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Top 65 Travel Vloggers in The USA To Follow in 2024

Top Travel Vloggers in THE USA

Top Travel Vloggers in the USA

Find the best travel vloggers in the USA! From the busy streets of New York to the breathtaking sights of the Grand Canyon, these vloggers are your go-to guides for unforgettable adventures. Get ready to explore America like never before with their insider tips and captivating stories.

Say goodbye to scams and hello to genuine travel experiences. Let’s dive in and make your next trip one to remember and exciting.

Here are they,

1. Mark Wiens

Food Blogger

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens is an American travel and food blogger, vlogger, YouTube personality, television host, and restaurateur based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is considered one of the most popular food vloggers. Some of the countries he has visited and specializes in include Thailand, Japan, India, Mexico, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and many others. He watched Anthony Bourdain while a student and called him a pioneer. In 2009, Wiens started, his food blog. In 2012, published an e-book, the Eating Thai Food Guide, and quit his job to begin blogging and making YouTube videos full-time.

2. Luke Nichols

Outdoor Blogger

Luke Nichols
Credit: Luke Nichols/Facebook

Luke Nichols is a great outdoor enthusiast and co-creator of the “Outdoor Boys” YouTube channel. With a love for nature and adventure, he shares his expertise in camping, survival skills, and outdoor exploration. Through engaging videos, Luke inspires viewers to embrace the beauty of the great outdoors while providing practical tips and reviews on gear and destinations. His dedication to sharing his experiences and knowledge motivates others to start on their outdoor adventures with confidence and excitement.

3. Drew Goldberg

Adventure Travels

Drew Goldberg

Drew Goldberg known by his online alias, Drew Binsky, is an American travel vlogger who has visited 197 countries in the world. His journey began in 2012 when he did a university exchange semester in Prague. In just six months, he visited more than 20 countries in Europe. Binsky documents his travels on his YouTube channel and other social media accounts. He holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to pack a suitcase. He has explored diverse destinations, including Iran and North Korea, and continues to inspire fellow travelers with his adventures

4. Kara and Nate

Couples Travel

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate are an adventurous travel couple from Nashville, Tennessee, who have embarked on an awe-inspiring journey across the globe. Over the past 4 years, they’ve explored 100 countries, capturing the essence of each destination through their engaging YouTube channel. From sipping coffee in bustling cities to immersing themselves in local cultures, Kara and Nate’s travel tales inspire wanderlust in viewers worldwide.

5. Eva zu Beck

Adventure Travel

Eva zu Beck

Eva Beck, officially Ewa Bianka Zubek, is a Polish travel blogger and vlogger. She hosted TRT World’s show, A Place Called Pakistan, and presented a Euronews YouTube miniseries called Rerouted: The Balkans. She has also partnered with National Geographic and Deutsche Welle. She has traveled to 60 countries, including Pakistan, where she lived for over a year, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Iraq. She went viral after a controversial dance video in 2018 that was believed to have disgraced the national flag of Pakistan.

She joined BBC’s The Travel Show as a presenter, reporting on the clean-up of the Mexican wetlands from the canals of Xochimilco and a 450 dog-sled race in Yukon in Canada, marking the 125th anniversary of the Klondike Gold Rush.

6. Nadine Sykora

Travel Advice

Nadine Sykora

Nadine Sykora is one of the top travel vloggers on YouTube who travels the world and shares her experiences and travel expertise through social media in long & short-form videos. Her travel credentials include over 60+ countries visited, all recorded on video over the last 13+ years and shared with her network of over 600,000+ subscribers. If you’re new to travel or a seasoned globetrotter, be sure to check out her content which is full of advice, hacks, and adventures to help and inspire your next trip.

7. Lost LiBlanc

Bucket List

Lost LiBlanc

Lost LiBlanc is an incredibly popular travel vloggers on YouTube and an incredible videographer. He decided to leave his job and explore the world. Over the past 13+ years, he has visited 60+ countries and shared his incredible experiences with his 600,000+ subscribers on YouTube. His videos capture stunning landscapes and diverse cultures. Lost LeBlanc’s channel is a treasure trove of inspiration and travel tips. Recently, he even created an iPhone-shot video featuring an unexplored country that you absolutely must check out.

