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Santa’s Passport: Spectacular 20 Christmas Venues in the World

Berlin, Germany

Ah, Christmas! That magical time of year when the world sparkles a little brighter, and our hearts grow three sizes too big – or maybe that’s just the eggnog talking. We’re not just any run-of-the-mill holiday enthusiasts; we’re seasoned pros with over five years of gallivanting around the globe in search of the ultimate Christmas experience. So, buckle up your reindeer; Santa’s Passport – we’re going on a merry ride to the world’s most festive destinations!

1. Edinburgh, Scotland: Whisky Warming Wonders


First up, Edinburgh. Here, Christmas is more than a festival; it’s a highland fling with whisky. The East Princes St. Gardens market is a must-visit, but let’s be real; we’re all here to warm up with Scotland’s finest export. As the locals say, “There’s nothing like a wee dram to ward off the winter chill.” And if you’re feeling adventurous, there’s skiing at Pentland Hills and ice skating at St Andrew Square. Talk about a cool yuletide!

Edinburgh, Scotland
Credit: Sean Kinnear

2. Asheville, North Carolina: A Biltmore Christmas Extravaganza

Next is Asheville, where the Biltmore Estate puts on a Christmas show. With 100 Christmas trees and 25,000 ornaments, it’s like walking into Santa’s mansion. The Enchanted Christmas package at Biltmore is like living in a Hallmark movie – minus the predictable plot twist.

Asheville, North Carolina
Credit: Stephanie Klepacki

3. Bruges, Belgium: Medieval Magic Meets Festive Fervour

Bruges is where Christmas cards come to life. Cobbled streets, shimmering lights, and the best Belgian hot chocolate that’ll have you saying “Ho ho ho” in no time. The Winter Glow light trail is like stepping into a fairy tale, minus the evil stepmothers.

4. Cape Town, South Africa: Sun, Sea, and Santa

Want to escape the cold? Cape Town’s your spot. Summer in December? Check. Beaches over snow? Check. Are African penguins playing Santa’s little helpers? Double check. “It’s like Christmas in July, but in December,” says a beach-bum Santa we met.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark: Hygge and Holiday Happiness

Copenhagen is the capital of coziness. Tivoli Gardens turns into a festive wonderland that’s so charming it should be illegal. And if you have yet to try and haven’t Andesteg, you haven’t truly experienced a Danish Christmas. “It’s like a hug for your taste buds,” quips a local chef.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Credit: Razvan Mirel

6. Dubai, UAE: Deck the Malls

Dubai does Christmas like it does everything else: extravagantly. The city is a festive fever dream with tree lighting and Santa Runs. The Dubai Mall becomes a cooler-than-cool winter wonderland with an ice rink and indoor skiing. Over the top? Maybe. Fabulous? Absolutely.

7. Dublin, Ireland: Pubs, Pints, and Puddings

Ah, Dublin, where Christmas is about cozy pubs, black pudding, and pints aplenty. It’s where “Silent Night” is more likely to be a lively ballad in a packed bar. And make sure to catch The Moving Crib; it’s like a mechanical Nativity scene on steroids.

8. Basel, Switzerland: Market Madness and Marionette Magic

In Basel, Christmas markets are the name of the game. Two markets mean double the fun, and the Basler Marionetten Theater offers a puppet show that’ll make you forget all about your fear of puppets. “It’s like Pinocchio’s Christmas party,” a visitor remarks.

Basel, Switzerland
Credit: Wirestock

9. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania: Christmas City USA

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, takes its name seriously. Christkindlmarkt is the heart of the celebration, featuring everything from artisan crafts to Santa sightings. The “live” advent calendar at the Goundie House is a treat-filled spectacle that even Scrooge would approve of.

10. Berlin, Germany: Market Hopping and Botanical Brilliance

Berlin’s over 60 Christmas markets are like a festive pub crawl but for shopping. The WeihnachtsZauber market is picture-perfect, and the Botanic Garden turns into a yuletide Eden. “It’s like Santa’s garden, if he had one,” jokes a tourist.

