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Luxury Travel Redefined: Beyond 5 Star Resorts & Restaurants

The world of luxury travel has changed

As a travel writer and editor, I’ve always been fascinated by how luxury is perceived around the world. As someone who grew up in Europe, I was lucky enough to see first-hand how countries like France and Italy tend to define luxury through their world-famous wines and foods, Michelin-star restaurants, and five-star hotels. But trends have changed over the years—not only do we have more options than ever before when it comes to booking flights or finding hotels online, but there are also more sustainable ways of traveling sustainably while still experiencing that luxury vibe.

Luxury Travel Redefined

The world of luxury travel has changed

Luxury travel has changed. The world is more connected than ever, and there are more people traveling than ever before. That means there are more ways to travel as well. Some ways have become more expensive, but others have become cheaper or free (and sometimes both).

For example, If you want to go on a cruise, it might be easier than ever before–but also more expensive! You can take a luxury ship around the Mediterranean for $1 million per person for an eight-day trip–or book one that sails from New York City all the way down through South America for under $100 per day (with flights included).

The same goes for staying at hotels: You could stay at any number of five-star resorts and Michelin-starred restaurants around the world–or camp out in Patagonia with nothing but your backpack and tent! There’s no right answer here; it just depends on what kind of luxury experience you’re looking for at any given moment in time.

The world of luxury travel has changed

But five-star hotels and restaurants aren’t the only way to travel in style.

But five-star hotels and restaurants aren’t the only way to travel in style. There are plenty of other ways, too. You can travel in style by booking a private car for Dubai city tour or staying at a boutique hotel or luxury resort. You can find many choices that have been recognized as Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star properties.

You can experience authenticity and luxury through sustainable travel.

Sustainable travel is a way to experience the world while minimizing your impact on it. It’s an ethical way to see what you want and experience cultures in their natural state without damaging or disrupting them. The best part? You can still have luxury experiences even if you’re traveling sustainably!

Sustainable travel can be luxurious because it allows you greater freedom when planning your itinerary. With traditional vacations, there are generally set schedules of what activities must be done each day–these may not align with your interests or preferences at all times. Sustainably-minded travelers have more flexibility when planning where they want to go next because they don’t need as much structure around their days (or weeks). This allows them more opportunities for adventure as well as relaxation time that meets their needs at any given moment during their trip; no matter what kind of traveler you are, this kind of flexibility will make any journey feel luxurious!

Sustainable luxury travel introduces travelers to a world where sumptuous accommodations coexist with eco-friendly practices, where gourmet dining harmonizes with locally-sourced, organic ingredients, and where cultural immersion intertwines with ethical engagement. It offers a path to explore breathtaking landscapes and wildlife in ways that are not only awe-inspiring but also conservation-minded.

You can experience authenticity and luxury through sustainable travel

Traveling like a local is the ultimate luxury.

When you travel like a local, you get to experience the culture of wherever you’re visiting. You will be able to see how people live and interact with each other, which can give you an insight into their history and culture. You will also learn how they speak their language–and maybe even pick up some new words!

There are still ways to indulge while traveling sustainably.

You don’t have to sacrifice your style or luxury when you’re on vacation–you can still travel in style, even if it means not staying at a five-star resort with all the bells and whistles. There are plenty of sustainable options for those who want to enjoy their own version of the good life while doing their part for the environment and local communities.

Travel can be both luxurious and sustainable

Luxury travel is more than just staying in a fancy hotel and eating at Michelin-starred restaurants. It’s also about being able to experience the world while minimizing your impact on it.

Sustainable travel is often associated with frugal, eco-conscious travelers who are happy to rough it on long bus rides or stay in hostels instead of fancy hotels. While these methods of sustainable travel can be effective, they aren’t always luxurious or affordable–and that’s okay! There are plenty of ways to practice sustainable travel without sacrificing comfort or convenience

Eco-Friendly Accommodations for Sustainable Luxury Travel

In the realm of sustainable luxury travel, eco-friendly accommodations play a pivotal role. These establishments are designed with a commitment to sustainability, providing travelers with the opportunity to enjoy opulent experiences while minimizing their environmental impact. Here are some key aspects to highlight:

Eco-Resorts: Eco-resorts are exemplars of sustainability and luxury coexisting harmoniously. They are often nestled in breathtaking natural settings, designed to blend seamlessly with the environment. These resorts prioritize low-impact construction, utilize renewable materials, and are often powered by clean, renewable energy sources. Guests can enjoy high-end amenities and services while knowing their stay supports eco-conscious practices.

LEED Certification: Some luxury hotels and accommodations pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. This globally recognized green building rating system assesses and certifies properties for their environmental performance. LEED-certified accommodations implement energy-efficient technologies, water conservation measures, and sustainable building materials, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint without compromising on comfort.

Sustainable luxury accommodations may harness renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power to meet their energy needs. This not only reduces the property’s reliance on fossil fuels but also serves as an inspiring example of how sustainability can be seamlessly integrated into high-end experiences.

Sustainable luxury accommodations go beyond physical infrastructure. They offer guests eco-luxury amenities, such as organic and locally-sourced bath products, energy-efficient appliances, and water-saving fixtures. This ensures that travelers can indulge in a lavish experience while respecting the environment.


We hope that we’ve inspired you to rethink your luxury travel. There are so many ways to experience the world and its culture, but it’s important to think about how those experiences impact others and the planet as well. We believe that sustainable tourism can lead us toward a more sustainable future–one where luxury isn’t just about what you eat or wear but also about how your choices affect others around them too!

And no matter where you go, always remember to Travel Till You Drop!

Written by: Emily John

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