8. Fearless and Far

Fear Tourism

Fearless and Far

Mike Corey, a Canadian travel expert, YouTube vlogger, and BBC Television host, has dedicated his life to helping people conquer their fears so they can explore the world. His journey began with a fascination for lesser-known parts of our planet. Over the past 13+ years, Mike has ventured across 60+ countries, capturing breathtaking moments and sharing them with his 600,000+ subscribers on YouTube. Mike has fearlessly delved into the heart of unique and lesser-known places. Mike’s journey isn’t just about travel; it’s about personal growth. He encourages viewers to embrace discomfort, conquer fears, and become their superheroes.  He definitely made me breathe heavier watching some of the crazy stuff he does, but it’s fun to watch.

9. Louis Cole

A little bit of everything

Louis Cole

Louis Cole, also known as FunForLouis, is an online creator who shares his curiosity, excitement, and exploration of the world with over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. His passion lies in learning about new cultures and communities, which he documents through adventure travel vlogs. Louis has been named a top travel influencer by Forbes. His content covers a wide range of topics, including DIY projects, eco-living, van life, adventure travel, tech, and education. Louis’ cheerful personality and calm mentality have made him a globally recognized travel vlogger. He’s not just about travel; in 2007, he purchased and renovated a double-decker bus, turning it into a mobile center to help homeless youth with music and video game facilities.

10. Ben Brown

Adventure Vlog

Ben Brown

Ben Brown, also known as Mr. Ben Brown, is an explorer, vlogger, professional videographer, and photographer. His favorite countries include:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Australia
  3. The Philippines
  4. Japan

His YouTube channel, self-titled as Mr. Ben Brown, has garnered over 645,000 subscribers. Ben’s visually stunning web series takes viewers on epic adventures across the globe, making them feel like they’re traveling alongside him. Whether he’s motorbiking, skiing, or hiking, Ben’s storytelling skills transport you to far-flung destinations. His cinematic vlogs have accumulated over 100 million views.

11. Indigo Traveller

Philanthropy Vlogger

Indigo Traveller

Indigo Traveller, also known as Nick Fisher, is a New Zealand travel vlogger who explores lesser-known parts of the planet and highlights his philanthropy mindset. His captivating videos showcase the human side of places we often read about in headlines. With an impressive 1.94 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Nick has ventured to some of the most misunderstood and intriguing destinations worldwide. New Zealand Indigo Traveller Nick, who has visited 54 countries on four continents, recently made the journey to North Korea taking part in a budget-guided travel tour.

12. Kold

Adventure Travel


If there are any YouTubers like Jay Alvarrez, Sam Kolder is the guy. He truly makes amazing adventure travel videos. They are jam-packed full of culture and are shot in a similar style to fellow creator Jay Alvarrez, yet it still has the personal touch as he often talks to the camera. He is one of people’s favorites on the list, and they can’t wait for more of his content.

12. Janni Deler

Lifestyle and Travel Blogger

 Janni Deler

Janni is a lifestyle & travel vlogger from Sweden but currently lives in Monaco. Her luxury travels make many people envy her, considering her travel vlogs are always to exotic places and packed full of fun and excitement. Janni’s travels are so much fun to follow, she’ll get you excited about traveling.

13. Walters World

Travel Tips

Walters World

Wolters World is a social media company that focuses on travel education. They deliver travel vlogs, blogs, and advice to help fellow travelers see the world and get the most out of their vacations. Whether you are a family traveling abroad for the first time or a student looking to get the most out of your study abroad experience, they offer first-hand, honest travel advice without all the influencer fluff.

