Universal Travel Power Converter Plug

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Max 15A 250V~ | Accepts 110V and 220V
Material: PC copper
Certification: CE and Rohs
Package Includes
1/2x Plug Adapter Plug


Output: "Type E/F" Suitable for Germany, France, Parts of Europe, Russia, etc. New conductivity design - internal metal interfaces provides better conductivity. Grounded Schuko Prong plug.


Input: Accepts plugs from all countries (not cover the large South African Plug (Type M), China 16 Ampere Big Plug (Type I), the UK Plug(Type G), South Africa Plug(Type D)


Plug Type E/F works with  France / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Montenegro / the Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Serbia / Spain / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden/ Turkey / Ukraine



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