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Top Things to Do in England: London’s Must-See Attractions

Top Things to Do in England

If you’re looking to dive into things to do in England, look no further.  We’re here to share the best things to do in beautiful London, England.  London, with its eclectic mix of history and modernity, offers an adventure for every traveler. You’ll learn about the splendor of Buckingham Palace and get a bird’s-eye view from the London Eye. For those craving something offbeat, there’s plenty beyond the postcard scenes—think hidden alleys and neon wonderlands.

Sure, this city can whisk you back centuries at Westminster Abbey or out to Hampton Court Palace gardens. But let’s not forget those seeking contemporary culture; galleries like Tate Modern are just waiting to spark your imagination. Ready for more? There’s mouthwatering street food in Camden Market that’ll change what you think about British cuisine.

So, lace up your walking shoes because we’re mapping out must-sees and local secrets so you can experience London beyond the guidebook pages and take a hop-on, hop-off tour while you’re there to help you explore the many amazing sites that London has to offer.

Discover London’s Iconic Landmarks and Structures – Best Things to Do in England

When you think of London, the majestic Buckingham Palace probably springs to mind. As the UK monarch’s official residence, it stands as a symbol of British history and tradition. If you’re lucky, you might catch the pomp of the Changing of the Guard ceremony—a spectacle that marries precision with pageantry.

The London Eye – Panoramic City Views

Gaze upon the city from new heights on the London Eye. It’s more than just a ferris wheel; it’s one of those iconic landmarks where you can soak in 360-degree views over the River Thames and beyond—perfect for first-time visitors wanting to scope out their next stop or seasoned travelers seeking spectacular vistas.

The London Eye - Panoramic City Views
Credit: Jill Charpia

Tower Bridge – Victorian Engineering Marvel

Crossing Tower Bridge feels like stepping into a piece of engineering artistry. Walk this historic drawbridge, not just for its charming view but also to dive into an exhibition that tells tales older than any living memory—a great place for anyone fascinated by how past ingenuity shapes our present landscape.

Tower Bridge - Victorian Engineering Marvel
Credit: Jill Charpia

Buckingham Palace – A Royal Residence

If walls could talk, Buckingham Palace would narrate centuries worth stories. Imagine walking through rooms where monarchs made decisions affecting millions. Check if tours are available during your visit because they can give an inside look at the royal life most people only dream about.

No matter what brings you here, whether it be St Paul’s Cathedral whispering echoes from historical sermons or Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre reigniting age-old dramas, you’ll find yourself surrounded by structures steeped in heritage yet bursting with modern vibrancy. And remember, when planning these excursions around England’s capital, Premier Taxis is there ready to whisk away explorers fresh off their flights at major airports right into heart-throbbing centerpieces like Big Ben or Windsor Castle without missing a beat.

Key Takeaway: 

Hit up London’s landmarks for a mix of royal history and breathtaking views. From the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace to panoramic sights on the London Eye, these spots offer unique experiences that blend tradition with modern thrills.

Uncover Hidden Gems and Unusual Attractions in London

If you think you’ve seen all that London has to offer, think again. The city is brimming with over 483 attractions waiting just off the beaten path, ready to surprise even the most seasoned traveler. Step into Leadenhall Market, a stunning Victorian market hall that’s also been a film location for Harry Potter. It’s not your average shopping experience, as it’s more like wandering through history with a touch of magic thrown in for good measure.

Victorian market
Credit: Jill Charpia

Or perhaps pay your respects at Highgate Cemetery, where grandiose tombs tell tales of London’s past amidst eerie beauty. In need of some neon inspiration? Visit God’s Own Junkyard; it’s an electric It was certainly one of the most fun days I’ve ever had in London.  This location is a wonderland showcasing dazzling signs and movie props – talk about lighting up your Instagram feed.

God's Own Junkyard

For tea enthusiasts, stepping into Twinings Tea Shop is akin to visiting Willy Wonka’s factory, but for tea lovers – endless varieties await those eager to sip on centuries-old tradition. And let’s not forget about the wizarding world beckoning from Platform 9 3/4 – snap that photo pretending you’re heading off to Hogwarts. All these unique spots illustrate why exploring London can be as thrilling as uncovering hidden treasure troves—each visit promising new secrets revealed.

Experience London Through Its Museums and Galleries

London is a canvas painted with the broad strokes of history, art, and science. The city’s museums are not just buildings; they’re treasure troves that invite you to step into different worlds. For instance, the Tate Modern, perched on the South Bank, transforms a colossal former power station into an electrifying modern art venue.

The Victorian grandeur of the Victoria and Albert Museum offers an intricate tapestry of decorative arts spanning centuries. Meanwhile, dinosaur enthusiasts can roam among prehistoric giants at the famed Natural History Museum. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stand beneath a blue whale skeleton or gaze upon Hope—the aptly named resident Tyrannosaurus rex.

If it’s human creativity through ages you seek, then wander no further than Trafalgar Square where The National Gallery awaits with its collection ranging from da Vinci to Van Gogh. And for those who crave knowledge about everything from Egyptian mummies to Rosetta Stone replicas—the British Museum stands as one of humanity’s greatest repositories.