14. The Bucket List Family

Family Travel

Who said you can’t travel the world as a family? The Bucket Family List will get you itching to travel with your little ones. They sold everything they owned and as a family of five, jet-setted on a nomadic lifestyle. Their vlogs offer a myriad of options for family-friendly programs to do with your kids, from swimming with dolphins to surfing to snowboarding, as well as super important tips on how to find the best accommodations and even how to fly comfortably with multiple toddlers.

15. Davidsbeenhere

Food Blogger


David’s Been Here is a one-stop travel resource that offers detailed travel guides and tips for destinations around the world. Founded by David Hoffmann, this digital media company provides travel inspiration, reliable first-hand information, and entertainment. David has hosted over 2,000 travel episodes, delving deep into the culture, history, and cuisine of thousands of unique destinations worldwide. David started traveling at a young age and has since explored various countries, sharing his experiences with the world.

16. Flying the Nest

couples Travel

 Flying the Nest

Stephen and Jess have been sharing their adventures and experiences traveling worldwide and bringing us along for the ride. In Flying the Nest, they focus on details like where to stay, what to do, what to eat, and how much it costs as a couple It gives you a great idea of what to expect and plan for before visiting a destination. This helpful, free advice, coupled with their fun, free-spirited personalities, makes them two of the best travel YouTubers on the platform.

17. Travel Yourself

Solo Travel

Travel Yourself

Cailin O’Neil is a Canadian solo travel blogger who creates travel videos detailing the good and bad sides of travel. She loves embarking on new trips, and her content is always packed with positive energy! The experience versus the destination is her main focus, and she has a blast trying the various foods in each country she visits. The useful tidbits of information and “City in a Minute” videos that she shares about the popular destinations she explores are really helpful to her viewers. Take a look at her travel YouTube channel to see how to get around a certain destination and to learn about the ins and outs of solo travel.

18. Aileen Adalid

Aileen Adalid

Aileen Adalid is a travel vlogger from the Philippines. She did what many of us dream of doing: she quit her corporate job at 21 to travel the world. She shows her viewers how to travel the world as a digital nomad, inspiring her community of travel dreamers to do the same. On her channel, I Am Aileen, you’ll find beautiful travel videos that are packed full of tips and tricks. I love that she also shows you how to live a sustainable travel lifestyle.

19. Vega Brother

Budget Travel

Vega Brother

The Vagabrothers, consisting of Marko and Alex, are renowned travel YouTubers known for their eccentric personalities. They possess a deep enthusiasm for exploring hidden gems around the world, which is beautifully showcased in their visually stunning videos. Marko serves as the channel’s producer, while Alex works as the filmmaker for their vlogs. Together, they collaborate on content creation, including writing and editing. If you’re unsure about your next travel destination, join their ever-growing community of explorers and prepare to be forever transformed.

20. Traveling Robert

RV Adventure Travel

Traveling Robert

He is also known as Robert Morales, an amazing travel vlogger from Cuba who is now based in Florida, USA. His YouTube channel, “Traveling Robert,” features captivating RV adventures across the United States, Latin America, Europe, and beyond. His authenticity, educational content, and passion for exploration have made him a favorite among all travel enthusiasts.

21. Hey Nadine

Travel Advice

Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine, known as Nadine Sykora, is a renowned travel vlogger and blogger. Hailing from Cuba and now based in Florida, USA, she has explored over 60 countries in her 13+ years of travel. Nadine shares her experiences, travel expertise, and adventures through her YouTube channel, “Traveling Robert,” which gives birth to a network of 600,000+ subscribers. Her content includes long-form and short-form videos, providing advice, hacks, and inspiration for globetrotters. If you’re a seasoned traveler or a newbie, Nadine’s channel is a treasure trove of wanderlust.

22. Here Be Barr

Lifestyle Vlogger

Here Be Barr

Here Be Barr, also known as Jon Barr, is a prolific travel vlogger and lifestyle content creator based in New York City. He shares his adventures, travel tips, and insights through his YouTube channel, “Here Be Barr.” With over 464,000 subscribers and 890 videos, he wastes no time in delivering incredibly informative content. Whether you’re curious about NYC’s hidden gems, street food, or unspoken rules, Jon’s channel is a treasure trove for travelers.

