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The Best Female’s Guide to Solo Travel: Your Ultimate Companion Exploring America Alone

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So, you’ve got the itch. The travel itch, that is. The open roads of the grand U.S.  If A is calling, who are you to say no? If the idea of traversing the land of the free, where burgers are juicy and the skies are roomy, kicks you, Honey, you’re in for a ride!

“Traveling solo does to the soul what champagne does to the mouth—it fizzes, bubbles, and makes everything feel like a celebration,” says renowned solo traveler expert Wendy Wanderlust. And we couldn’t agree more.

Ladies, grab your bags but forget to pack your worries. The U.S. is calling, and it has a cocktail of adventures tailor-made for the solo female explorer who likes her journeys like her martini—spicy with a twist!

The Safety Dance

First, address the hovering parent in the room—is it safe? In the iconic words of travel maven Amelia Wanderlust, “The U.S. is as safe as grandma’s apple pie—just don’t overeat it.” With common sense as your companion and preparation as your guiding star, your journey is set to be as smooth as a Cali beach.

Why the U.S.? Because Freedom Baby!

A mix of bustling cities, tranquil national parks, soul food, and soul music America is like a buffet; there’s something for every taste. Adventurous souls and quiet spirits, artsy minds, and foodie’s hearts—every woman finds her song in the varied terrains of the U.S.

Choosing Your Playground

Now, the U.S. isn’t just a country; it’s a world unto itself, each state flaunting its unique flair like peacocks in mating season. Want beaches that swagger and cities that pulsate with unyielding energy? Hello, California! Craving the intoxication of lights, action, and impromptu Elvis weddings? Vegas, baby!

And then there’s the unsung heroine, the Pacific Northwest, where Portland and Seattle are brewing a culture as rich and inviting as their infamous coffee.

Pre-Flight Checklist for solo trip

Here’s a mini listicle to get your ducks in a row before you step into the land of the free:

  • Travel Insurance: While living on the edge is fun, having a safety net does not hurt.
  • Visa Etiquettes: Ensure your documents are as ready and raring to go as you are.
  • Packing 101: The U.S. has weather mood swings. Pack layers and throw in some fabulous for those spontaneous nights out!
  • Connectivity: A U.S. SIM card. Google Maps is your new BFF. Treat her well.
  • Know Your Digs: Research accommodation. Nothing says “I’m adulting,” like knowing where you will crash after a day of adventures or misadventures.

The FAQ Symphony

Q1: Tipping – A Symphony or a Minefield?

Tipping isn’t just appreciated; it’s an art, a dance of gratitude. Generally, a 15-20% encore to your bill makes you a gracious guest.

Q2: The Language Barrier – Lost in Translation or Smooth Sailing?

Fear not; English is your golden ticket, though a sprinkle of Spanish in the Southwest adds that exotic zest.

Q3: Solo Dining – Awkward Turtle or Queen of the Castle?

Imagine a candlelit affair with the most fabulous person – you. Solo dining in the U.S. is a treat, with the bar seating invented for the independent soul.


1. New York’s Broadway: Where else can you watch theatrical magic while nestled between a tourist and a probable movie star?

2. The Grand Canyon: Prepare for a grand love affair, where every gaze into the abyss is a sonnet, a painting, a masterpiece.

The Grand Canyon
Credit: Gert Boers

3. New Orleans’ French Quarter: It’s jazz, jambalaya, and joie de vivre, where every street is a dance floor swaying to the tunes of history and culture.

The Insider’s Spice

Why follow the herd when you can carve your path sprinkled with gems mainly known to the locals or the seasoned traveler?

  • Sedona’s Vortex: Not just a feast for the eyes but a buffet for the soul, where energy spirals and magic unfolds.
  • Austin’s Live Music Scene: Every corner, every café, and every city pulse is a melody—an unyielding serenade of the Austin night.
  • Alaska’s Aurora: Forget the clichés; the natural light show is staged on the silent, enigmatic Alaskan nights, where auroras dance in harmonious ballet.
Alaska's Aurora
Credit: Kathrine Coonjohn

For the Love of Local

The U.S. isn’t just a stage where the skyscrapers kiss the heavens and roads stretch like sonnets. Oh no, it’s a theater where every street, every café, and every smiling face is an act, telling a tale of the local rhythm. Want to taste the absolute American dream? Dive into the local fairs and festivals. Experience the burst of colors at Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta or let Miami’s Calle Ocho Festival’s swirling skirts and passionate rhythms sweep you into a world where culture, color, and charm dance in harmonious ballet.

The ‘Lone She-Wolf’ Toolkit

Being the mistress of your journey means being the queen of preparation. Apart from the usual—I.D.s, essentials, and the not-so-subtle stash of emergency cash—here’s what the seasoned solo traveler swears by:

  1. Offline Maps: While the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, it’s essential to know where that step is headed.
  2. Emergency Contacts: Have them on speed dial. Include local emergency numbers because 911 is your knight in shining armor in the U.S.
  3. Copies of Important Documents: Because losing your passport in the land of the free is an irony you don’t want to experience.

Culinary Journeys, or How I Ate My Way Across the U.S.

In the golden words of celebrity chef and explorer extraordinaire Julia Nom-Noms, “To taste the cuisine of a country is to dance to the rhythmic pulses of its heartbeat.” Every state is a treasure trove of flavors; each bite is a lyrical sonnet of the land’s history, culture, and spirit.

Barbecue in Texas isn’t just food; it’s a soulful melody of smoke, spice, and Southern comfort. New York’s pizza slices are as diverse and welcoming as the city—an eclectic mix of the world in every bite. In the lush landscapes of California, wine isn’t a beverage; it’s a golden elixir echoing the whispers of the sun-kissed valleys.

Culinary Journeys, or How I Ate My Way Across the U.S
Credit: Gabriel Tovar

Golden Nuggets for the Golden Girls

As Solo Travel Guru Isabella Jetsetter once said, “Travel is the act of discovering the world outside and the universe within.” So, when you step out solo, remember – every experience, from the glittering lights of Times Square to the silent majesty of the Rockies, is a step closer to an uncharted world where discovery is the compass and freedom is the journey.

Remember, ladies, you’re not just travelers; You’re storytellers, wanderers, and goddesses of the untethered journey. Your story is written with every step in the echoing canyons, every smile in the buzzing cities, and every silent sunset in the vast, unyielding beauty of the U.S.

So, step out, step up, and remember—the world is your playground, each corner a verse in the untold ballad of the solo traveler. 

Wrapping it Up, Bow and All

As you stand on the precipice of the grand American escapade, remember solo travel isn’t a lonely journey. It’s a soulful soiree, a jubilant dance into freedom, discovery, and unyielding ecstasy.

So, throw caution to the wind, but keep your wits about you. Let the U.S. be that passionate lover, that soulful companion, and that silent listener to the untold tales of the spirited solo traveler. Remember, you’re not alone in the echoing silence of the grand canyons amidst the bustling vibrancy of the sleepless cities. You’re passionate about a country as wild, accessible, and untethered as the solo traveler’s spirit.

Godspeed, wanderlust warrior. May the U.S. be the canvas where your grandest tales of solo exploration are painted with strokes of freedom, discovery, and unyielding joy! Happy wandering, and always remember to Travel Till You Drop! 

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