Indulge in Gastronomic Delights at Iconic Markets

Savor and indulge in diverse culinary offerings at bustling markets known for their fresh produce and international cuisine. If you’re eager to taste London’s culinary scene, start your adventure at Borough Market. With over 3,500 pubs and countless restaurants dotting the city, this historic food haven stands out with its fresh produce and global flavors. Think cheese that melts in your mouth and olives that transport you to Mediterranean shores.

Not far behind is Covent Garden – it’s not just street performers; it’s a feast for the senses with gourmet bites around every corner. Then there’s Notting Hill Road Market where spices rule the roost – from fiery jerk seasoning to aromatic masalas that pack a punch. It embodies London’s diverse culture on a plate.

Camden Market serves up an edgy vibe alongside its eclectic eats; while Portobello Road offers antique charm with vintage finds as appetizing as its street food offerings. For those who fancy heritage wrapped in edible indulgence, Leadenhall Market combines Victorian architecture with palate-pleasing treats. Whether it’s about sinking your teeth into sumptuous pastries or sipping craft beers under age-old beams – these markets are treasure troves of gastronomy waiting to be explored by locals and tourists alike.

Plan Your Day Trips Around England from London

So, if you’re thinking of heading out of London for the day, why not grab a taxi and take a ride for the day? Picture this: you’re zooming away from the hustle and bustle, heading for serene English countryside views. With Premier Taxis at your service, those dreamy day trips become a reality.

Want to wander where royals have roamed? Book tickets to Hampton Court Palace and get lost in its famous maze. Or maybe uncover the secrets of time at Greenwich’s Royal Observatory, all without worrying about train schedules or parking spots.

If your appetite is as big as your wanderlust, popular destinations like Covent Garden offer feasts fit for a king after exploring nearby street art or catching an impromptu opera performance. From London Bridge’s urban buzz to Kew Gardens’ botanical bliss – every trip tells its own tale. Premier Taxis isn’t just about getting from A to B; it’s about threading stories into journeys across England’s historical tapestry—just sit back and plot out tomorrow’s tales today.

Enjoy Family Fun with Kid-Friendly Activities in London

Imagine a city where the tales of Harry Potter spring to life, and science is not just learned but experienced. That’s London for you—a playground for curious minds.

Tate Modern – Artistic Adventures Await

The Tate Modern isn’t your average art gallery; it’s an interactive hub that captivates both kids and adults. With its bold modern art installations, this South Bank treasure transforms a family day out into an inspiring journey through creativity. Families can dive into thought-provoking exhibits or participate in hands-on workshops that make every visit memorable.

Natural History Museum – Where Dinosaurs Roam

A trip to the Natural History Museum is like stepping back into a time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Kids will be awestruck by towering skeletons and lifelike models—bringing natural history to life right before their eyes. This iconic institution offers more than just fossils; it’s an educational sanctuary where young explorers can uncover secrets of our planet’s past.

Science Museum – A Haven for Young Einsteins

Budding scientists will find their mecca at the Science Museum. Interactive galleries filled with gadgets and gizmos offer mind-bending fun while fueling imaginations. Lose track of time experimenting with physics or marvel at human ingenuity as you navigate through centuries of scientific achievements. It’s truly where play meets learning—an equation for perfect family entertainment.

Navigate London with Ease Using Premier Taxi Services

Imagine landing at Heathrow, bags in hand, ready to dive into the vibrant hustle of London. But wait—how do you get from the airport to your first must-see spot? That’s where Premier Taxis come in. These private taxi transfers are like your personal concierge on wheels, whisking you away from any major airport straight to the heart of the city.

You’ve got a list as long as The Shard is tall: Buckingham Palace for that royal wave, maybe catching a glimpse of Big Ben’s minute hand sweeping by or gazing up at St Paul’s Cathedral’s majestic dome. And there’s no reason why these iconic landmarks should be just dots on a map when Premier Taxis make hopping between them as easy as sipping afternoon tea.

Sure, London has its classic double-decker buses and an extensive underground network; but nothing beats having your own driver who knows exactly where they’re going—even if it’s off-the-beaten-path places like Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or Windsor Castle. So book those tickets and start ticking off that bucket list without worrying about navigating public transport maps.

Engage with Living History at Iconic Historical Sites

If walls could talk, the stories they would tell within the Churchill War Rooms would be nothing short of a spy thriller. It’s where Winston Churchill orchestrated World War II strategies, now preserved for you to wander through corridors steeped in wartime secrets.

Not far from the bustle of modern London life stands Westminster Abbey, a cornerstone of British history. This is not just another old church; it’s been the coronation site since 1066 and has seen 16 royal weddings. As you stroll under its intricately vaulted ceilings, think about all the monarchs who’ve walked down that very aisle.

Hampton Court Palace, on the other hand, lets you waltz into Tudor England. Feel like royalty as you explore Henry VIII’s opulent apartments and get lost in world-famous gardens that rival any storybook kingdom’s landscapes.


So, you’ve scoured the royal majesty of Buckingham Palace and soared on the London Eye. You’ve uncovered hidden treasures like Leadenhall Market and tasted the quirky charm of God’s Own Junkyard. Stroll through galleries, from Tate Modern to historical marvels at Westminster Abbey. Feast in markets where flavors collide with tradition and innovation.

Surely, these things to do in England, London have stirred your spirit for discovery. They’re not just stops on a map but portals to stories untold. Embark beyond city bounds; England awaits with open arms. Remember: every corner turned is a new memory etched—a testament that travel here goes far deeper than sightseeing alone.

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