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Fun Trip to Oktoberfest Where Beer, Bratwurst, Belly Laughs Collide


Written By: Amber Julie

Ever dreamed of a festival where you can soak up new cultures while sipping beer from Stein? Well, dust off those leather pants because Oktoberfest will have you swaying like a seaweed in a storm! From experiencing the labyrinth of booking mishaps to tripping over your own feet during the polka and encountering more beer corpses than a pub on St. Patrick’s Day, this adventure is bound to leave you both laughing and lamenting.

Sneak Peak into Oktoberfest History

Back in 1810, Prince Ludwig decided to tie the knot with Princess Therese and, being royalty, naturally opted for more than a quick city hall affair. They threw a bash so legendary that it featured horse races (because why not?), barrels upon barrels of beer, and an open invitation to party till the cows (or horses) came home. The wedding was such a hit that Ludwig and Therese thought, “Why not make this an annual thing?”

So, Oktoberfest was born, transforming from a one-time wedding afterparty into the world’s most epic yearly beer fest. Over time, the horse races got swapped out for something even better—carnival rides (because nothing pairs with beer like spinning around at high speeds). The beer tents grew bigger, almost like medieval pop-up castles with way better refreshments. But the core of Oktoberfest remained the same: a perfect excuse to enjoy some serious German merrymaking.

Fun Fact: The location called “ Thereswiese,” where Oktoberfest takes place, is named after Prince Ludwig’s bride, Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen

Prepping for your Oktoberfest Adventure:

Okay, so first things first, to begin the fun trip! The essential advice for Oktoberfest is to prepare before you think it is necessary. You can reserve a hotel room up to nine months in advance, but if that’s too early, aim for at least three months’ early reservations to get a good hotel.

Mark Your Calendars for Oktoberfest Fun!

Oktoberfest starts at the end of September and continues until the first week of October. The reason for starting it in September is that the weather conditions in September are more favorable as compared to October

The 2024 Oktoberfest will run from September 21 to October 6, 2024. Make a note of the date or capture a screenshot for future reference.

Booking Your Flight to Munich

It’s time for the mighty quest, i.e., Oktoberfest flights. Whether you’re jetting in from across the globe or just a hop away, you’ll land at Munich Airport, about 28.5 km from the Munich city center. Yep, it’s also known as Franz Josef Strauss Airport, your gateway to Oktoberfest.

Pro tip: Spice up your layover time by keeping an eye out for fellow Oktoberfest goers—there is nothing like bonding over your love for beer and pretzels while waiting in the airport security line.

Travel Oktoberfest Activities and Adventures

Oktoberfest is more than just beer and food. You have loads and loads of other fun activities to fill your day up, such as Parades, Dances, Carnival Rides, and Games,

Beer Tent Tours and, of course, Shopping!

Travel Oktoberfest Activities and Adventures
Credit: Igor Omilaev

It is common to spot some amusing and unexpected sights at Oktoberfest that will make you laugh out loud. For example, lederhosen and dirndl-clad people tackle a carnival ride. It’s a hilarious juxtaposition of traditional and modern fun; imagine the laughter of the festival goers as they hold on tight to their hats while going down a rollercoaster!

Another humorous scene is when people attempt traditional Bavarian chicken dances. You will witness comical mishaps and clumsy but enthusiastic attempts to keep up with the music. It’s a scene to remember for a lifetime.

A less glamorous aspect of all the fun experienced at the Oktoberfest is the “ Vomit Hill” or “Bierleichen,” which translates to Beer Corpses in German. After all the drinking and the carnival rides experienced at the festival, people often go to this notorious hill to…well, vomit.

Brews and Bravado: Oktoberfest Tent Reservations

Here’s some good news! The entry to the festival grounds is free, so you can enjoy the festival grounds without spending a penny!

If you want a reserved seat in the beer tent, you must purchase a beer tent reservation package. These packages include a

  • Table reservation fee
  • A minimum consumption requirement per person

Depending on the tent, the day of the week, and the time slot, the cost per person might vary from €25 to €100 or more.

As you approach the Oktoberfest grounds, you’ll notice the humongous tents immediately (Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Scene, anyone remember?) Only six Munich breweries are allowed to serve at the tents:

  • Hofbräu-Festzelt
  • Winzerer Fähndl
  • Schottenhamel
  • Augustiner-Festhalle
  • Löwenbräu
  • Paulaner
  • Spaten

Hofbräu has the reputation of being the liveliest tent at Oktoberfest and attracts mostly foreign visitors. The atmosphere in this tent is extremely lively and energetic, with live music and plenty of musical performances, which the audience usually dances to.

