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Smooth Sailing: The 7 Best Cruise Lines for Your Girls Trip Adventure

Wildest Cruise Lines

Ladies, it’s time to let your hair down, hike those skirts up, and let loose—like, really loose. If you’re hunting for a getaway that promises more than a few rounds of Bingo and shuffleboard, then, honey, you’re sailing in the right direction! Here’s a list of the seven most outrageous, jaw-dropping cruise lines, perfect for a girlfriend getaway that unleashes your inner wild child!

1. High-Stakes at High Seas: Royal Caribbean

High-Stakes at High Seas: Royal Caribbean

What’s Wild: Casino Royale! Royal Caribbean offers a Las Vegas-style gamble-a-thon that’ll have you feeling like a high roller. With a Martini in one hand and a stack of chips in the other, you’ll barely remember what “adult responsibilities” are.

What We Love: The karaoke lounges where you can let your inner diva shine! “I Will Survive” sung off-key at the top of your lungs? Priceless.

What Else is There?

Picture this: you and your squad chilling by the pool, soaking up the sun with a fruity cocktail in hand. Or maybe you’re the daredevil type, ready to conquer thrilling water slides or channel your inner Spider-Woman on the rock climbing wall. Whatever floats your boat, Royal Caribbean has an activity that will make you feel like the queen of the high seas.

Royal Caribbean knows how to keep you entertained day and night. Get ready to be dazzled by Broadway-style shows that will leave you clapping and hollering for more. And if live music and comedy clubs are your jam, well, they’ve got those too. Plus, themed parties that know how to make you boogie all night long.

Need a break from all the excitement? Don’t worry, Royal Caribbean’s got your back. Luxurious spas, fitness centers, and wellness programs will have you feeling like the epitome of relaxation. Indulge in spa treatments, stretch it out in yoga classes, or simply let the spa facilities work their magic on your tired soul.

Oh, and did I mention the vibrant nightlife? Because girl, Royal Caribbean ships know how to bring the party. You can have a low-key evening sipping cocktails at a cozy bar or dance the night away at one of the many lounges and nightclubs. It’s your call, my fearless adventure seeker.

Picture yourself exploring different ports of call, whether you’re into cultural experiences, heart-pumping adventures, or just lounging on beautiful beaches like the goddess you are. Royal Caribbean offers a range of options to enhance your onshore adventures because, hey, they want you to have the best damn time possible.

2. VIP Vibes: Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises
By Paul Harrison – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

What’s Wild: The “Sin City” themed parties. Show up in your most daring outfit and dance the night away. It’s Vegas without the desert—and the regrettable tattoos.

What We Love: Rooftop terraces are perfect for that midnight smooch—or to dramatically yell, “I’m the queen of the world!” Either way, there is no judgment here.

What Else Is There?

Well, buckle up because Celebrity Cruises is here to dazzle you with their exceptional culinary offerings. I’m talking about gourmet restaurants that will make your taste buds do a happy dance. And get this, they even partnered with renowned chefs to bring you a foodie experience like no other. So, if you’re the type of traveler who demands nothing but the best when it comes to food, Celebrity Cruises has got you covered.

You don’t just have to satisfy your taste buds, you can also quench your thirst in style. Picture yourself sipping cocktails in a sophisticated lounge or feeling oh-so-fancy while savoring a glass of wine in a chic bar. Celebrity Cruises knows how to keep the drinks flowing and the vibes high, so get ready to raise your glass and make some unforgettable memories.

Celebrity Cruises is all about making you feel like a freakin’ VIP. The staff onboard goes above and beyond to make you feel pampered and valued. They’re like your own personal cheerleaders, rooting for you every step of the way.

Oh, and if exclusivity is your thing, then brace yourself for “The Retreat.” This private, upscale paradise is like a secret hideaway within the cruise ship. Imagine luxurious accommodations, a dedicated lounge, and a private restaurant all at your fingertips. It’s like having your own little slice of heaven on the high seas.

3. Ballin’ on a Budget: Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line
By kees torn – MARDI GRAS, CC BY-SA 2.0

What’s Wild: Club O2. Think of a nightclub that serves mocktails for teens during the day and adult libations when the sun goes down. It’s like Cinderella but with a sexier transformation.

What We Love: The stand-up comedy shows. Laugh until you snort, or at least until your mascara runs. It’s all good.

What Else Is There?

We’re about to board the “Fun Ship” known as Carnival Cruise Line. Brace yourselves for a festive and lively atmosphere that will have you thinking you’ve stepped into a floating party on the high seas. Who needs tranquility when you can have an energetic vibe that’ll keep the excitement levels through the roof?