Berlin, Germany
Credit: Roman Kraft

11. Gdańsk, Poland: Fairy-Tale Festivities

Gdańsk is like walking into a Christmas storybook, with its month-long Christmas Fair offering everything from advent windows to a speaking elk. Yes, you read that right, a speaking elk. It’s like Narnia but with more pierogi.

12. Hong Kong, China: Neon Noel

Hong Kong’s Symphony of Lights show is like Christmas on steroids – a neon extravaganza that’s nothing short of breath-taking. “It’s like the city is wearing its party dress,” says a dazzled tourist.

13. Inari, Finland: Arctic Adventures and Aurora Borealis

Inari offers a Christmas experience that’s literally out of this world. Think dog sleds, reindeer, and the Northern Lights. “It’s like Santa’s backyard, but with better views,” a visitor observes while sipping sparkling wine under the aurora.

14. London, UK: A Dickensian Dream

London at Christmas is all about timeless charm and a dash of Dickens. Skating at Somerset House? Check. Afternoon tea? Check. Feeling like a character in A Christmas Carol? Priceless.

London, UK
Credit: Luke Stackpoole

15. Málaga, Spain: Flamenco and Festive Flair

Málaga, where Christmas lights dazzle, and flamenco dancers add a fiery twist to the festivities. The Verdiales Music Festival is an explosion of colour and energy that’s as unique as it gets. “It’s like Christmas, but spicier,” says a local dancer.

16. Strasbourg, France: The Christmas Capital

Strasbourg stakes its claim as the ‘Christmas Capital’, and honestly, who are we to argue? The city is practically a Christmas card come to life, with markets that have been going strong since the 16th century. “It’s like Santa’s village, if Santa had a taste for fine wine and flammekueche,” a local vendor quip.

17. New York City, USA: A Concrete Jungle of Christmas

New York City at Christmas is an experience of a lifetime. The Rockefeller Center tree alone is worth the trip, but there’s so much more. Skating in Central Park, window displays on Fifth Avenue, and who could forget the Rockettes? It’s a festive frenzy that even the Grinch would love. A tourist merrily notes, “It’s like stepping into every Christmas movie ever made.”

Santa's Passport - New York City, USA
Credit: TravelScape

18. Tokyo, Japan: Technicolor Christmas

Tokyo turns into a neon-lit wonderland for the holidays. The city’s take on Christmas is a unique blend of traditional and modern, with dazzling light displays and quirky holiday-themed cafes. “It’s like Christmas in the future,” a wide-eyed visitor remarks as they snap a selfie with a robot Santa.

19. Rovaniemi, Finland: Santa’s Official Hometown

Rovaniemi, the official hometown of Santa Claus, is as close to the North Pole as most of us will ever get. It’s a winter wonderland with reindeer rides, Northern Lights, and, of course, a visit to Santa’s Village. “Meeting Santa was like fulfilling a childhood dream,” admits an overjoyed adult.

20. Quebec City, Canada: A North American Winter Dream

Quebec City is like a slice of Europe in North America, especially during the festive season. The cobblestone streets and historic architecture are draped in snow and lights, creating a magical atmosphere. “It’s like being in a snow globe,” a tourist says, enchanted by the city’s charm.


  1. What is the best time to visit these places? – Watch out for those holiday crowds as close to Christmas as possible.
  2. What to pack? It depends on the destination, but bring your holiday spirit… and maybe a sweater.
  3. Are these places kid-friendly? – Absolutely, but leave them at home for the Dublin pub crawl.
  4. Can these destinations be budget-friendly? -with some planning and off-peak travel, your Christmas adventure doesn’t break the bank.


From the twinkling lights of Tokyo to the historic charm of Strasbourg, these destinations promise a Christmas filled with wonder and whimsy. As we say in our expert travels, “Every “Christmas destination has its own story, and it’s waiting for you to be a part of it.” So, make your next Christmas unforgettable by visiting any (or all!) of these magical places. Happy holidays and safe travels! And no matter where you go, always remember to Travel Till You Drop!

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