23. The Endless Adventure

couples Travel

The Endless Adventure

The Endless Adventure, helmed by the dynamic duo Eric and Allison, is a captivating travel vlog that chronicles their globe-trotting escapades. These intrepid adventurers, armed with nothing but their backpacks and an insatiable thirst for exploration, bounce between countries and Airbnbs. Their YouTube channel, aptly named “Traveling Robert,” features daily vlogs that capture the essence of their journeys. From practical travel tips to awe-inspiring photography, Eric and Allison share it all. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a newbie.

24. Samuel and Audrey

couples Travel

 Samuel and Audrey

Samuel And Audrey, also known as Samuel and Audrey (a delightful coincidence!), are two Canadian travelers who met in South Korea and have been exploring the world together since 2013. Their YouTube channel, “Traveling Robert,” boasts over 600,000 subscribers and features captivating travel and food videos. From hidden gems to practical tips, Samuel and Audrey’s adventures inspire wanderlust and provide valuable insights for fellow globetrotters. Currently, they’re even renovating a hotel in the mountains of Argentina.

25. Expert Vagabond

Adventure Travel

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond, also known as Matt Karsten, is an adventurous travel photographer, professional blogger, and digital nomad. His captivating travel blog features inspirational stories, photography, and budget travel tips from around the world. With over 6 million readers a year, Matt shares useful travel experiences and tips, making him a go-to resource for wanderlust enthusiasts. His YouTube channel, “Expert Vagabond,” showcases wild adventures, including hiking over 100 miles through the mountains of Afghanistan with locals.

26. Goats on The Road

Adventure Travel

Goats on The Road

Goats on the Road founded by the adventurous couple Nick & Dariece, is a travel blog that sprouted from their mission to explore the world and live abroad indefinitely. Leaving Canada in 2008, they embarked on a journey to find ways to sustain their love for travel. Their blog shares personal experiences, travel jobs, and methods to afford globetrotting. Whether you’re planning your next adventure or seeking inspiration, Goats On The Road has you covered.

27. Everything Everywhere

Travel Podcaster

Everything Everywhere

Gary Arndt, the mastermind behind Everything Everywhere, embarked on a life-changing journey in March 2007 when he sold his house and began traveling the world. Since then, he has explored over 200 countries and territories, setting foot on all 7 continents in a single year (2012) and visiting each of the 50 US states and every US territory—twice!

His adventures span a decade, during which he has seen and experienced more than most people do in a lifetime. Gary’s polymathic approach combines his extensive research across various fields with his passion for travel, resulting in the popular Everything Everywhere Daily Podcast. In just 10-12 minutes per episode, listeners learn about history, science, geography, mathematics, and fascinating biographies. His podcast has garnered millions of downloads and consistently ranks high on platforms like Apple and Spotify.

28. Jayne Gorman

Family Travel

Jayne Gorman

Jayne Gorman is a prominent USA travel vlogger known for her captivating content and exploration of various destinations around the globe. Her adventures have taken her to a multitude of countries, including vibrant cities like Tokyo, the romantic landscapes of Paris, the bustling streets of Bangkok, and the picturesque beaches of Bali. From Europe to Asia, and beyond, Jayne’s travel vlogs provide viewers with a firsthand glimpse into diverse cultures, breathtaking scenery, and unique experiences across the world. Her passion for travel shines through in each video, inspiring audiences to embark on their own adventures and discover the beauty of our planet.

29. The Travelling Child

Family Travel

 The Travelling Child

The Traveling Child focused solely on family travel. Most of their travels are based on flight deals and they share tips for affording travel. You’ll find itineraries for every trip they have on (family, girlfriend’s getaway, vacations, and solo) to make your planning process easier. When they are not traveling they are providing tips on keeping kids busy and educated at home, managing natural hair, and staying fit.

