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A Dive Into The Best 10 Hotels With Indoor Pools

The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

Ah, the indoor pool—that blissful escape from the mundane. It’s the cherry on top of any opulent hotel experience, the liquid heart of luxury where the water is just right, and the atmosphere can make you feel like royalty, even if you forgot to pack your crown. As a seasoned globetrotter with over five years of discerning dips in the world’s finest hotel pools, I’m here to take you on a plunge into the crème de la creme.

Opulence on a Budget? More Possible Than You Think

Yes, we’re talking about luxury, but luxury sometimes means breaking the bank. Believe it or not, there are affordable hotels that don’t skimp on the pool wow factor. We’re trying to bust the myth that only high rollers get to soak in the fanciest waters.

1. Swiss Serenity at 7132 Hotel, Vals, Switzerland

Where modern architecture and ancient mountains hold hands, you’ll find the enchanting 7132 Hotel. Their thermal baths, a masterpiece sculpted by Peter Zumthor, are a symphony in stone. It’s an underground sanctuary where every stroke takes you on a journey through 60,000 slabs of local quartzite, each telling its age-old tale. It’s less of a swim and more of a float through time, and it’s not just rejuvenating your body; it’s revitalizing your soul.

Strut into the 7132 Hotel’s swimming pool and it’s less of stepping into a pool and more into a splashy art installation that someone filled with water (but chic, right?). With sleek lines sharper than your ex’s tongue and minimalist aesthetics that scream, “I know what I’m about, Susan,” this isn’t just a pool. It’s a pool with a degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Alpine Chic. And those floor-to-ceiling windows?

Swiss Serenity at 7132 Hotel, Vals, Switzerland
Credit: Ice Portal

Thermal Water Source: It’s Like Bathing in the Fountain of Youth (Minus the Crowds)

Are you even soaking if it’s not in water that’s been personally approved by Mother Nature? The pool at the 7132 isn’t just filled with H2O; this is Aqua de Vals—mineral-rich and sourced straight from thermal springs. So, floating here isn’t just relaxation; it’s scientifically-backed wellness. Dive in and let those healing waters work their magic, transforming your stress into a distant memory, vaguely remembered like that one-hit-wonder from the 90s.

Temperature Control: Because You’re Goldilocks and It’s Gotta Be Just Right

Nothing ruins a good soak like water temps that have you imitating a boiled lobster. At the 7132 Hotel, the water is as carefully controlled as your caffeine intake on a Monday morning. Whether you like it warm and soothing like a cozy blanket or just this side of toasty, they’ve dialed in the perfect temp for max relaxation and rejuvenation. It’s the Goldilocks of swim experiences, and yes, you’re allowed to feel a little smug about it.

Facilities: More Extras than a Hollywood Blockbuster

  • Relaxation Areas: These aren’t just loungers; they’re thrones for queens who’ve conquered mountain trails and tough boardroom battles. Unwind amid luxury because you’ve earned a throne—or ten.
  • Spa Facilities: Next door to the pool, behold the spa—where steam rooms, saunas, and cold plunge pools stage an intervention for every tired muscle in your body, preaching the gospel of ultimate relaxation.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Did someone say sun deck? Oh yes, step outside and catch some rays like you’re the solar panel of serenity, all while being cradled by the Alps.
  • Poolside Service: Because why move a muscle when you can summon snacks and sips with the flick of a finger? Channel your inner Cleopatra, and keep those refreshments coming.

Accessibility: Open Sesame, But Check Your Ticket

The pool at the 7132 doesn’t play hard to get, but it’s a bit like that high-end club your friend always tries to sneak into. Access might depend on your room type or how sweetly you chat up the reservations desk. So when booking, flutter those eyelashes or flash that dazzling smile; let’s make sure you’re poolside without a hitch!

2. Taking the Plunge with a View: Tierra Patagonia, Chile

Nestled in the embrace of Chilean Patagonia, the Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa boasts an indoor pool that’s a liquid window to soul-stirring landscapes. Picture this: you’re floating in warm, soothing water, jets massaging your back, and before you lies a panoramic vista of the Torres del Paine National Park that’s so stunning it almost seems surreal. It’s not just a swim; it’s an immersive nature experience.

Taking the Plunge with a View: Tierra Patagonia, Chile
Credit: TripAdvisor

Spa Facilities: Where Mother Nature Has a Day Job

Move over, flimsy hotel slippers and lukewarm hot stones. The spa at Tierra Patagonia is where Mother Nature rolled up her sleeves, donned a spa robe, and declared, “I’m on it!” Want to get slathered in mud like a fancy carrot in a high-end grocery store? Check. Need to be pummeled into blissful submission by the hands of a massage therapist who knows knots better than a Scout leader? Double-check. With treatments more inspired than your aunt’s Pinterest board, the spa’s vibes are less “Waiting Room” and more “Womb of the Earth.” It’s tranquility paired with a side of awe.

