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Explore Beyond Beer with Munich’s Oktoberfest Activities for Tourists

Munich's Oktoberfest

Munich Oktoberfest Celebrations for Tourists Beyond Beer Consumption

Most people think that if they don’t drink beer because of age, religious reasons, or health issues, there is no use in going to Oktoberfest. Well, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival, it also has so much more to offer for travelers beyond just the lively beer tents and frothy steins.

Attending Oktoberfest is a great chance to explore a fantastic Munich city brimming to the top with a rich cultural history. Not just that, but the action-packed rides, games, delicious traditional cuisines that will make your mouth water, and captivating cultural performances will enchant you and become one of the most memorable experiences of your life. So don’t miss out!

Key Highlights for Travelers

  • If you are a wanderer searching for your next travel destination, do plan your visit for the upcoming Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.
  • Beyond super strong and premium quality beer, Oktoberfest offers several historic happenings to explore Bavarian culture and traditions.
  • Enjoy the fun-filled rides within the festival ground and Munich’s hustle and bustle outside to have a lifetime experience.
  • Avail an affordable lederhosen sale and pack your bag with authentic Bavarian accessories as Oktoberfest fun awaits you.

Unlike the name “BEER FESTIVAL” suggests, Oktoberfest holds a cultural significance for the local German community. The festival is a display of their heritage, be it through the traditional Bavarian foods, authentic Tracht, or music and games. Oktoberfest has a responsibility of more than 7 million attendees annually on its shoulder to entertain them while keeping the Bavarian heritage alive, be it over-age adults, middle-aged party lovers, or kids.

Taking the responsibility seriously, the festival offers a great deal of fun and activities.

1. The Spectacle of Grand Opening and Closing Parade

The grand opening parade, Einzug der Wiesnwirte, is held on the first Saturday of Oktoberfest and marks the start of festival celebrations. It is like a vast festival celebration party. It features horse-drawn breweries led by the Münchner Kindl, traditional Bavarian costumes, musical bands, and the Mayor of Munich’s first keg tapping. Owing to its historic importance, the ceremony is a must-see, especially for first-time visitors.

The closing parade takes place on the final Sunday of Oktoberfest. This parade ends the festival on a high note, signaling the time for goodbyes.

2. Wiesn Landlord’s Concert

On the second Sunday of Oktoberfest, an incredible, free event called “ Wiesn Landlord’s Concert” takes place in the courtyard of the Bavarian statue near the Schottenhamel tent. In this concert, the mayor and all the festival landlords (the owners of the beer tents) come together to throw an epic party with live music and interact with all the festival attendees.

At the end of the musical show, thousands of balloons are released into the sky as the Bavarian national anthem plays. It’s so wholesome!

3. Traditional Clothing and Hunter Parade

If you love traditional costumes and styles, don’t miss Oktoberfest’s traditional German costume and hunter parade that has been happening since 1950.

This dazzling parade is even more significant than the opening ceremony, and about 9000 participants parade through Munich. A fashion parade showcasing the style of Bavarian Lederhosen and Dirndl wearers, hunting clubs, and marching bands is entertaining to watch and inculcates cultural appreciation in the viewer.

4. Culinary Delights of Oktoberfest

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Delicious Bavarian food is a significant part of Oktoberfest, and the options are endless. Stuffing your face with pretzels, knoedels, roast chickens, bratwurst, and sweet almonds would make the happy chemicals berserk in your brain.

And the best part is that the food at Oktoberfest even has vegan and non-vegan options! Since you’ll find many food stalls and vendors all over Wiesn, you don’t have to drink beer or go to beer tents to purchase anything you could ever want to eat.

5. Markets and shopping

Oktoberfest offers a variety of shopping options for all shopaholics. From Oktoberfest merchandise like beer steins, Alpine hats (Tirolerhüte), gingerbread hearts, and clothes pins to souvenir photographs, you’ll have plenty of options.

You can also look around the Munich markets and get some classy traditional German shoes, clothes, jewelry, or home decor items. You can get these souvenirs as gifts for your loved ones, too, or take them with you as a memory of a beautiful trip to remember forever.

6. Olympia-Looping


Olympia Looping is the world’s largest transportable and most iconic rollercoaster. It is well-known for its distinctive loop structure, which consists of 5 loops through which the roller coaster passes at 100km/h, which will have you stumbling with shaky legs by the end of the ride.

Riders typically need to purchase separate tickets for Olympia Looping. Thrill seekers and daredevils from all over the world come to experience this and compete to see who can pass through the most loops without vomiting( cue: lots of beer drinking combined with rollercoaster results in lots of puking, too, oops). The cost of the Olympia-looping tickets depends on the number of loops you want to experience.

7. Munich City Attractions Outside the Theresienwiese

You can go out on a Munich city tour to places such as:

English Garden, Bavarian National Museum, Wildlife parks, Lake Starnberg, Art galleries, and even the Bavarian countryside, where the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle is situated.

8. The Devil’s Wheel

The Devil’s Wheel, aka Teufelsrad, is a classic thriller ride in which participants are challenged to stay as long as they can on the ride. It might sound easy, but the ride goes wild in all directions, trying to get the participants to lose. It’s not only fun to experience but also very amusing to watch. The winner is the person who stays on the Devil’s Wheel the most time and is awarded bragging rights. The “Devil’s Wheel” has been one of the most beloved attractions for decades now. It has gained global popularity owing to its construction.

Devil’s Wheel in Munich is a stand surrounded by spinning discs arranged horizontally and challenges the participants to stay the longest on it to win the game.

Final Verdict | Can Oktoberfest be Fun Non-Drinkers?

In conclusion, it’s a misconception that Oktoberfest can’t be enjoyed if you don’t drink beer. The festival’s vibe and atmosphere are lively and vibrant, and people of all ages can immensely enjoy the unique rides, games, parades, and musical events that spice it up. So, why miss out? Add it to your bucket list and discover whether the festival is worth the hype.


1. What makes Oktoberfest different?

Oktoberfest began as a wedding celebration of the Bavarian prince and is now more of a beer festival and fun festivities. It lasts for 17 days, and the enthusiasm of the locals remains the same throughout.

2. Why is Oktoberfest so special?

Oktoberfest is the world’s second-largest festival, with cultural roots in Munich, Germany. Due to its association with the Bavarian prince, it is of considerable importance to the locals.

3. Are kids allowed at Oktoberfest?

Although the name “Beer Festival” can make you wonder if under-18 kids can join the party, it is equally fun for them, excluding beer consumption. They can enjoy the music, dance, amusement rides, and the whole festivity vibe.

4. Is Munich a good holiday destination?

Munich is a popular holiday destination with its lively nightlife and well-known destinations. If you are planning a trip, consider the Oktoberfest days for a vacation with cultural significance.


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