30. Psycho Traveller

Budget Travel

Psycho Traveller

Alyshia is the girl behind the face of Psychotraveller (great name) and she’s been slowly traveling around the world. The information she provides on her channel is valuable to first-time travelers looking to set off and explore the world; follow Alyshia’s tips and you won’t go far wrong. Even has a new book out ready for your listening pleasure.

31. The Broke Backpacker

Budget Travel

The Broke Backpacker

The Broke Backpacker aka Will Hatton – has spent a decade exploring the world’s most exciting destinations… for many of these years, he achieved this on just $10 a day. He has trekked deep into the Venezuelan jungle’s belly, herded goats in the Holy Land, and conquered the highest navigable pass in the world armed with a poorly drawn map and some beef jerky.

32. Trevor James

Food Blogger

Trevor James

Trevor James, also known as “The Food Ranger” on YouTube, is a Canadian food and travel vlogger and YouTuber known for his street food tours on YouTube, which have been viewed over 649 million times. James started filming his food and travel videos. He has eaten fried food in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.

33. The Tim Traveller

Solo Travel

The Tim Traveller

Tim’s content consists of exploring the world. He has traveled to a ton of countries to visit them and does plenty of vlogging in the videos. He has visited England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Scotland, and Switzerland. He has also covered weird borders and unusual railways.

34. The Way Away

Europe Travel

The Way Away

Ashley and Josh Brown, the wife and husband duo behind the vlog, are spending 2016 touring around Europe – or Yearoupe as they call it – and vlogging almost every day of it. They’re hitting up 12 countries total and using World Packers to do it super affordably.

35. The Life of Jord

Continuous Travel

The Life of Jord

Jordan Simons has been traveling the world continuously for the past 9+ years. Over those years, he learned how to work online to fund his travels, specifically through YouTube and other social platforms and content creation.

36. The Travelling Scientist

Health/Well-Being Travel Vlog

The Travelling Scientist

He’s Jesse Crowe, known as The Travelling Scientist, a health science communicator traversing the globe. Meeting with esteemed scientists, doctors, and experts, he delves into the latest discoveries shaping human well-being. Through his weekly videos, he offers unique insights and practical tips rooted in scientific evidence, motivating viewers to lead smarter, happier, and healthier lives.

37. The Travelling Teacher

The Travelling Teacher

She’s a deals queen, dedicated to helping you save on travel adventures. Each of her travel guides is packed with money-saving tips, and she generously shares resources to cut costs on your journey. Her favorite destinations and inspirations span from scenic road trips in the USA to the captivating allure of Italy and Mexico. Whether exploring the historical charm of Washington, DC, or soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico, she’s got you covered. Plus, she curates gear you’ll love in her shop, ensuring you’re equipped for your next adventure without breaking the bank.

38. The Travelling Yogi

Yoga & Fitness Travel

The Travelling Yogi

The Traveling Yogi is a travel vlogger and yoga enthusiast who shares their experiences and knowledge through various online platforms. They offer a range of content, including yoga tutorials, mini flows, healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, and travel insights. With a focus on yoga and wellness, The Traveling Yogi has been leading sell-out yoga retreats and teacher training around the world for over seven years.

39. The Royal Tour

Front line reporting

The Royal Tour

Hosted by Emmy, Award-winning journalist Peter Greenberg, The Royal Tour is a series of television specials that provide an insider’s view of countries through the eyes of their leaders. The show has featured destinations like Mexico, Ecuador, Israel, Rwanda, Poland, and Tanzania.

40. The Other Side

Product Review/Outdoors Blog

The Other Side

Adriana Ivkovic and Ian Ryan are the creators behind The Other Side Vlog. They focus on outdoor adventures and backpacking, helping viewers discover extraordinary products and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. While the specific countries aren’t listed, the content is centered around hiking and backpacking lifestyle solutions.