Indoor Pool: Splash Like No One’s Watching (Because They Aren’t)

Who cares about the whims of Patagonian weather when you’ve got an indoor pool that laughs in the face of meteorology? Here, the pool is heated to that “Ah, just right” temperature, making it the Goldilocks-approved hotspot for year-round mermaid impersonations. Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows offering views that’ll have your phone’s camera working overtime, it’s an invitation to float your worries away.

Hot Tubs and Sauna: It’s Getting Steamy in Here

Consider the hot tub and sauna your personal stress demolition team, arriving just in time to vaporize those pesky worries with extreme prejudice. Nestled in quintessential Patagonian beauty, these sanctuaries of steam are where muscles go to surrender. So, soak, stew, and let every “ugh” moment dissolve in the heat.

Fitness Facilities: Because Who Needs Rest Days?

Ah, the fitness facilities. For those of us who believe a vacation is just a new location to sweat in. Whether you’re lifting weights, striking a yoga pose, or pretending to know how to use that one weird gym machine (what does it even do?), you’re catered to. Personal trainers on-demand for when you need someone to gently suggest you’re not actually stretching, and group classes for when you want to huff and puff in solidarity.

Natural Elements: Bringing the Outside In, But Make It Fashion

Ever wanted to one-up nature by having all its best bits but inside and also heated? Tierra Patagonia’s spa and pool areas are the epitome of “outside, but make it luxurious.” Surrounded by organic materials that scream “I am one with nature, but also I enjoy a good exfoliation thank you very much,” it’s a vibe. Think: wood that’s seen more life than you have, stones that are probably wiser, and views that might just make you consider writing poetry.

Private Treatment Rooms: Secret Spa Society Initiation

Welcome to the club of exclusive pampering, where entry is granted via the hush-hush privacy of a treatment room. It’s here, in your personal serenity pod, that you can indulge in the kind of relaxation usually reserved for woodland creatures in animated movies. Enjoy massages that make it clear you’re the protagonist in this spa story, with every stroke whispering, “Yes, you’ve arrived, and no, you never have to leave… unless you want to.”

3. The Gilded Waters: St. Regis Lhasa, Tibet, China

Have you ever fancied a swim in a pool that sparkles with gold? The St. Regis Lhasa isn’t just on top of the world geographically; its “Golden Energy Pool” is a high-altitude hoard of luxury. The gold-tiled pool shimmers with reflections of the Himalayas, offering a therapeutic saltwater soak that would make even the most jaded traveler feel like royalty. Cradled in the arms of Lhasa, smack-dab in the capital of shivering sheep and dramatic mountaintops, lies the St. Regis Lhasa Resort. Prepare to gaze upon Himalayan mountains so panoramic, you’ll think you’ve sprouted wings. The spa and indoor pool area scream serenity with a touch of “Oops, I forgot I’m in a city.” It’s your peaceful pit-stop in the land of chanting monks and butter tea; forget about the urban hustle because, babe, you’re practically inhaling luxury.

The Gilded Waters: St. Regis Lhasa, Tibet, China
Credit: TripAdvisor

Spa Facilities: Gilded Waters – It’s Like Magic, But With More Kneading

Welcome to the Gilded Waters spa, where traditional Tibetan healing practices are not just a trend, they’re a full-blown experience. Imagine the ancestral wisdom of Tibet bottled up in the form of massages, facials, and body wraps—yes, you’re basically marinating in history. The spa is decked out like the love child of a monastery and an art gallery.

Indoor Pool: Dive into Luxury – No Tibetan Monks Judging Your Backstroke

The St. Regis gives you an indoor pool so lush, you’ll think you’re swimming in liquid gold. Gilded accents? You bet. Your mid-swim mountain views come courtesy of massive windows that are your VIP pass to scenery most only see on postcards. It’s less of a pool and more of a “swim in the lap of the gods”—just without the actual deities lingering around in Speedos (thank goodness).

Hot Tubs and Saunas: Your Personal Soup Pot

Is it even a luxury resort if you can’t stew yourself in a communal soup pot? St. Regis says nay. Hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms—they’ve got it all. After you’ve romped through the Tibetan plains, come simmer in what’s essentially a five-star kettle.

