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Trip to Turkey from USA: Top Unexpected Surprises and Tips for Your Trip

Trip to turkey from USA

Things You Need To Know When Taking a Trip To Turkey from USA


If you are planning to travel to Turkey from the USA, This article can help you know some unexpected things while traveling. Turkey is located between the western portion of Asia and the eastern portion of Europe. Turkey is a Center Eastern nation wealthy in culture, which is affected by the Roman, Greek, Ottoman, Byzantine, and Persian realms.

Turkey has been through a bumpy ride regarding its long and distinguished history. While a larger part of Turkey’s population recognizes itself as Turkish, individuals of Kurdish roots tallied among the minority within the nation.

So, looking at the culture and traditions, there are several things that you would not expect at all while traveling to Turkey.

Beautiful Turkey



  • Be careful when picking a taxi.

If you are traveling to Turkey from USA for the very first time, you would not initially expect to be charged for “taking the long route” when you are only making a short trip, intentionally by the driver.  This can happen quickly if you grab a cab without a taxi logo. If the driver sees that you are foreign, he/she may try to charge you to cover the longer distance. 

Pay close attention to your own GPS to ensure the driver takes the shortest route rather than trying too long by choosing the longer route to arrive at the destination. Although it is unethical, you must be smart and always try to sit in a car with a taxi logo.

Turkey From USA

  • Clean your plate

Something that may be important to note is that when invited to eat at a local’s home, you should make every effort to finish everything on your plate, or you could offend your host.  

Clean your plate

  • Refrain from talking to local women who are alone in public.

Something we may think nothing of may be of bad form when visiting Turkey. In Turkey, speaking to a young or a single woman alone in public can be seen as offensive. Speaking to a Muslim female who is alone could be seen as prohibited in Islam if you are a male. This is because you are Non-Mahram to her (A term in Islam that refers to a man who is allowed to marry a girl).  To remain culturally aware and sensitive, it is best to be cautious when traveling to an area with different cultural values.

dont Talk womens

  • Do not wear shoes while entering a house of worship or a local’s home.

 If you are invited into a house of worship, you will need to take off your shoes before entering. A common theme amongst Turkish people is that they tend not to wear shoes in their homes. Take notice when entering someone’s home and do as the owners do.

not wear shoes

  • Do not eat in public during the daytime in the month of Ramadan (in the Islamic Calendar) 

 If you are traveling USA from Turkey during the month of Ramadan (a month in the Islamic calendar that Muslims observe with zeal and zest), then you should refrain from eating during the day in front of the locals. Muslim individuals in Turkey must fast from sun up to sun down, which would be considered very rude and disrespectful to stuff your face. So, make sure you do not eat during the daytime openly. 

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eat in publicly banned

  • Wear clothes that cover

If you are planning to travel from the USA to Turkey, make sure to pack long sleeves and pants.  A significant amount of the population in Turkey is Muslim. Females living in the country don baggy pants, long sleeve shirts, and a robe called entari. While it is not mandatory for foreign visitors to wear traditional clothes, shorts or sleeveless tops can be worn unless entering a mosque. Females will be required to cover their hair if they enter a mosque. Overall, plan to bring slightly conservative clothes while visiting a predominantly Muslim country.

traditional clothes


Even with all the stipulations, Turkey is a beautiful country with so much to see and do that it outweighs the potential restraints we are not used to facing daily.  I highly recommend visiting, and remember that when you do Travel Till You Drop

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