41. The Daily Woo:

Off the Beaten Path

The Daily Woo

Adam The Woo, the creator behind The Daily Woo, documents his day-to-day life and finds new and exciting things to film. He has covered a wide range of locations, including Disneyland recreations, Central Florida ghost towns, and backroads of East Georgia in the United States.

42. Bald and Bankrupt

Historical/Political Travel

Bald and Bankrupt

Benjamin Rich, known as Bald and Bankrupt, is an English travel vlogger who explores less-visited places with a particular interest in post-Soviet states. He started his vlogging journey in India and has since traveled to various countries, including Belarus, Serbia, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, and many others within Eastern Europe and Asia.

43. Yes Theory

Inspirational Blog

Yes Theory

The group behind Yes Theory seeks adventure by stepping out of their comfort zones. They’ve traveled to a wide range of destinations, including Tuvalu, the least visited country in the world, and explored places from London and California to Namibia, Nepal, Bali, Vietnam, and Bhutan5678.

44. Johnny FD

Living Abroad/Lifestyle Blog

Johnny FD

Johnny FD is a digital nomad who has been traveling since 2008. His adventures have taken him to numerous countries, including Thailand, Malaysia, the Caribbeans, Spain, Mexico, and Sri Lanka. He shares his experiences of living abroad and the digital nomad lifestyle through his Vlogs.

45. The New Travel

Meaningful Travel

The New Travel

The New Travel vlogger has a passion for sharing stories from around the globe. While specific countries visited are not listed, he aims to inspire travel and broaden perspectives through his content, which includes stories, facts, and personal experiences from his global travels.

46. DownieLive

Adventure Travel


Michael Downie, the face behind DownieLive, is a Canadian YouTuber known for his adventures and exploration of unique transportation methods around the world. His travels have taken him to places like Mexico, where he experienced the country’s only passenger train, among others.

47. Phile Good Travel

European Travel

Phile Good Travel

Phil Good Travel puts up with you all over Europe with Philwaukee aka Phil the Culture aka your favorite new travel host. Using positivity as his foundation, Phil travels with a specific sense of humor and challenges stereotypes in each country he travels to.

48. Gary Leff (View from the Wing)

Business Travel

Gary Leff (View from the Wing)

Gary is a well-known figure in the travel industry, having visited over 100 countries. He’s an expert in miles, points, and frequent business travel, and has been covering these topics since 2002. Gary’s insights come from his extensive travel experiences, including regular visits to the Maldives.

49. Geraldine DeRuiter (The Everywhereist)

Random Travel & Life Experiences

Geraldine DeRuiter (The Everywhereist)

Geraldine has been traveling nonstop for over nine years, visiting around 30 countries. Her blog, The Everywhereist, is an award-winning platform where she shares her travel stories with humor and honesty. She’s known for her candid discussions about her travels and life experiences.

50. Derek Earl Baron (Wandering Earl)

Travel Resources

Derek Earl Baron (Wandering Earl)

Derek has been traveling nonstop since 1999, visiting more than 90 countries. His blog, Wandering Earl, shares his adventures and offers small group trips to various destinations. He’s known for his long-term travel lifestyle and has a wealth of experience living and working abroad.

51. J&K Stay in Vegas

couples Travel

Couples Travel

Jeff and Kristina love to explore their home city of Las Vegas. They show you the best places to dine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, complete with reviews. If you’re traveling to Vegas, they can hopefully show you some restaurants to consider while you’re there. Occasionally, they like to take you off The Strip to show you the rest of Las Vegas and what she has to offer. If you’re missing The Strip, they’re LIVE on Saturday nights, so they’ve gotcha covered. They share some tips and a little Vegas history along the way.

52. Travel with a Wiseguy

Ghost Towns, Road Trips, & Slushies

Travel with a Wiseguy

John Wise loves to explore places that are off the beaten path! His channel is filled with small towns and obscure places that few people visit. He enjoys learning about their history and telling the stories! His goal is to upload a new video every Thursday and Sunday.