Credit: Kimia

Fun Fact: Did you know that approximately 7 million liters of beer are consumed at Oktoberfest every year?

Where There’s Booze, There’s a Snooze: Where to Stay?

After gulping down 1 Litre of beer stein at the festival, you will surely need a place to crash for the night. There are some things you need to keep in mind while booking a hotel:

  1. Location: Look for a hotel closest to Theresienwiese (the park where Oktoberfest is held).
  2. Price: Prices tend to go up near the festival, so carefully compare prices and find the best for your budget.
  3. Amenities: You need to check in advance about basic amenities available in your hotel, such as proper wifi, breakfast, parking, elevator, and laundry facilities
  4. Cancellation Policy: Most people forget this step, but it’s also really important to check and carefully read the cancellation policy of the hotel where you will be staying. This is a good precautionary measure and can save you from a lot of trouble in the future.

Fun fact: If you can’t find a hotel within walking distance, you can use Munich’s public transportation, which is very clean and easy to use.

Get Your Bavarian Clothing Ready

We’ve all heard the famous saying,‘’ When in Rome, do as Romans do ‘.A modern rendition of it could be: “When in Bavaria, do as Bavarians do.” And Bavarians are really passionate about their clothing. And for that, we are going to start with traditional Bavarian clothes i.e., Dirndls and Lederhosen. These outfits are sure to make you feel like you just came out of a vintage film. So, choose wisely because choosing the perfect traditional attire is a severe business, folks.

Fun Fact: Munich locals mind when people mix up Halloween costumes or fancy dresses with their traditional costumes. The same goes for super-exposing clothes.

Packing for Oktoberfest: The Absolute Essentials for Your Trip

While packing, you would want to balance comfort and style. Your travel bag to Oktoberfest must have these essentials to make the trip easy for you:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Cash and Cards
  • Snacks
  • SPF (Gotta protect the skin from the sun no matter where you are, you know)
  • Camera or Smartphone (To capture all the gleeful moments of your trip and create memories for your future self)

Indulging in Oktoberfest Delicacies: Food and Beer

And let’s not forget the food because what’s the point of attending a festival if you don’t enjoy the food there? Oktoberfest will water your mouth with delicious local food items such as Pretzels, Bratwursts, Knoedel, and Hendls. Who doesn’t love consuming their body weight in pretzels at least once a year?  (couldn’t be me)

So, why did the pretzel break up with the beer? It couldn’t handle its twists and turns!

Fun Fact: In 2016 alone, Oktoberfesters consumed 109 oxen and 550,000 chickens

After food comes the beer, and well, to be fair, at Oktoberfest, you can have the beer before, during, and after the food, too.  No judging eyes would look at you because everyone deserves to be wasted once a year. The first sip of the frothy Oktoberfest beer will take you into another dimension.

Food and Beer
Credit: Master1305

Tipsy Tourism: Exploring Munich’s Nearby Attractions

While attending Oktoberfest, you can also visit the nearby attractions to get the most out of your trip.

  • Englishcher Garden: You can visit the Englishcher Garten and rewind and relax in the scenic beauty of the place
  • Nymphernberg Palace: This beautiful baroque palace is surrounded by lakes and gardens. A trip to this palace would enrich your tipsy, topsy, beer-filled mind with exciting stories to narrate when you return home.
  • Deutsche Museum: To all my nerdy science enthusiasts: The Deutsche Museum offers everything science from technology to space exploration; you sure won’t be disappointed.

There are also some cute little towns filled with rich cultural history, such as Dachau or Regensberg, which you might enjoy if you have time to spare during your Oktoberfest visit.

Conclusion | Embrace the Beer, Revel in the Cheer

So, fellow beer enthusiasts, these are the few things you needed to know before attending the Beerfest. Trust me; it’s not as stressful as it sounds and is very enjoyable. Cue: A large country fair with many beer tents, games, and rides. I don’t know anyone who can say no to that!  And as you head off to Oktoberfest and drink a pint or 20, always remember to Travel Till You Drop!


What’s the craziest outfit someone has worn to Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest has seen its fair share of absolutely crazy outfits over the years, from LED lights adorned Dirndls to full-body lederhosen. The possibilities are endless, and people can get very creative with their Oktoberfest outfits.

How long should you spend at Oktoberfest?

A day is what some individuals want to spend, whereas several days are what others desire to have even more fun. It’s best to block out at least a few hours on your calendar to visit the Oktoberfest.

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