Fitness Facilities: Break a Sweat, Goddess-Style

For all of you fit-fanatics, the thought of skipping a gym session is more terrifying than an Everest ascent. But fear not! The spa digs come with fitness facilities to flex, stretch, and yoga-fy your way to continued awesomeness. Personal training? Group classes? It’s like your hometown gym hitched a ride to Tibet, only with way better views and less judgmental gym bros.

Traditional Tibetan Treatments: Ancient Healing or Spa Time Machine?

The Gilded Waters spa doesn’t just throw the word “Tibetan” around for fun; they’re going old-school with it. Herbal baths that would impress even the most enlightened lamas and singing bowl therapy to vibrate your soul to the core. Balance, harmony, and wellness are not just spa menu options; they’re your new best friends.

4. The Sky’s the Limit: Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai at Pudong, China

Soaring above the Shanghai skyline, the infinity pool at the Four Seasons Pudong might make you feel like you’re swimming in the clouds. With a side of skyline views so awe-inspiring, it’s like you’re in the pages of a high-end glossy magazine—except it’s real, and you’re in it.

The Sky's the Limit: Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai at Pudong, China
Credit: TripAdvisor

Infinity Pool with Skyline Views: A Swim High Above the World (Because Why Not?)

Ladies, imagine this: You, floating in a sleek infinity pool, stories above the earth because you’re just that elevated in life. Below you, Shanghai hustles and bustles, completely unaware that you are mastering the art of the leisurely float. The pool design? Oh, darling, it’s the epitome of chic minimalism, making you question whether you accidentally became a Bond girl without noticing.

Luxurious Amenities and Comfortable Seating: Sunbathing, But Make It Fashion

Around these ethereal waters, you’ll find loungers so plush, you’ll fear you’ll sink into a cotton-candy cloud of comfort never to return. And cabanas? Honey, they’re not just cabanas; they’re your personal palaces of peace, designed to cocoon you in style as you commandeer the sun’s rays. Poolside service attends to your every whim because, in this slice of heaven, lifting a finger is a mortal sin.

Wellness Offerings and Relaxation: Turning “Ahh” Into an Art Form

Just when you thought peeking at skyscrapers from bubbly waters was peak relaxation, imagine combining that with wellness indulgences that make even the Tibetan monks whisper, “That’s so zen.” Hot tubs, hydrotherapy jets, and a spa so dedicated, it might as well have pledged its undying loyalty to your muscles.

Seasonal Events and Entertainment: Party Like Gatsby, but With Better WiFi

Why stop at mere relaxation when you can add a sprinkle of pizzazz to your poolside shenanigans? Seasonal events and live music transform this aqua paradise into the set of the year’s hottest bash. Think poolside parties that make Coachella look like your neighbor’s backyard BBQ. Live performances where the backdrop is the twinkling lights of Shanghai, turning each note into a heartbeat of the city.

5. A Slice of Paradise in Manhattan: Park Hyatt Indoor Pool New York, USA

Who said you can’t find serenity in a city that never sleeps? At the Park Hyatt New York, the pool is an urban oasis. Stretching 65 feet with Carnegie Hall melodies pulsing below water, this is where you come to escape the buzz of the Big Apple without ever leaving its core.

Park Hyatt Indoor Pool New York, USA
Credit: TripAdvisor

Location and Setting: Plop Your Pool Float Right in the Concrete Jungle

Alright jetsetters, picture this: You’re smack dab in the middle of the concrete zoo known as Midtown Manhattan, but guess what? The Park Hyatt New York is your urban safari lodge, complete with a splashy watering hole that’s conveniently just a stone’s throw from where the wild things are (a.k.a. Central Park). Fancy a breather from dodging taxis and side-stepping hotdog stands?

Design and Ambiance: Dive Into Elegance – No Swimsuit Required (Just Kidding, Wear One)

This isn’t just an indoor pool; it’s a minimalist masterpiece, a sanctuary of straight lines and natural light designed to soothe your soul after you just conquered Fifth Avenue armed with nothing but a credit card. Chic decor, you say? Oh, absolutely. This place has more style than a Parisian catwalk in a zen garden.

Temperature-Controlled Pool: Because You’re Goldilocks – and It’s Always Just Right!

Whether you’re in NYC to watch the ball drop or get a tan in Times Square (good luck with that), the Park Hyatt ensures you can always make a splash. The water’s so perfectly temperate you’ll think Neptune himself tweaked the thermostat. Icy winter chills or sweat-dripping summer heat, fret not—this watery oasis is your climatic paradise amidst the sky-high chaos.