Carnival offers a wide array of options to keep your spirits high and your laughter echoing throughout the ship. From live music that’ll have you dancing like nobody’s watching (because who cares if they are, right?) to comedy shows that’ll have you snorting with laughter.

Carnival Cruise Line is the master of innovative water parks and thrill rides. We’re talking towering water slides that’ll make you scream like a banshee and splash zones that’ll have you feeling like a kid in a candy store (minus the cavities, of course). And let’s not forget about the “Carnival WaterWorks” and its heart-pounding water coasters.

Carnival is all about those themed nights and parties that leave you with memories you’ll be laughing about for years to come. Picture yourself dancing under the stars at a deck party or getting your costume on for the wildest theme events you’ve ever encountered.

They’ve got lively casinos that are just begging for you to test your luck at the slot machines. And for those who prefer to shake it on the dance floor, their onboard clubs will have you grooving until the sun comes up (or until your feet can’t handle the fabulousness anymore).

4. Sun, Sea, and Skin: Norwegian Cruise Line


What’s Wild: The Sizzling White Hot Party. Everyone dresses in white, the drinks flow, and inhibitions sink to the bottom of the ocean. Now, that’s what we call freedom!

What We Love: The Spice H2O adult-only retreat. We’re talking hot tubs and even hotter encounters. It’s like the PG-13 section of your favorite rom-com, but better.

What Stands Out?

Norwegian Cruise Line, the pioneer of “Freestyle Cruising,” is here to give you the flexibility and freedom you so desperately crave. Say goodbye to fixed dining times and pre-assigned seating, because on NCL, you can dine wherever and whenever the hell you want. It’s a dining revolution, my fearless friend!

Norwegian Cruise Line is about to blow your mind with their extensive dining options. They’ve got not one, not two, but multiple specialty restaurants that will take your taste buds on a flavor journey around the world. From casual to upscale, NCL has it all, and the best part? You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the privilege of enjoying these culinary delights.

Their ships are like floating wonderlands designed to deliver unforgettable experiences. Imagine sipping a cocktail in the Observation Lounge while taking in breathtaking 180-degree views. And who needs a boring old deck when you can race go-karts like a bat out of hell? You want water parks with thrilling slides? NCL has got you covered, my adventurous friend.

Norwegian Cruise Line has a little secret for those seeking a touch of luxury. Drumroll, please… introducing “The Haven,” their exclusive ship within a ship concept. It’s a premium and secluded paradise for those who want to feel like the queens they truly are. Guests in The Haven get access to private amenities, including a dedicated lounge, restaurant, and sundeck. It’s like having your own little piece of heaven while sailing the high seas.

Norwegian Cruise Line throws in specialty theme cruises for good measure. From music-themed cruises that’ll make you dance like nobody’s watching (because they’re all too busy enjoying the music) to culinary cruises that’ll have you drooling over all the deliciousness, NCL knows how to cater to your specific interests.

5. Luxe, Lies, and Adventure: Princess Cruises

What’s Wild: Themed cruises like “Burlesque for Beginners” and “Dance the Night Away.” Whether you want to tease or twerk, there’s something for everyone.

What We Love: The scandalously delicious dessert parties. Who needs a man when you’ve got chocolate fondue?

6. Sip, Savor, Repeat: Oceania Cruises

What’s Wild: The Martini tastings. From classics to their spicy concoctions, the bartenders know how to shake it—both the drinks and the dance floor!

What We Love: The in-room “Do Not Disturb: Girls Night In” packages. Imagine a pre-party with hors d’oeuvres and Champagne delivered right to your room.

7. Shake It Up: Holland America Line

What’s Wild: BB King’s Blues Club. A sultry, smokey space where the music is as hot as the dance moves, you’ll be pulling off.

What We Love: The Mixology Classes Learn to make cocktails that’ll wow everyone at your next house party—or at least get them drunk enough not to care on the Holland America Line. 

Bottomless Fun and Bottomless Mimosas

So, there you have it! Seven wild and crazy cruise lines make for an unforgettable girls’ trip. With each offering its unique flair of adult-only fun, the only struggle will be choosing which one to book first!

Remember, you don’t need a man to have a great vacation, but you might need a lifeguard—because, girl, you’ll be drowning in fun! And cocktails. But mostly fun!

Check the various Cheers Packages for the best pricing on drinks, and prepare for the most unforgettable, scandalous, and downright fabulous girl’s trip of your life. Make some memories that’ll last a lifetime—or at least until the next gossip session. 🥂🚢👯♀️

Bon Voyage, you sexy sea sirens, and Travel Till You Drop! 🌊🔥

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