53. Travel Ruby

Las Vegas Travel

Travel Ruby

Travel Ruby is an American YouTuber. She is famously known for her travel and adventure content on YouTube. She always shares a lot of fun when visiting several places on the platform. She has been visiting numerous nations, as well as documenting the great ones and offering her travel advice to her loyal followers.

54. Casey Neistat

Filmmaking/Inspirational Vlog

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers today. He started film-making before YouTube was even a thing. As of this writing, Casey has over 12 Million subscribers on YouTube. Casey has inspired people a lot. Neistat’s life is a fascinating story. When he was 15 years old, he left his house, dropped out of high school, had a baby when he was only 17 and moved to New York at 20. His passion was film-making, but he had to go through a lot before pursuing his dream.

He worked as a dishwasher to support his film-making career. His life took a turn when he sold a TV series about his life called The Neistat Brothers to HBO for a little under $2 Million. Since then, he has been making videos for brands, and he owns several companies.

55. Robby And Penny

Robby And Penny

Robby and Penny, the renowned vlogging pair from the USA, have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide with their exciting adventures and insightful travel content. With a passion for exploration, they’ve journeyed across numerous countries, immersing themselves in diverse cultures and landscapes.

From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene beaches of Bali, Robby and Penny have left no corner of the globe unexplored. Their appeal lies not only in the destinations they visit but also in the way they share their experiences. Robby and Penny’s vlogs offer more than just sightseeing; they provide practical tips, insider knowledge, and genuine insights into each location. Whether it’s uncovering hidden gems off the beaten path or indulging in local cuisine, they make viewers feel like they’re right there experiencing it all alongside them.

Their infectious enthusiasm and adventurous spirit inspire viewers to step out of their comfort zones and embark on their own journeys. With Robby and Penny as their virtual guides, viewers feel empowered to explore the world and create unforgettable memories of their own.

56. Herald Baldr

Adventure Travel

Herald Baldr

Herald Baldr, a well-known Norwegian travel vlogger, is well-known for the way he describes his trips across the globe and his tours of various locations. His humorous and incredible YouTube content has captured millions of people’s hearts. So far, his journey has been pleasant. The audience adores him for his excellent material and work with poor people around the globe. Along with traveling, he enjoys working out and caring for animals. Harald Baldr is one of the most well-known and wealthy YouTubers and Vloggers. He joined a Maasai tribe in Tanzania · He joined an African tribe · Farmer’s Wild Camp in African Bush · Buying the Hottest Goat in the Tribal Market.

57. Peter Santenello

Travel Education/War

Peter Santenello

Santenello was born in Burlington, Vermont, and grew up about four hours from New York City in Panton, Vermont. He has lived the majority of his adult life on the West Coast. At the age of 25, Santenello traveled around the world for two years. He has traveled to 85 countries and lived in five.

Santenello makes content that focuses on human stories on his YouTube and Facebook channels highlighting locations like Ukraine, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. Santenello’s first video series took place in the countryside of Ukraine with a family displaced from war.

He also does videos about misunderstood or not so widely known cultures like the Hasidic Jews and the Amish people, and topics like the US border and inner-city America.

58. Mav

Outdoor Adventure/Camping


Mavrik Joos known by his YouTube channel name Mav, is an American YouTuber known for his outdoor adventure and camping content all over the U.S. and in various countries. Since 2016, he has posted most of the content related to camping, catching, and cooking fish inside his F-150 truck and inside imported Kei trucks from Japan. He has done camping trips abroad to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, France, Mexico, and Japan. He went overnight camping at such unthinkable locations and vehicles as a Sherp tractor, an abandoned mine, ice camping inside an inflatable tent, and the Mall of America (before his meet and greet with followers and fans).

59. Captain Joe

Aviation Blog

Captain Joe

Joe first started as a skydiving pilot on the Pilatus Porter to gain experience and then transitioned to Executive flying on a Beech King Air. After two years in the industry, he was hired by Airberlin to fly within their network on the Airbus A320 family. Eight years and 5000 jet hours later, he fulfilled his lifelong dream to fly the Boeing 747 for Europe´s leading cargo airline, Cargolux. Joe used his off days to educate passengers and young aviation enthusiasts via video tutorials on YouTube and Instagram.