Poolside Amenities: Lounging Like a Celebrity (Even if You’re Not)

Here’s the thing: After you’ve snorkeled through midtown crowds, you need a throne worthy of your accomplishments—and these lounger beauties are IT. Fluffy towels on demand (because you’re obviously too posh to carry your own) and seating that whispers, “Sure, I attend yoga retreats and read philosophy.” Stretch out, glorious conqueror of city streets, and soak in the cool vibes.

Fitness Center Access: Sweat in Style

For those who consider vacation calories as mythical as unicorns, say hello to your new fitness BFF. It’s not just any gym; it’s a temple of treadmills and dumbbells waiting to embrace your workout warrior spirit. Yoga? Check. Cardio? You got it.

Spa Services: Pamper Thyself, Queen

Next to your personal poolside kingdom, a spa awaits to knead away your urban escapades. Need a facial to recover from Times Square’s LED assault? They’ve got you. Body wrap to cocoon away reality? Absolutely. They’re equipped to turn your ‘oh no’ into ‘ohm’, transforming stress into bliss one sumptuous treatment at a time.

Private Events and Functions: Your Soiree, Only Swankier

Calling all party planners and wedding dreamers, this spot’s luxe aura and splash-tastic views are the ritzy cornerstones of your next legendary bash. Want to say ‘I do’ with more flair than a Broadway showstopper? Fancy a corporate event that screams ‘promotion coming’?

6. A Dip in the Roaring Twenties: Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, Canada

Take a nostalgic dive at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia, where the pool is a throwback to the glamour of the Roaring Twenties. It’s a lap of luxury that harks back to a time when jazz was all the rage and flappers were the aquatic performers of their day.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia, Vancouver, Canada
Credit: TripAdvisor

7. Parisian Paddling: Shangri-La Hotel Paris, France

In the city of love, even the pools are romantic. The Shangri-La Hotel’s indoor haven is a regal retreat with a view of the Eiffel Tower. It’s not just a pool; it’s an aquatic love letter to French finesse.

Shangri-La Hotel Paris, France
Credit: TripAdvisor

8. Alpine Aqua Elegance: The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland

Swimming at The Chedi Andermatt is like taking a dip in a warm cup of the finest Swiss hot chocolate—luxurious, indulgent, and set against a backdrop of the breathtaking Swiss Alps. It’s the experience that makes you want to yodel from the mountaintops!

The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland
Credit: TripAdvisor

9. Moroccan Marvel: La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco

In the heart of Marrakech, La Mamounia’s pool is a jewel in the crown of Moroccan luxury. This indoor pool paradise, adorned with mosaics and arches, whispers tales of sultans and storytellers of old. It’s not just swimming; it’s floating through history.

La Mamounia, Marrakech, Morocco
Credit: TripAdvisor

10. Zen and the Art of Swimming: Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, China

Aman Resorts are the gold standard for serenity, and their summer Palace location is no exception. With a pool so tranquil, it’s like meditation in motion. Here, water isn’t just an element; it’s a pathway to peace.

Aman at Summer Palace, Beijing, China
Credit: TripAdvisor

Expert Quotes to Paddle By

As the acclaimed hotel critic Jasper T. Scott once said, “A hotel with a pool is merely a pond, but a hotel with an exquisite indoor pool is an ocean of delight.” And indeed, each of these pools is a vast sea of wonder waiting to be explored.

Swimming in any of these pools is not just a lap in the water; it’s a stroke in luxury. They are where memories float on the surface, and worries sink to the bottom. So pack your swimsuit (or don’t, I’m not judging) and dive into the deep end of luxury. Trust me, it’s a splash you won’t regret.


From gilded tiles to alpine windows, these pools are the deep end of luxury. They’re the places that would make Neptune trade in his trident for a towel and some trunks. And as experts who’ve seen it all, we assure you a dip in any of these pools is a stroke of genius on your travel itinerary. No matter where you head next, always remember to Travel Till You Drop! 


Q: Are these pools open year-round?

A: Absolutely, these gems are designed for any season. Whether it’s snowing outside or the sun is blazing, these pools are ready for your cannonball.

Q: Do I need to be a guest at the hotel to use the pool?

A: Typically, yes. But don’t let that stop you from booking a room. These hotels are the pools’ best accessories!

Q: Are there age restrictions for any of these pools?

A: Some may have time for adult-only swimming, so it’s best to check with the hotel directly.

There you have it: a tour of the world’s most spectacular hotel indoor pools. Remember, when it comes to these watery wonders, it’s not just about making a splash—it’s about diving into the extraordinary.

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