known for its lively daytime atmosphere, featuring the Sexy Pool, a topless-friendly area, foam parties, and an array of entertaining events. It’s a haven for those seeking a spirited and playful vacation experience.

During the day, guests can enjoy a wide range of activities, including poolside dance parties and beachfront fun. The resort boasts six unique bars, ensuring that you can savor domestic and international beverages to your heart’s content. As the sun sets, the nightlife at Temptation Cancun adults-only resorts comes alive with adult-themed entertainment, themed parties, and even lingerie shows that add to the overall excitement.

Temptation offers various packages for couples, including the “Ultimate Rose” package, which includes a sensual 45-minute couple’s massage (which I’ve heard is “amazing”), a romantically prepared in-room Jacuzzi with flower petals and bath oils, a lobster dinner for two, and chocolate-covered strawberries. It’s an ideal choice for couples in their twenties and beyond who enjoy letting loose and having a wild time. The atmosphere is carefree and encourages guests to embrace their adventurous side. Visit Temptation Cancun Resort

Temptation Cancun Resort - Cancun, Mexico

5. Desire Riviera Maya Resort – Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Desire Riviera Maya Resort, located in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, is an all-inclusive adult resort that welcomes a diverse range of guests, including swingers and nudists. This adults-only resort boasts a beautiful pool area that caters to those who enjoy poolside activities and playful interactions.

For guests seeking more intimate moments, Desire Riviera Maya offers discreet and inviting spaces, including areas for public intimacy and a whirlpool zone. The resort’s activities include poolside dances and beachfront experiences, all designed to create an atmosphere of uninhibited fun.

When it comes to drinks, Desire Riviera Maya doesn’t disappoint. Guests can enjoy a vibrant party environment with six full bars, each featuring special drink selections. The resort takes pride in its fine wine and champagne selection, ensuring that you can celebrate your desires in style.

Desire Riviera Maya Resort - Puerto Morelos, Mexico

6. Couples Sans Souci – Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Couples Sans Souci, nestled in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is a Caribbean adults-only resort is designed for couples seeking an extraordinary vacation experience. The resort offers a romantic and tranquil setting where you can take leisurely strolls, participate in water activities, and enjoy various themed nights, including Jamaica Night and wine-tasting parties.

Couples Sans Souci also provides opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation, offering body therapy and massage services to help young swingers unwind and keep their bodies in peak condition. The resort is known for its commitment to providing an intimate and peaceful escape for couples.

Couples Sans Souci - Ocho Rios, Jamaica

7. Le Blanc Spa Resort – Cancun, Mexico

Le Blanc Spa Resort, located in Cancun, Mexico, is the second Palace Resort featured on our list of Caribbean resorts for extraordinary experiences. This resort is synonymous with luxury and is a top choice for pleasure-seekers looking for the ultimate indulgence.

From the moment you arrive, you and your partner will be greeted with cold towels and coconut milk, setting the tone for a pampering experience. A dedicated personal steward will assist you throughout your stay, helping with tasks such as unpacking your luggage, arranging dinner reservations and tours, and providing a daily aromatherapy menu.

Le Blanc Spa Resort offers world-class dining, gourmet cuisine, and a wide range of amenities that cater to your every desire. It’s the perfect destination for couples who want to experience the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication while indulging in their passions.

Please note that while these resorts offer unique experiences tailored to adults, it’s essential to check their websites or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information, availability, and specific offerings. Regulations and amenities may change, so it’s wise to plan your visit accordingly. Visit Le Blanc Spa Resort

Le Blanc Spa Resort - Cancun, Mexico


So, no matter where you choose or how far you wish to take your newfound personality, always remember to Travel Till You Drop! 

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