Answering classic questions such as, “Can a passenger land a plane?”, or simplifying flight student worries “How to enter a holding pattern and who is Bernoulli?”, Joe is eager to help out, motivate and inspire the next generation of pilots. Since the beginning of 2019, “Captain Joe” has become the world’s largest aviation-related channel on YouTube, with more than 1.5 Million subscribers.

60. High on Life

Captain Joe

Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh, and Megan Scraper starred in a series of travel videos on the YouTube channel High on Life, which has over half a million subscribers. Scraper, who was Lynch’s girlfriend, slipped and fell from the top of the falls into the water below, according to the CBC. Lyakh and Gamble reportedly jumped in after her in an attempt to save her, but no one survived.

61. RayaWasHere

Inspirational Travel


RayaWasHere tɑlks ɑbout her youth as ɑn immigrant in Americɑ, studying ɑbroɑd, trɑveling the world full time, ɑnd her puɓlic relɑtionship with dɑily vlogger Louis Cole. She has visited many countries and explore adventure places. RayaWasHere is all about passion, inspiration, travel, adventure, sustainability, conscious living practices, self-growth, and self-love.

62. Martyn Castens

Adventure Vlogger

Martyn Castens

Martyn is a known Adventure vlogger and is certainly one to watch. He loves nature and his travel vlogs are packed full of exciting activities such as motorbiking and yoga. He might be my fave from the whole list, a tough choice, but he’s up there. If you’re a first-time traveler or a pro you need to watch Martyn as he always takes the viewer on a journey.

63. Jay Alvarrez

Adventure Travel

Jay Alvarrez

Whilst Jay hasn’t got masses of content on his channel (8 to be specific), his video quality makes up for it. His videos are beautifully shot and well-edited, which makes watching them a pleasure. Not only has he got millions of views, but he has also collaborated with music artist Kygo, which is just another feather in his cap. Jay’s videos are so much fun to watch, so why not watch him today, get inspired, and plan your adventure?

64. Kombi Life

Van Life Vlogger

Kombi Life

Kombi Life is a travel vlogging project that documents van life and overlanding adventure stories from around the world. They have a series called “Hasta Alaska” and have traveled across the Americas on their way to Australia. The exact countries they’ve visited are not listed, but their journey is extensive and covers various regions2.  Kombi Van offers a spacious cargo section adaptable for various business and personal needs. With a maximum load length of 2,975 mm and a maximum width of 1,700 mm, the cargo area can comfortably fit up to three Euro pallets.

65. Karl Watson

Escapism & Inspirational Vlogger

Karl Watson

British traveler Karl is the host of this excellent YouTube travel documentary channel that’s all about independent backpacking and adventure. His presentation style is entertaining and down to earth as he takes viewers on a journey through almost every continent on the planet. From motorbiking in Vietnam to road-tripping in New Zealand and tackling Everest Base Camp, Karl’s YouTube videos will have you desperate to pull on that backpack and set off on your adventure. In his more recent videos, Karl has been exploring Europe and his home country of the UK whilst giving tips to travelers on how to explore the continent on a budget.


These travel bloggers share their adventures and tips like your travel-savvy friends. They’ve climbed mountains, explored hidden beaches, and tasted exotic foods. And guess what? They want you to do the same! So, as we wave goodbye to this virtual tour, let’s raise our pretend passports and say, “Cheers!” These vloggers inspire us to pack our bags, chase sunsets, and create memories.

Because life is one big adventure, and they’re our trusty guides.  Alright y’all we’re gonna wrap up this list of the Top 65 Travel Vloggers, so may your luggage be light and your flight is free of turbulence, and no matter which vlogger(s) you choose to inspire you, always head over to Travel Till You Drop for some of the best blogging on Dark Tourism and Solo Female Travel!

Jill Charpia
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Jill Charpia

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