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Best Things To Do in Salisbury with Family Over the Weekend


Every time you come to Salisbury with the family, something new and exciting is waiting for you. The city is packed with amazing things to check out—some old buildings and museums tell stories from a long time ago, shops where you can find unique things, and art galleries that showcase fantastic creations.

Plus, there’s always something fun happening with events going on! So, no matter when you drop by, Salisbury is like a treasure trove of different adventures and activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Imagine visiting this place with your family on a weekend for a special time. It calls for escaping to bond, share stories, and try new things together. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss how you can spend your weekend here.

Historical Exploration in Salisbury

Salisbury Cathedral: This place is like a time machine for families wanting a fabulous weekend. Imagine going to this Cathedral, which is a super old building. But it’s not dull!

Some guides tell stories that make you feel like you’re in a movie. Even kids will love it because there are special things for them to play with and learn from.

Salisbury Cathedral
Credit: Stephen Girling

Old Sarum: This ancient place called Old Sarum is like a real-life castle from fairy tales. But guess what? It’s not just about old walls; there are fun things for everyone. Kids can pretend to be knights or princesses while learning about how people used to live a long, long time ago.

Stonehenge: It’s a bunch of giant rocks that people from way back in time stacked together. Nobody really knows why they did it, but it’s super cool to see. You can even pretend to be a time traveler and figure out the mystery yourself.

Credit: Elvira Witt

But wait, the adventure doesn’t stop there! You can get the special Stonehenge tickets that let you skip the line and check out one of the most famous ancient places ever!  These tickets allow you to explore Visitor Center Exhibitions and give out a free digital audio guide, which is easily downloadable on your smartphone and is available in different languages.

And the best part? It’s not just for grown-ups – everyone in the family gets to be a part of the fun! So, if you want a weekend full of stories, adventures, and mysteries, Salisbury is the place to be.

Cultural Experiences

Salisbury Museum: This place has cool stuff for families that mixes fun with learning. It’s a treasure chest of exciting things. It’s not just for adults—they’ve got special exhibits that families can enjoy together. You and your kids can touch things, play around, and learn cool stuff without it feeling like boring school.

Local theater performance: The local theaters pride themselves on presenting entertainment options that transcend generational boundaries, ensuring that each family member finds something delightful. From whimsical productions for the little ones to thought-provoking performances suitable for adults, the local theater scenes promise a shared cultural experience that strengthens familial bonds.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor adventures are a terrific way to spend the weekend with your family! And you can start off right in the middle of the city with the following activities in these places.

Victoria Park: You can always enjoy a cozy picnic in the Victoria Park. This park is a green haven in the middle of the city. There are cool spots to lay out your picnic blanket, and they’ve made sure you have all the things you need, like tables and benches.

Now, let’s talk about the fun part for the kiddos. The park is as good as a playground. Here, you can bring along some outdoor games like a frisbee or a ball, and the kids can run around, making new friends and burning off some energy.

River Avon: If a park is not enough excitement, how about a boat trip? Yep, you heard it right – a boat trip on the River Avon. It’s not as cool as a thrilling ride, but it is a peaceful float down the river. You can enjoy all the beautiful sights, like old bridges and green riverbanks.

There are guides on these boat trips who have great stories to share. Have you ever wondered about the history of the river and the cool stuff around it? They’ve got you covered. And you don’t need to worry about the little ones – everyone’s safety is a top priority.

Wildlife and Nature Reserves

Nature trails for families: There are amazing places where nature takes center stage. For instance, there are winding trails surrounded by lush greenery that are perfect for a family stroll. Along these paths, you can find all sorts of plants and animals native to the place, making it a bit like a mini safari right in your backyard.

Butterfly World: For those who love butterflies – and who doesn’t? – there’s this magical place called Butterfly World at Studley Grange. It is a butterfly wonderland where these beautiful creatures flutter around while you explore the area. It’s an experience that’ll leave your family in awe.

  • Here’s the cool part, especially for the curious little minds in your family. Butterfly World isn’t just about looking at butterflies; it’s also a learning adventure. Some displays and activities show you how butterflies grow and why they’re so important for our environment. It’s like having a fun science lesson surrounded by these lovely winged creatures.

Shopping and Markets

Explore local markets: You can always explore the fabulous markets with your family for a mini adventure. Grab souvenirs that are not your usual stuff but really scream “Salisbury.”

These handmade crafts and local goodies tell stories about the place. These markets are abundant with unique stuff you won’t find elsewhere. In addition, you can chat with the local sellers, learn the backstory of what you buy, and make it more memorable.

So, don’t miss out on the chance to explore these markets. They’re all about the experience, the fun, and the stories you’ll carry home with you.

To wrap it up

Salisbury has loads of stuff for families to enjoy together. Whether you’re into history, outdoor fun, culture, or good food, there’s something for everyone. Spend your weekend making incredible memories with your loved ones—laughter, adventures, and good times guaranteed, and as always, Travel Till You Drop!

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